Midnight Blue by LJ Shen

Midnight BlueMidnight Blue by L.J. Shen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Midnight Blue is Royal Brit Pop Perfection
This is another one of LJ Shen’s books that grabs you by the ankles to drag you underneath the sea of feels that so often comes with her stories. And I truly love it!

Alex, 27, heartthrob, is a Londoner via The chavviest part of Watford (does that really exist??).

Alex is, as he would put it, a total ‘nobhead’ and also a tortured, amazing Pop music solo artist. Skidding his way through a recent breakup he’s been fuelled by drug and narcotics ending in a massive album flop, and it’s all come to a head. Enter his agent Jenna and his lifelong friend and manager, Blake who both decide that Alex is in need of a sobriety nanny. And he is getting one, at least one that sticks on the job, as the last eight or so were scared or chased off by Alex within days.

Indigo/New Girl/Indie/Stardust is a quirky 21 year old and an orphan, living with her older brother, his wife and their baby and is tailor made for the job. Or maybe the job was tailor made for her…her parents killed by a drunk driver, she’s almost evangelical in her passion to keep Alex on the straight and narrow. But the job has its perks…after all, sexy rock god singer, an international tour with the opportunity to travel the world as part of Alex’s entourage? A dream come true, right?

Alex, the bastardest of bastards gets to learn early on that his little petite blue haired Stardust/Indie isn’t the soft pushover that she looks. More importantly he realises she is everything he needs and McGreedyMitts is determined to have her, in spite of any action that Lucas, his drummer, may want to throw in his way.

This is a rockers story with a few differences. No spoilers here but I had a niggling in the back of my brain about six chapters in for one of the ‘oh.my.giddy.Gandy!’ reveals but was caught completely by surprise by the horrific reveal that threatened to split Alex and Indie apart.

This was a great read. This felt even more alive for me reading parts of it at my local in Camden Lock or riding the Tube to London Bridge or Oxford Circus

This book earned a duvet day of reading and then re-reading. I kept my minces open all night and could not put this one down. Cor blimey, the smexy scenes! As truly f-ed up as some of the most cocky Brits ever. Not a dry set of knickers in the place as you follow Alex’s seduction of Indie to their first steamy session together. Right up until it all goes to pants…

But Alex, being Alex, is a real smeg-fer-brains and needs to have his own bonce bashed around for a bit before he sets out to win Indie back and share the HEA he worked for.

LJ has spent time trying to weave the Brit into the story, some of it with exceptional success.

Alfie. Oh. dear.
Absolutely everyone in London knows or has lived with an Alfie…! Just perfect.
Alex may say what the hell he wants about ManU ‘cos he’s probably a Gooner, anyway but all is forgiven for a story like this.
Three lions on my chest …and five Midnight blue stars for this great story.

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“My Villaintine” aka And now for something seriously messed up…

My Sweet VillaintineMy Sweet Villaintine is Five short stories from great authors:

Skye Warren, Lili St. Germain, Callie Hart, Shari Slade  and TM Frazier.

And these writers have speared nothing.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is some dark, crazy stuff.


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Anthology Reviews: “Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.”

So This weekend I started to clear out the kindle as I have more books than space.

I saw  number of anthologies so thought I’d just put a review of a few of them on the blog.

Pseudo taboo/Virgins or not…

“Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.” Imma just put my review ratings for each of these short stories
⭐️⭐️ My First Time (Stepbrother/Virgin)- Jade K. Scott
⭐️⭐️Losing My Virginity (Brother’s Best friend/ Virgin) – Jade K. Scott
⭐️ Taboo Virginity (Cheating Stepfather/Virgin who threatened to sleep with diseased strangers, so I just had to)
Not into cheating.
Yeah. Title says it all…well, not quite all:
So it’s either
I’m going to fuck you,” I growled.
I shoved with all my might, and I heard her squeal as my dick jammed deep into her plump little ass. She struggled to pull away, but I held her firmly. My cock slid in and out of her tight little butt, and she bit her lip and tried to suppress her squeaks of pain.
“It hurts,” she gasped, gripping my wrist. Her hips still tried to pull away.
“No, it feels gooooood,” I groaned, pumping her ass mercilessly. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, Daddy,” she croaked. “If it feels… ow… good to you… OW! Oh, God, it really hurts!”


or being just plain impolite:

“…Her little hole was throbbing rapidly. It was bright red and swollen from the merciless pounding I’d given it, and a thick, white blob of cum oozed out and dripped lazily down her ass cheek. The other cheek was puffed up and red from the spanking she’d received.
“Oh, Daddy,” she purred. “I like it when you spank me!”
“I like it, too,” I admitted.
“Do you ever spank Mom?”
“No, Kitten. Mom doesn’t like that.”
“Well, I like it. When you spank me hard, it makes my pussy hot.”
“Does it?”
She nodded innocently and turned her body to face toward me.
“I want to suck you,” she said.
“Daddy just came,” I explained. “It’s not easy to cum again so fast.”
“Please, Daddy. I want to taste me on you.”
I felt my dick begin to throb slightly. Even though I’d just cum, I wanted more. I wanted to feel her little lips around my cock.
“Suck it,” I told her.
I rolled onto my back, and she got onto her stomach between my legs. She took my filthy cock into her mouth, and it responded by stiffening inside it. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked, and I felt her hand begin to massage my balls.
“Baby?” I asked her.
“Yes, Daddy?”
“Would you…” I gulped, not wanting to ask her to do what I wanted so badly.
“What is it, Daddy?”
“Would you finger my ass?”
She smiled up and me and immediately buried her finger in my butt like an obedient little slut. Her mouth closed over my cock again, and her finger slid slowly in and out of my ass. I wanted to feel her little tongue shoved inside me.
“Fuck my ass with your tongue, you dirty fucking slut,” I growled, surprised I was even able to say such a thing to my daughter. She hesitated, and I snarled, “Now!”
“Yes, sir!” she gasped, and I felt her hand move my balls up out of the way.
I rolled my legs up toward my chest to give her easy access, and I felt her small tongue hesitantly lick at my asshole. It felt like Heaven just feeling her tongue touch it.
“Fuck it!” I demanded.
Her tongue slipped inside my ass, and it wiggled slightly.
“No, fuck it, god damn it!” I shouted at her. “Fuck it like I fuck you!”
She stiffened her tongue and began to bob her head, fucking my ass like her tongue was a little dick.
“Stroke my dick,” I demanded.
As she continued to tongue fuck me, her hand wrapped around my cock and began to stroke it slowly.
“Faster,” I told her. “Squeeze my dick and fuck my ass hard!”
Her hand put more pressure on my shaft, and she stroked more vigorously. Her tongue continued to press into my ass. I gripped the back of my knees and squeezed tightly. My teeth were grinding together as my orgasm built. I held my breath as it built and built, and suddenly my load shot into the air and landed on my stomach with a splat. It spit over and over, load after load, until my entire stomach was covered with cum.
“Eat it,” I ordered her.
“What?” she gasped.
“Eat it. All of it!”
Her mouth hung open as she eyed the massive pile of goo on my stomach. She looked nauseous. 
“God fucking damn it, I said eat my fucking cum… NOW!” I shouted, and I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face against my belly.
Her tongue lapped against my stomach, and I heard her make a gagging noise. She continued to lick it up, even though her body spasmed with dry heaves.
“Don’t you miss a drop,” I warned her.
“Yes, Daddy,” she croaked, obviously trying not to vomit.
Finally, my stomach was licked clean.
“Good girl,” I told her. “Very good.”
“Thank you, Daddy.”
I was feeling a little guilty about getting to rough with her, so  said, “I’m sorry, Kitten. I hope I wasn’t too rough with you.”
“Oh, no! I like it! I want you to always do that. I want you to use my body for your pleasure. Please, do it. I love you, and I want to make you happy!”
“Are you sure, darling? I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Yes, Daddy. Please don’t ever worry about me. I can take it if it makes you happy. Whatever you like, I want. I promise!”
She was my little miracle. I pulled her up into my arms and held her close. I pulled her up into my arms and held her close. I loved her more than life itself.
“Anything, Daddy. Don’t forget. I’m all yours.”
“And you always will be, Pumpkin,” I told her, kissing her gently.”

Excerpt From: Taboo Virginity by Scott, Jade K. in “Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.”


⭐️⭐️⭐️Virgin Girl (Widower Stepfather/Virgin) – Jade K. Scott
Aaaahhhh….she reminds him of his dead wife. She should do. She’s her teen daughter….
⭐️ My Sweet Virgin (Cheating Stepfather/Virgin)- Jade K. Scott
Hate a cheater. Star is for work of getting book out, only.
⭐️⭐️My Little Virgin (Virgin Stepsiblings M/F)- Jade K. Scott
Teens join the growing community of step siblings fucking than getting married…. Yeah. Right.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pirate Invasion – (Stepbrother/Virgin) – Lexi Lane
You get kidnapped and sexually assaulted en route to the pirate captain who is your mystery step-SOMETHING after he kills your guardian (his father) by scuttling his ship cos daddy married his mother, fathered him then ran off with mum’s money.Sheesh!!!
“Bound to Hell (An Erotic Adventure)” (Who knows?) – Carl East
I.cant.even – this is a first. Zero. Zero stars.
NIL PWOI!!! No stars it’s sooooooo bad, I DNF
⭐️⭐️ Prom Night DP (Prom Queen & Boyfriend/ New guy Virgin) – Cheri Verset
Turning the genre on its head, the guy is a virgin who joins slutty prom queen and her boyfriend for a night of threesome pleasure.
⭐️ My Dirty Little Secret (Stepfather & son/ Stepdaughter-sister) – Saffron Sands
Slutty stepdaughter seduces stepfather and stepbrother for weekend of threesome whilst her workaholic mother is away.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ To Sir, With Lust (Two male teachers/ Female parent cougar) – Polly J. Adams –
Big yay,  🇬🇧! Great to see not all smexy stories/authors are in US
⭐️ Selling My Virginity (Dominant Master biker/Auction Virgin turned Slave) – Jenevieve DeBeers
 This was just dark and unrealistic. A barely legal sells her virginity at auction to a much older biker dude who collars her, does public oral, vag and anal cherry-popping before riding off into the moonlight with her as his slave.
Overall, I think I’m not big into the genre, what with the cheating and the pushing and ripping of an internal hymen (anatomically incorrect, btw) and the gushing blood of deflowered virgin pussy ruining the sofa cushions, sheets or wherever she happens to have been taken on (think of all the cleaning needed) …so, yeah. I’ll give it a miss.
It’s not real DD/lg play either athough they spend a lot of time saying Daddy, sister, daughter etc.
Do NOT get me started on Carl East. He must be SERIOUSLY trippin’…

Perfect Strangers by Abby Gale

Perfect StrangersPerfect Strangers by Abby Gale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and loved it!
Kellan is a tortured soul H with tatts and piercings who uses one night stands as his form of connecting. Melody/Mel is the young graduate and h who enters his world and teaches him how open up and let love have a chance.

He doesn’t start out well:

Women generally call me God,” he stasted before adding a fake woman moan, “Oh God, please let me come. Oh God, yes… right there.” I tried to stop my laugh, rolling my eyes instead, “What about men? What do they call you?” “Bastard, asshole… you name it,” he shrugged. “You’re confusing me,” I started, smiling at him to let him know I was teasing. “What should I call you if I agree to go with you?” I added. “When you agree to leave this club with me you can call me ‘stranger’ till I become your God,” he whispered into my ear before peppering kisses on the sensitive skin under my ear.”

And along the way he f*ucks up. Repeatedly. Big time.

But they get to their HEA in the end.
Solid 3 stars for this one

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Call Me Daddy by Jade West (review)

Call Me DaddyCall Me Daddy by Jade West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Call this book the daddy of smexy kink – amazing!

I received this book as a gift from my BFF who knows me only too well…!
Jade West blends kink seamlessly into a story of two lost souls that find each other on a rainy English night. Nick, the H, rescues Laine and learns how to take care of her as a woman after he satisfies his need to care for her through DD/lg and mild age-play:

He rolls me backwards, and slips a towel under my ass, and it feels so icky… dirty… like I’m a baby on a changing mat, and he’s about to wipe my dirty bottom…
I wonder if he can see my… see it…
I wonder if he wants to…
He runs his fingers down my thighs, all the way to my pussy, and further. And I know then that he can. He can see everything.
He pulls my ass cheeks apart and it makes me screw my eyes closed, knowing he’s looking at me there… knowing he can see the most private parts of me…
“Relax,” he says. “No secrets from Daddy, remember? I want to see everything, know everything. Every beautiful dirty little part of you.”
I feel heady. Nervous. My throat is dry and my feet are twitchy as he runs his thumb across my asshole. My actual asshole. And it tickles, but it’s a nice tickle.
I don’t know if it should feel this good, but it does… it feels really good.
“Dirty little girls like Daddy’s cock in their ass, Laine.”
He says it so bluntly, his voice so deep and strong

Excerpt From: West, Jade. “Call Me Daddy.”

Jade West knocks it out of the park yet again

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Fire in his Blood by Ruby Dixon

Fire in His Blood (Fireblood Dragon, #1)Fire in His Blood by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fiery new series…OK, I’ll give it time to settle

So this is the first in what is to be a new series from the inimitable Ruby Dixon of the Ice Planet Barbarians fame.

As you know I’m not that into shifters…or vampires either, so a series that has dragon shifters is going to have to be pretty awesome to hold my attention in the long run.

So this book is set in the dystopian future. The h, Claudia, Earthlng meets Kael, the H – a dragon shifter.

After being arrested for stealing she is sentenced to be sacrificed or better still tame one of the marauding double decker sized dragons that ravage the city on cycles.

Kael is a golden dragon, ripped from his homeworld along with countless others through a portl to stinky, human-infested Earth, and is slightly bonkers because of it. As are all the other dragons, especially the females- who are red coloured and pissed off as f*ck by the Earth. Hence the burning and the tearing and the killing of billions of Earthlings. Cos they’re all a bit loopy-loo.

Anyway, Kael smells and takes Claudia away and they discover each other, though English definitely is NOT his first (or preferred!) language.

Imma give this series a bit of time to see if it grows on me. Currently I’m a bit *meh* but let’s see, shall we?

A solid 3 stars for the writing (although if Ruby just put out a cover reveal and 220 blank pages with her name on it, she’d get 3 stars from me, she’s that good. Seriously.)

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On the Way Home: by Skye Warren – Domme heaven! (So NSFW)

On the Way Home: A Dark Romantic Suspense NovelOn the Way Home: A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel by Skye Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

He’s a Killer on the streets, but her sub between the sheets
Have had this one on hold for a while so am kicking myself over the delay. This was a short but punchy read. Skye really took it there, and then went one step further!

Clint is special forces, a total alpha male on missions, and his all muscle at 260lb frame has led and seen the worse sides of black ops.

Clint returns to the US after his last undercover special forces tour, which was successful but particularly harrowing as it  left one of his buddies in a coma following torture and extracting a top secret list of powerful criminal activity happening back on home shores.

He is rescued from homelessness (after his piece of crap girlfriend dumped him then threw his stuff out of his own apartment, which he had already paid n full for – sheesh!!!) by the h, Della.

Della has issues, and has her own demons to pacify …and a sister to save.

Together Della and Clint discover his sexual submissive side, and it’s done with style:

“…It suddenly seemed necessary that I surrender to her, like a gift. The only gift that would mean anything to a woman like this. I’d felt pissed off that she hadn’t trusted me enough. Enough to let me help her with Dmitri and whatever else. She’d barely tolerated my fixing her porch step, for Christ’s sake. But how could she trust me if I didn’t trust her?

I must have been distracted, must have let my guard down without consciously realizing it, because my ass had relaxed. Her mouth was between my ass cheeks, kissing my asshole. I strung up tight, my whole body bending off the bed. “Jesus, that’s so good. So good. More please. More.”

She gave it to me, rimming me until I was only babbling sounds of pleasure and grief, so close to coming but not allowed, not allowed. My dick felt raw against the bedspread, as if I were rubbing against sandpaper, but I couldn’t stop now. Just humped the bed and groaned and pressed my ass into her face. She wasn’t the one degraded here; I was, and I loved it. Oh God, I loved it.

“Cuff me,” I managed to say. I felt drunk, drugged, unable to form words, but I said those. She drew one wrist behind my back and secured the cuff tight. Then the other was attached to it. Bound. Helpless. So fucking turned on. Then my legs got spread even farther apart, my ankles wrapped by more cuffs and held in position by the metal bar.

I groaned at the loss of control. You don’t let girls in. I was letting a girl in now, and the alarm bell was a distant memory. Then her dick nudged my asshole, and my whole body twitched. I was one big nerve ending, one massive involuntary reaction writhing on the tip of her rubber cock. Her hands settled on my hips as she pushed the cock inside, inexorably, forcefully.

I couldn’t help it. I clenched to keep her out, but I wasn’t sure she even knew it. The rubber cock just pushed in deeper, splitting me open, making me burn. I gritted my teeth. “Fuck, that hurts.” “Want me to stop?” She didn’t even sound breathless, and I was going to explode. “I feel you everywhere.” It was like she’d invaded my body—not just my ass, but my whole body, filling me up to my fingertips. I pressed my cock against the bed, desperately rubbing. “Hurts. Feels good.” “Guess I’ll keep going.” I heard the smile in her voice.

Then she was fucking me, pulling out and then pushing inside. Each thrust into me felt like the first one, a cold and hot, unforgiving and so damn sweet. She found a rhythm, and that was the end for me. The friction of rubber against a spot inside me. The steady pulls of the sticky bedspread against my trapped cock. I yanked my arms against my restraints and tried to drag my legs together, as if that could keep me from coming. But I was held open, helpless to whatever she could do to me, and that was hot enough to make me come all on its own.

I shuddered and shouted my release, fucking the mattress just like she’d told me to do. My mind drifted off into that cloudless night, the space between frantic fucking and cuddling after, the time when you are truly alone and prefer it that way. Then I felt her press a soft kiss to the back of my neck….”

OKaaaaay! And in between the pegging Clint also gets to bring down Dimitri, the crime boss, who has plagued most of Della’s life.

But all is not as it seems…seriously. Yep, there’s one more twist to make you gasp.

This is not dark, it’s more of a gritty read, but well worth it if you want a HEA but the H and h really work for it.

So, another for the Thinking Woman’s Smexy Hotreads list I’d say…

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