About MySmexy Reads & Writes

My blog will be book reviews and my journey to join the ranks of the fabulous indie authors. Posts will be random (yes, I know they should be regular to help people that follow) but I’ll probably just want throw thoughts up on the blog as I go along.

Goodreads Reading Challenges
First Goodreads reading challenge was  400 books in 2016 (yes, 400- I’m a bit of a glutton…) – read 417
Second Goodreads reading challenge was 500 books in 2017 – read 507
In this blog I’ll be posting reviews of most, if not all my favorite books from my challenges, and any ARCs received
For those new to indie writing, I’ll be doing oldies as well as the freshly minted series and authors so this may turn into an eclectic mix. No apologies!!

This is a thinking woman’s smexy blog so there will be smut, humour, some ranting and honest comment, and more than a fair amount of profanity and man candy…. if all of that offends your sensibilities, please don’t follow or read this blog. I won’t be offended! There’s lots of other fun on the Internet. Go right ahead and find it.  

But if you’re ready to share my world of book boyfriends, fantasy and fantastical smut then let’s travel together!

Join me on my journey and follow!