Retaliation by Lauren Landish – the thinking woman’s smexy read


so if you didn’t know, I’m a newbie fan girl of Lauren Landish and I’ve been snorting her books like a crackhead let loose in a police station’s evidence lockup room (you know…furtive, gleeful and sinfully quick before I’m caught and have to explain why I’m not writing yet)

Retaliation is the second in the Revenge Bad Boy series and tells the story of Andrea, half Japanese, half white daughter of corrupt businessman Peter De LaCoeur. It also gives us glimpses of the H and h from Revenge and adds more depth to another side character Nathan. All I can say is this is a juicy, filling read. Whilst the scenes between Carson and Andrea are hot and steamy they feel right and well placed. Not in the ‘ok-it’s-time-for-some-smut-cos-it’s-chapter-4 so..she-drops-her knickers,-he grabs-her-knockers,-it’s on… kind of way

Not so much an alpha billionaire as a quiet alpha Dom millionaire with a complicated past and a loyal streak towards his family.

A continuation of the De LaCoeur saga.

Another sister emerges from the murky past of the businessman crook Peter De LaCoeur.

Andrea and Jackson meet up to fight back against their father, Peter’s attempts to have them captured or killed.

Carson Sands the H jointly owns a chain of art galleries MCS Galleries with his sister, Melissa who was traumatised by the death of her mother. Melissa is the biological daughter of Peter, is haunted by the trauma of seeing her mother’s suicide and retreats to sculpture and painting for expression and peace.

Andrea meets Carson and is drawn to his intense strength and fierce loyalty to her half-sister.

The battle to keep their feelings under control as they join with Katrina and Jackson to protect their motley crew of siblings finally erupts as Peter’s Russian contract killer attacks, wounding Nathan and kidnapping Andrea.

The book is another roller coaster of deeply detailed but truly engaging scenes as Landish paints a muted picture of the D/s relationship that ultimately develops between Carson and Andrea.

And the twists and turns of this book! I was tempted to take motion sickness pills but realised, I like it.  Hell. I loved it.  This is not your usual read. It’s dark but not in a foreboding way, and there are shards of light so piercing that at times I just closed the book and caught myself sighing.

I read fast. Very fast. 

But I took time over Retaliation because you just have to if you want to get the full impact of the story.  when Carson shoots Orlaff I am practically leaping around with glee only to scream at my eBook ‘oh no, no noooooo!’ remembering Orlaff has a blasted flack jacket on….

I thought that Revenge was a roller coaster of emotion but Retaliation??…! Well. This one takes the thinking woman’s smexy read up another notch.  I have books I put in my to re-read cos you love the story and writing. Very few get on. 

This one joins Revenge. without a doubt. 

I can’t even…!


Another three stars from me. Lauren’s writing hit the bulls eye yet again.  

 And now I wait for Retribution, Nathan’s story. 


I have little patience so I’m off to read ‘Revenge’ and this book again whilst I cool my heels…


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