Fire in his Blood by Ruby Dixon

Fire in His Blood (Fireblood Dragon, #1)Fire in His Blood by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fiery new series…OK, I’ll give it time to settle

So this is the first in what is to be a new series from the inimitable Ruby Dixon of the Ice Planet Barbarians fame.

As you know I’m not that into shifters…or vampires either, so a series that has dragon shifters is going to have to be pretty awesome to hold my attention in the long run.

So this book is set in the dystopian future. The h, Claudia, Earthlng meets Kael, the H – a dragon shifter.

After being arrested for stealing she is sentenced to be sacrificed or better still tame one of the marauding double decker sized dragons that ravage the city on cycles.

Kael is a golden dragon, ripped from his homeworld along with countless others through a portl to stinky, human-infested Earth, and is slightly bonkers because of it. As are all the other dragons, especially the females- who are red coloured and pissed off as f*ck by the Earth. Hence the burning and the tearing and the killing of billions of Earthlings. Cos they’re all a bit loopy-loo.

Anyway, Kael smells and takes Claudia away and they discover each other, though English definitely is NOT his first (or preferred!) language.

Imma give this series a bit of time to see if it grows on me. Currently I’m a bit *meh* but let’s see, shall we?

A solid 3 stars for the writing (although if Ruby just put out a cover reveal and 220 blank pages with her name on it, she’d get 3 stars from me, she’s that good. Seriously.)

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Reading Challenge- all done for 2016! Yay

Ok. So you know I posted my challenge to read over 400 books in 2016 ( although strictly speaking I’d started off at 300, achieved that so just kept upping the goal).

So, having done the Goodreads audit the results are in…456 books read! And it was (mostly) a pleasure.

So what is the challenge for this year. See my post here to find out and come along on my journey this year 

Bye friends!


Tied – Delve Novella series Jacob Chance

TIED (A DELVE Novella)TIED by Jacob Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a little firecracker of a book… Several PoVs and story threats to tease and tutti late readers of the Delve series. Jacob DoubleEntendre McTwisty has started to come into his own with a range of scenes that are a good mix of holiday fun, overproof smut, light BDSM, sweltering hot scenes interwoven with the ‘aaaahhhh, they be so much in luuuurve!!!’ plot of Tied.

Only bratty outburst I have is about how short the novella was.
YESSSSSS!!! I KNOW NOVELLA MEANT I SHOULD EXPECT A SHORT NOVEL!!! I just wanted THIS story to be in a looooonger novella…
Like I said. Bratty.


A good read.. 3 grumpy stars
(Stomping upstairs off to bed, pouting, dragging my fluffy stuffie bear by the leg)

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Sex Me – Novella series Logan Chance

So the Logan in the Brothers Chance duo has started to release his novellas. This blog includes my quick reviews of the books in this group.  First up…


  Date MeDate Me by Logan Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

16 Nov 2016 – Just finished #DateMe novella.

Eric the H is larger than life. 
Brilliant, lighthearted, and super cool. 

Verdict? More, more, more!!!β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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Duty: Secret Baby Romance: Lauren Landish (NSFW)

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book*

I love Lauren Landish’s writing and this little gem was not a disappointment.

This was a gentle read, with a lot of background army related info that made the story of Aaron believable.

Aaron is a West Pointer when he meets and falls for Lindsey on a cycle ride.


They have a very torrid culmination of their flirting and stolen moments, eg (Aaron POV):

I’m a lucky man, I think to myself. Lucky and cursed, but I can’t help it . My mouth waters just looking at her. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” I breathe, pulling her into me. I’m immediately enveloped in her natural clean, heady fragrance that makes my cock stiffen in my pants. “I’ve been thinking of you all day.” Lindsey grins up at me. “You’re just saying that.” “Oh yeah?” I pull her in for a hard, lingering kiss…

….We know that what we’re doing is against all the rules. If we get caught, there will be hell to pay. But fuck, I can’t turn back now. I wouldn’t forgive myself for what would happen to Lindsey if we were caught, but I’m too invested now. “Fuck the uniform. I can’t stop,” I growl, my body throbbing with need. “Besides, you can’t leave me hanging like this.” She gives me a mischievous smile that makes my cock throb in my shorts. Damn, she’s being a real tease tonight…..”

See? See??

In fact, Lauren is great at telling the story through the POV of either the H or h which is what makes her books such an enjoyable read.

Overall a great little read.
(I review hard so a solid 3.5 stars from me is good!)



Warrior’s Providence: Cadi Warriors series #2- by Stephanie West

Warriors’ Providence (Cadi Warriors, #2)Warriors’ Providence by Stephanie West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Much better than Cadi Warriors #1 for some reason

Providence/Angel is a military parades her which means she jumps out of planes at great heights to rescue people in dangerous situations.

A freak encounter with aliens leaves her with visual proof they exist and this unfortunately means she’ll need to be shipped off to a colony in a far away galaxy that the aliens have been populating over the years with humans in advance of the inevitable zombie apocalypse / nuclear meltdown / ice age the Earth is inexorably trundling towards.

Only thing is, en route, they are attacked by the same scaly reptilian slavers of The Warrior’s Pet who want to relieve the Noah’s-Ark aliens of their precious human cargo.

Providence grabs an alien gun, protects the ship and gets captured for her troubles – but the ship evades capture (we find out later). After a stint of tazer torture she is sling into the slave sells with the furry Wookie looking Chewbacca-tall Toufli and the ship touches down on Cadi where the slavers face Kagen, the recent victor of a centuries old civil war and now sole just ruler, who is about to take them to task for a chemical bomb sold and used to wipe out an entire city, by his defeated enemy. Kagen is mated to Giselle, another human recently liberated from his enemy.

Dagaa finds Prov in the cargo hold of the impounded slavers ship and she is put under the protection of both him and Madhava, Kagan’s other warrior deputy.

Dagaa and Madhave are Warriors that have become close brothers-in-arms, each with a hidden painful past that has left them love shy and single.

Prov proves she is more than a match for Dagaa and Madhava, and becomes a key info point in the rescue of the remaining Toufli from their dying planet. The three have a MFM HEA and Madhava’s long standing family rifts are healed.


Oh, Steph babe, you couldn’t have choosen a longer name?? (I Bet Stephanie was over it halfway through writing…was like:I swear all my future heroines will be called Jo, or Sue or at most Meg…. Or maybe just ‘h’..)

OK. So, the whole ‘I’m an American and my way is da best way’ of Providence sometimes grated on me as a reader not from the land-of-the-free-and-the-home-of-da-brave who is currently following the political and race-related tensions in the USA at the moment…

All that aside, this book had a great story line and was pace-y enough to be an enjoyable read. The heroes and rescues popped up at the right time, and the camaraderie between Dagaa and Madhava was amusing.

On reflection, Imma add this book to my thinking woman’s smexy reads as it is a much more believable h than Cadi #1. Would read another in this series, but Steph needs to do something about these busy book covers!

Solid 3 stars from me.

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“Strictly Unprofessional” by Maggie Way – Quick read

Strictly UnprofessionalStrictly Unprofessional by Maggie Way

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Why? Why bother if you’re not going to take care over what you put out?

Even though this was a quick read I felt like my 15mins had been stolen.

If Maggie Way is going to put out a short, then a bit of checking for grammar and general editing for flow would not go amiss.

The story and plot were cute, 30-ish executive secretary is passed over for promotion in favour of the 20-something leggy svelte new intern at the legal/ corporate finance company by her long time boss. Resigns in disgust. Is called back into the office where her alpha male boss declares undying lust and a desire to enter into a joint venture of the sexual nature.

But hands are just full, if they are full. They don’t have to be ‘completely full’

I am picky but as my time is short I want my attention focussed on the quick short, not the short-comings…. Although if there are any (cummings that is – see what I did there?) in the short, they are welcomed if they flow from the story (no pun intended)

Imma just stop here now before I completely lower the tone of this review.

The one star is for the story. The other two stars were lost in poor editing, Maggie. Sorry babes…

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