MassEffect fanfic: Garrus And Kati-Part 2 Suited And Booted #AILF8

💕👽😈Garrus and Kati #AILF8 😈👽💕

Part 2: Suited and Booted



With the Reapers defeated in this section of the galaxy, the alliance with the krogan had finally given the desired advantage. 


The quarterly ambassadorial events to strengthen the other race alliances were a necessary evil of the politicking as required an advisor to the Turian Primark.  


But Garrus was still a soldier at heart. 


And still a quiet vigilante. He cast a critical eye over his required clothing for the upcoming evening festivities, grimacing at the neck tie. 


The Turian Primark had suggested – read ordered – him to attend tonight dressed in honour of the human delegation. Some idea, seeing as how he had the longest time serving under one of them on the Normandy.


“It’ll be good to show how seriously we take the Alliance. What’s your view?” Primark Victus had nodded at him firmly at the last meeting that morning, striding into the data centre Garrus used as his workspace.


“One moment” Garrus’ hands flew over the console “just completing my…calibrations” 

“I don’t think it will matter” Garrus had eventually responded, not looking up from his holoscreen until the data cycle beeped its conclusion, confirming the slight improvement in weapons engagement from this data run.

He looked up, head canted to the side in undisguised defeat. “but I’ll do it. If you believe this is necessary, Primark. Remember, I’ve been C-Sec. I know how they think”


“Yes, Garrus. It is necessary. And whilst C-Sec always felt they had the last word, they’re content. In this case, they don’t” The Primark was getting to a point. 


A creeping unease stole over Garrus




“So, although C-Sec headquarters aren’t looking over your shoulder they’ve negotiated something else with the Alliance”


“What is it?” Garrus kept the irritation out of his voice although his beligerant stance gave away his feelings


“Received this notification today.” The Primark’s aide handed the holo comm to Garrus.


“They’re sending out a C-Sec administrator to observe our next few delegate meetings. I’ve agreed that as a good idea. And assigned the C-Sec lackey to you.” The Primark had given him a good natured clap on the back of his bio suit as he strode out of Garrus’s data centre.


‘So. A vigilante, a renegade, dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. In a Turian tuxedo’ Garrus gave a mirthless laugh remembering how five years ago he had wished for war to be over, preparing to spend his life in comfortable companionship with Commander Shepard. 



He smoothed his hand over the slight bulge in his lower torso, grimacing with the thoughts of the enhancements he had undertaken in hope of his happy mated future.


But that life had not been in the stars.


Shepard’s return to active duty and driving need to succeed had required a compromise on both sides, one he was prepared to make. But she was not. So they had parted ways, concluding their time as friends with benefits, but would always remain friends. 


Her paired cyborgs assigned to her recovery had become her partners and formed the start of a new crew. They had soon become the loves of her life and he genuinely wished them the best.  


Shaking his head at fond memories, Garrus brought himself back to the here and now. He grimaced ruefully again at himself in the mirror. His scars had faded but would always be there as a reminder of his vigilante period.


Handsome brute that he was he wore the faded scars on his chitin jaw, neck and cheek with confident pride. But Garrus felt his heart was just as scarred, with little chance of finding that female who would match him step for step in wor, life and, yes, even love.


He sighed, ‘Well I suppose evenings like this are the bad that come with this job.’    


Tomorrow he would meet his work observer. Probably some snot nosed grunt related to one of the higher ups, he thought irritably. Well so long as they kept out of his way, they’d get along just fine. 


That was tomorrow. But, tonight, tonight he was going to have some fun. Cut loose. Get back into the swing of things. Maybe challenge that feisty Turian technician on the Primark’s detail to a friendly combat round.


‘After all’ he muttered to himself smiling fondly at a past memory ‘I have reach. Let’s see about her flexibility’


He shifted again into a more comfortable position in his human fashion tailored white and black leather body suit, smoothed the skin tight gloves over his three fingered appendages and strode out of his quarters. The ubiquitous guard stood to attention and then fall in behind him as he strode to the shuttle.


“I’ll fly myself tonight boys” Garrus informed them as the glazed door and roof of the shuttle swung open. “Follow in the team shuttle. Just want to go over a few high security issues before we get there” It was a lame excuse and he knew it, but sometimes, just sometimes he needed a little alone time.


The detail saluted smartly but waited until he was seated and the shuttle had closed before they turned and jogged to the security shuttle that was already primed and waiting.


The Primark’s Mansion was a smaller replica of the Citadel, the central atrium and soaring walkways joining the large towers that enclosed the open air gardens , only recently repaired since the Reapers war on Palaven.  Flying to level 795, Garrus turned and backed the shuttle into the reserved space for dignitaries and senior officials on the suspended walkway. 


Walking into the well lit banqueting hall Garrus made his way to the knot of delegates surrounding the Primark, stopping to respond briefly to greetings and questions from other partygoers as he made his path through the throng.


“Primark Victus has started to order to repopulation and return our families to Palaven and has promoted me to Senior Advisor.” A smooth voice rose above the general hubbub of voices in the hall.


‘What’s that sink hole talking about now?’ Garrus muttered to himself as he joined the group. He shot a grimacing Platekh a glowering look before bowing slightly in greeting to the Primark


“Ah, there you are Garrus!” Primark Victus looked slightly relieved to see him.


“Was just telling these delegates that war is more my wheelhouse, not state functions, But we seem to have made a good fist of it tonight” Ptimark Victu looked round in satisfaction at the throng, the mech servers moving swiftly between the guests, ensuring no glass or snifter was left unfilled.


“And I was just thanking our Primark for the recent promotion” Platekh inclined his head, his eyes dancing in his chitin visage with undisguised delight.


Silvery chimes rang out, indicating mealtime for those bipedal species that wished to eat together as a group. Others species bowed in thanks, then shuffled away to carefully prepared alcoves, some into airlocked walkways that led to chambers filled with atmosphere more suited to their species. Or, in the case of the Quarian delegates, an atmosphere free, enviro-clean chamber.


“Garrus, just in time. I’d like you to accompany the human delegation. See if you can gain early Intel in this observation campaign C-Sec has thought up” The Primark spoke low, nodding over to the group just ahead of them.  


Garrus nodded before striding away towards the group. His Turian’s hearing easily made out the gentle pitch of a human female voice. It floated over the sound of the eerily seductive music that filtered throughout the large banqueting hall. The voice was a low sexy drawl, confident, enticing.


Garrus noticed with appreciation her soft rounded checks, the sweep of brunette hair, noting it’s warm red undertones as it caressed her shoulders and the delicate elfin chin that set off her oval face.


One of the humans made a comment and her laugh rang out, a low chuckle, a glimpse of strong even teeth, framed by  glossy, seductively pink lips. Minimal face paint. He appreciated that in a woman.


“Hmmm. This will be my pleasure” Garrus twitched his chitin jaw, straightened his tie and nudged Pratekh aside, angling himself into the seat next to the seductively voiced woman. Pratekh clicked his chitin jaws in annoyance, receiving a death glare from Garrus in response. 


Laughing, Pratekh backed away, holding his hands up in mock defeat. He slid smoothly into the seat opposite at the nearest table.  


Garrus sighed, turning back to the table.


This was going to be a looooong night.


Midnight Blue by LJ Shen

Midnight BlueMidnight Blue by L.J. Shen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Midnight Blue is Royal Brit Pop Perfection
This is another one of LJ Shen’s books that grabs you by the ankles to drag you underneath the sea of feels that so often comes with her stories. And I truly love it!

Alex, 27, heartthrob, is a Londoner via The chavviest part of Watford (does that really exist??).

Alex is, as he would put it, a total ‘nobhead’ and also a tortured, amazing Pop music solo artist. Skidding his way through a recent breakup he’s been fuelled by drug and narcotics ending in a massive album flop, and it’s all come to a head. Enter his agent Jenna and his lifelong friend and manager, Blake who both decide that Alex is in need of a sobriety nanny. And he is getting one, at least one that sticks on the job, as the last eight or so were scared or chased off by Alex within days.

Indigo/New Girl/Indie/Stardust is a quirky 21 year old and an orphan, living with her older brother, his wife and their baby and is tailor made for the job. Or maybe the job was tailor made for her…her parents killed by a drunk driver, she’s almost evangelical in her passion to keep Alex on the straight and narrow. But the job has its perks…after all, sexy rock god singer, an international tour with the opportunity to travel the world as part of Alex’s entourage? A dream come true, right?

Alex, the bastardest of bastards gets to learn early on that his little petite blue haired Stardust/Indie isn’t the soft pushover that she looks. More importantly he realises she is everything he needs and McGreedyMitts is determined to have her, in spite of any action that Lucas, his drummer, may want to throw in his way.

This is a rockers story with a few differences. No spoilers here but I had a niggling in the back of my brain about six chapters in for one of the ‘!’ reveals but was caught completely by surprise by the horrific reveal that threatened to split Alex and Indie apart.

This was a great read. This felt even more alive for me reading parts of it at my local in Camden Lock or riding the Tube to London Bridge or Oxford Circus

This book earned a duvet day of reading and then re-reading. I kept my minces open all night and could not put this one down. Cor blimey, the smexy scenes! As truly f-ed up as some of the most cocky Brits ever. Not a dry set of knickers in the place as you follow Alex’s seduction of Indie to their first steamy session together. Right up until it all goes to pants…

But Alex, being Alex, is a real smeg-fer-brains and needs to have his own bonce bashed around for a bit before he sets out to win Indie back and share the HEA he worked for.

LJ has spent time trying to weave the Brit into the story, some of it with exceptional success.

Alfie. Oh. dear.
Absolutely everyone in London knows or has lived with an Alfie…! Just perfect.
Alex may say what the hell he wants about ManU ‘cos he’s probably a Gooner, anyway but all is forgiven for a story like this.
Three lions on my chest …and five Midnight blue stars for this great story.

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Drummers Beat (Satans Devils MC #2) by Manda Mellett


Drummer’s Beat (Satan’s Devils #2) by Manda Mellett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can’t beat this Racy, raging hot read!
So. Tucson. That place literally gets flooded with the Satans Devils MC.

This is the first book I have read from Manda Mellett, courtesy of an ARC, and I’m glad I let this one jump the queue.
So. OK.
Hunky tattooed biker MC? Check.
Secret baby phenomenon? Check ( yes. Check. Just read the book)
BDSM Master/ slave dynamic explored? Check.
Virgin territory for H and h? Check. (yes. CHECK. Just READ the book)
Darkish read without getting too dark for the weak spirited and highly strung? Check
Machine guns, mayhem, murder, mommies and military? Check.Check.Check. Just keep checking…

What’s not to lurve here???

This is a great mix – like a peanut butter cup…or a salted caramel sundae…a lil bit sweet, a lot sharp, tied together as a gritty book, the second in the Satans Devils MC series (btw..who else’s Devils would they be? Just sayn…)

Can be read as a standalone, with only a few niggling throwbacks to the escapades of Book #1 which can be easily ignored by the thunderous pace of this gem.

Manda has Drum/Drummer’s male PoV of the H down pat, as unapologetic and frustratedly confused as any good MC Prez should be with the feelings he is having to handle. It’s a joy to follow the unfolding of this relationship in spite of the backdrop of guns, murder, torture, BEER, bikes and bikers.

But the kicker for me is Sam/Samantha, the strong, sexy, intelligent h of this tale. Just loved her sass and grit.

Great plot, some brilliant cringeworthy scenes ( I seriously read a few peeking out from between my fingers in horror/ embarrassment…)

This is a solid 4 star read

The only problem for Manda is the risk that with all the tropes and genres woven into this book, there may be nothing left to give in any future books to this series!

Which would be a pity as I’ve added Ms Mellett to my extremely small list of 1-click buy authors!
Woman, pull up a shelf and park your sweet butt (oops )…and the smexy scenes? All I can say is “strike a light! Good on yer, girl” – welcome to her library of congress…!!

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Cover reveal! Delude by Jacob Chance




Release Date: Late February

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth

Hosted by: Chance Promotions









She wasn’t part of my original plan for revenge, but one glance at her and I was entranced. I followed her for weeks, observing her habits. I’ve been in her apartment numerous times, learning anything and everything I can about her. She’s become an obsession and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.


It’s only a matter of time before I have her where I want her…

on her knees and at my mercy.


Soon, there will be no secrets between us.








Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover. 

A writer of erotic romance, DELUDE will be his next release and is a standalone erotic thriller.

Jacob plans on writing many more sexy, suspenseful stories and to branch out to other genres.




Books by Jacob Chance:












Spoiled by Chance 




Falling Under: Underwhelmed by this collab of Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

Falling UnderFalling Under by Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The only genre not in this is a tattooed mafia MC aliens warriors. And it still dragged



Sigh. I can’t even think where to start with this one. 

Bad boy? Check
Kidnapping? Check
Sick terminal younger sister in need of expensive treatment? Check
Innocent h who falls for her captor? Check.
Innocent lil sis dies? Check
H transforms into a raging hulk of revenge? Check

H and h get preggers and have lil baby girl they name after the dead sister? Check
Book stuffed to the gills with plot? Check

So how come this one left me feeling it was bland, rushed and frankly not finish-worthy??


Go read a real dark read like the Captive series. 

This isn’t dark. Not even darkish.

I love Jenika Snow books. I can’t get enough.
I am not into the collabs with this particular author though.

Jenika’s writing style in this book reads like a beautiful rose bush being choked by the climbing, choking ivy that surrounds it….

Imma avoid any more collab books from these two as I can’t work up enough energy to like or finish the books that come out of this indie author joining. The plot is great and this book could have been a scorcher. Instead it feels like a bowl of unappetising soggy cornflakes. Story, yes, but not in a good way.

Why so mean?
Because both writers are good, Jenika regularly hits it out the park especially her A Real Man series.
(Take a look at Virgin Lumberjack or my abfab favourite in this growing series Experienced)

But this book…it just doesn’t work for me with these two authors together.

Jenika, puhleeeeze honey.. Really luv your style but….Don’t do this again.
Evah. Ever.

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Tied – Delve Novella series Jacob Chance

TIED (A DELVE Novella)TIED by Jacob Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a little firecracker of a book… Several PoVs and story threats to tease and tutti late readers of the Delve series. Jacob DoubleEntendre McTwisty has started to come into his own with a range of scenes that are a good mix of holiday fun, overproof smut, light BDSM, sweltering hot scenes interwoven with the ‘aaaahhhh, they be so much in luuuurve!!!’ plot of Tied.

Only bratty outburst I have is about how short the novella was.
YESSSSSS!!! I KNOW NOVELLA MEANT I SHOULD EXPECT A SHORT NOVEL!!! I just wanted THIS story to be in a looooonger novella…
Like I said. Bratty.


A good read.. 3 grumpy stars
(Stomping upstairs off to bed, pouting, dragging my fluffy stuffie bear by the leg)

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“Stepbrother Dearest” – Penelope Ward. Rage, Cry, Laugh. Repeat

Stepbrother DearestStepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Have read a few other books by this author and this book did not disappoint.

***Contains Spoilers***

Elec the hero is not the typical tattooed bad boy. 

He is worse. 

Much worse. 

With a sexy, filthy mouth and an attitude that hides the hurt and pain from his childhood and family circumstances.

Greta, the h, the same age as Elec but is a warm and open teen who, in spite of his cruel teasing, is drawn to the person he hides beneath his tattoos, lip and OTHER piercings.

I loved the way this book spanned the two part is their life, teenage and adult years and intertwined the family back stories without being maudlin or preachy.

A solid 3.5 stars from me. great read!

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