Received ARC for an honest review. ****Contains Spoilers*** This review is for mature (over 18yrs) audiences ONLY. 


I admire both Lauren Landish and Willow Winters so when I heard they were collaborating on a Bad Boy romance my ebook sizzled with the speed I took to consume this novel. 

And it did not disappoint. 

Zane, the H is tattoo artist and owner of his own tattoo parlour has a brutal start out in life, taken in by the mob after his father is made to pay for outstanding gambling debts. You don’t want to know. 

Madeleine (Maddy/ Maddie) is newly arrived in this university town – an undergraduate student determined to forget the betrayal of her longtime sweetheart and focus on her studies. The one thing she doesn’t need is yet another man to work his way into her heart only to betray her trust and stomp on her love… 

Zane is an uber alpha male tortured by his past and happy to have one night stands and short term conquests and Maddy seems to be a challenge target. Her initial rejection sparks his interest and Zane is determined to get under her skin and between her sheets….

 Zane’s chase of Maddie is singleminded. So say it’s a torrid seduction, a claiming and possessive protection is an understatement:

Her eyes go wide and I lean in close to her, resting my head just behind hers. “Shh,” I tell her and plant a kiss on her neck. Her breathing picks up, but she lets me. She looks back at me and bites her lip, but she doesn’t say anything. Yes! I tap her thighs, waiting to see if she’ll let me go farther, and she does. My girl must need this ’cause she’s not fighting me. That sassy mouth of hers is closed, and her legs are spread just enough for me to get her off. I chuckle in the crook of her neck. 

My stubborn peach is at least willing to put her guard down long enough to let me get her off. Maybe she’s thinking she’ll just get off and leave me hanging, and to be honest, I’m fine with that. For now. Her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing and she licks her lips as I slip my fingers past her panties and circle her clit. 

My dick is hard as steel as I feel how hot and wet she is. Damn, she’s good at putting on a front and denying herself what she wants. I watch as her eyes go half-lidded and her lips part. What I wouldn’t give to be able to bite that lip right now. I circle her clit and nip her earlobe as she whimpers. “Quiet,” I whisper into her ear. She tries to keep her expression neutral, but her eyes close as my fingers dip into her hot, wet cunt.

Fuck, she’s going to feel so fucking good on my dick. I pump my fingers in and out, stroking her G-spot and press my palm to her clit. I’m so fucking hard, I’m leaking precum. I gotta get her off and try to get Katie outta here, cause I need to be inside her. I feel it the moment she cums. It’s fucking perfect. Her pussy clamps around my fingers and her body trembles. She shoves her ass into my dick and I can’t help but to rock a bit into that thick ass so she knows how much I want her. An explosion on screen muffles her small gasp. She throws her head back and I catch her lips with mine. 

It’s fucking perfect.

Fan and a brisk cold shower please. NOW!


Ultimately, Zane’s ties to the mob lead to a showdown with the mob boss and ultra creepy henchman with Maddy in the crosshairs. It is Zane’s father-figure who gives him the opportunity -a clean break from the mob and the HEA with Maddy that they dreamed of. 

The writing was flawless (as usual) so thank you ladies! The additional characters, especially Katie, Maddy’s roommate add character, although at some point I did want to clock Katie in the mouth as she was sometimes a bit too much. Then again, that’s sometimes BFFs for you so even that was realistic about this story. 

The storyline may have been a bit OTT and implausible in places but this is not the book for the documentary-hungry reader! I would have liked it to have been a bit longer with more development of the mob characters (who were chilling and sometimes truly terrifying in the description) The book is fast paced, sometimes brutal and is definitely for mature audiences only. If you like the writing of either of these authors then this book is for you. 

This was a steamy and enjoyable read, and hopefully is the start of a new series of bad boy/ bad girl (?) romances from the Landish & Winters stable. 

A solid 3 * from me


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