Another solid contribution to the world of the Ice Planet Barbarians!

Author Ruby Dixon has surpassed herself again with this installment in the #IPB series.

As she said, it may have been getting a little bit too safe, what with all the caves and the leather making and tanning and planting and the hunting for food all neatly laid out.  The quake literally shakes up the tribe and forces them to make a new home and new decisions about how they survive as a community on such a harsh planet.

Maddie’s sister was abducted by Hassan, one of the Ice Planet barbarians who was so over being single and unattached.  However, he came to regret his rash action and is suffering temporary exile as part of his penance.

Maddie’s rather obnoxious and assertive attitude has made her no friends, but you couldn’t really blame her; after all she wakes up from cryostatis after being abducted from Earth by little green aliens to find herself surrounded by big blue ones… With horns. Her sister taken. Then returned, but very independent and in a love match relationship with one of the inhabitants.

Maddie feels very much like a spare wheel and strikes up an initial companionship that morphs into a FWB with of all people Hassan.

When an earthquake literally rips the aura of safety from the tribe of families Hassan and Maddie go to find food and clothing stores from the various hunter lodges not wrecked by the quake or marauding beasts to help out the tribe.

On the way Maddie learns some of the life saving skills needed to live on the hostile ice planet and Hassan learns a whole load of synonyms and sayings.  

After they fall down a ravine they fall in love, their ‘cooties resonate (this book or infant anyone of the previous read 9 books in the series will get you up to speed on this!), stumble across an abandoned ancient village and inadvertently become the saviours of the tribe.

I liked the way Maddie was able to stand by and sometimes argue in favour of her man. Dolly Parton would be proud!

Hassan isn’t a pushover and has a certain draw as a naughty Dom:

‘ …I feel him pull up my fur coverings, and in the next moment, his warm fingers brush over my belly. I suck in a breath when his hand immediately goes to the waistband of my leggings and he pushes into the front of it. And I whimper when he presses his head against mine and nips at my ear. “Silence, Mah-dee.” Right. Silence. “I’ll be quiet.” “We do not want him to hear us,” Hassen murmurs, and his tongue brushes against the shell of my ear, sending shivers through my body.

His big hand cups my pussy and I have to stifle my groan. Silence. Right. Must be silent. “You would not want him to watch.” For some reason, those words make me look out across the snow, to where Taushen is. He’s standing with his hands on his hips, his back to us, tail moving. Maybe he’s taking a break from digging, or maybe he’s about to turn around and come over here. If he did, he’d find me with Hassen’s hand down my pants. And that hand, coupled with the fact that we might get caught? It makes me so incredibly wet. I bite down on my lower lip when Hassen’s big fingers glide through my slick folds. “Quiet,” Hassen tells me again, though his voice is strained. “You will be quiet when I touch you?” “T-totally s-silent,” I manage, even though I feel like I’m about to climb out of my own skin. I’m frozen in place, staring at Taushen, half-daring him to turn around, half-horrified that he might. 

Hassen’s other arm goes under my furs, and then he’s pushing down my leather bra-band and cupping my breast. I bite back my moan and sag against him as his fingers stroke my pussy. God, this isn’t fair…and I don’t want it to be. I should be pissed that he’s taking advantage of the situation, but all I can think is that this is exactly what I wanted, with a tease of voyeurism thrown in to boot. I never thought I’d be so turned on at the sight of a guy digging a hole. “So wet,” Hassen breathes into my hair. “Is your cunt always this slick around me?” Oh, god, he said ‘cunt.’ Oh, god, that’s so freaking hot that I’m pretty sure I juice just at the sound of his deep voice. “I…maybe.” “I should pull your pants off and lick you until you scream my name,” he tells me. “But then you would not be quiet, would you?” ‘

If you can also read the slice of life book Aftershocks: A Slice of Life Short Story do so as it adds more insight into two couples – the tribe leader Georgie and Vektal and the nearly feral Ruhk and his outdoorsy Earther mate Liz.

Some lovely spin off stories already baking – what will happen to Stacy and son? Is there any chance for love for any of the other single sa’khui males??

Can’t wait for the next installment.

Currently Ruby is hitting it out of the park whatever she writes, whether it is hell-raising MC clubs, uber alpha bear shifters or world-building with the Ice Planet Barbarians.  The woman is on fire!! 

Write on, Ruby!!!


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