Buy My Soul (Sixty Days No2) by Jade West

Buy My Soul (Sixty Days #2)Buy My Soul by Jade West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For Jade West, even I will wait

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Buy My Soul – Jade West⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I hate cliffhangers.

ever since I plunged into the indie community four years ago, I’ve come to know my particular preferences re genre, having a particular penchant for the dark and wickedly decadent BDSM writers. 


Jade West has been my go to for the more nerve wracking, utterly without boundaries stories that feed the darker side of my indie romance cravings.


But the one thing I really can’t stand is a cliffhanger. So starting in on her Sixty Days series was a leap of faith. Would it be enough to keep me interested? Would it peter out to nothing? And with the heartbreaking death of her long time partner, Jon, this year, would a bereft Jade lose her way…and her edge?


I was not disappointed. Jade first looked after Jade and took a minute to rest, grieve and reflect which slightly delayed the release of this, the second part of this trilogy. But then she wrote. 


It was so worth the extra wait. Raw and honest and unapologetic.


Brandon Grant, the soul damned, wealthy, power and money hungry H, is tortured by past heartbreak and loss, a present crushing business contract, and a future that had no more than descent into a void of hell. Well, that was before sweet, innocent but dirty little Paige Emmerson crossed his path, signing up to the sixty days contract.


After rescuing Paige from her ill thought out attempt to negotiate with a drug gang as she tried to buy an exit for her druggie sister, Phoebe, Brandon decides to up her on the schedule, bringing her contract into effect and releasing the current sub from her contract early.


It is 60 days of no safe word, no hard limits, nothing to focus on but submission to his cruelly dominant, sadist mastery, each day of pain, punishment and submission live streamed to a baying hungry insatiable mob, a cohort of powerful, well-connected depraved men who pay for the pleasure of sexual pleasure taken with more than a small bite of pain. And the horrifying promise of the last few weeks in the 60 of your body being given over to bidders who have each paid handsomely for the opportunity to further break the elfin h.


As their daily interactions grow, Brandon finds himself unable to explain her effect on him. Viewing punters notice and she becomes the most sought after commodity in the history of that dark club.


Jade weaves this story with her usual finesse. But there is also an undercurrent of raw pain that streams from each page, and love. Love in spite of what the H throws at Paige (or rather beats her with…or shoves up her) and a meeting of minds in a perfect Master/slave dynamic.


The side characters are not well developed beyond being decidedly unpleasant but that is forgivable. The story is not about them.


So now I wait. As should you. Or read the first two books if you haven’t yet.


Wait for the final part that comes in January. But even if it is delayed, and there is a promise from Jade that it won’t be, still hang on to that cliff. 


You never knew where you would end up with Jade. With the passion and pain of this book the finale is bound to be spectacular.

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Good Gone Bad by Giana Darling

Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)Good Gone Bad by Giana Darling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a long awaited book for me. The sassy princess Harleigh Rose / ‘Rosie’ from the Fallen MC having to go undercover to save her family.

And Lionel ‘Lion’ Danner the good cop with a secret Dom side that meets her submissive side.

Great story well told.

Pity that the Wrath and his lady are killed. The utter disrespect given to the black woman, shot and thrown into the sea reflected a lot of the rather xenophobic attitudes and behaviour that are being fuelled and celebrated by some of the more prominent western countries.

Sad that this book had to use its own subtle influence in such a despicable way, Was really disappointed by that.

On one hand I could say, Ms Darling could do better.
Everyone has influence. How you weird it shows a lot about you.

But hey, ho, I suppose writers are free to have heir artistic licence and kill women or minorities however they choose. If you as a reader don’t like it, you don’t have to buy the books.

Whelp, I don’t like it.

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Midnight Blue by LJ Shen

Midnight BlueMidnight Blue by L.J. Shen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Midnight Blue is Royal Brit Pop Perfection
This is another one of LJ Shen’s books that grabs you by the ankles to drag you underneath the sea of feels that so often comes with her stories. And I truly love it!

Alex, 27, heartthrob, is a Londoner via The chavviest part of Watford (does that really exist??).

Alex is, as he would put it, a total ‘nobhead’ and also a tortured, amazing Pop music solo artist. Skidding his way through a recent breakup he’s been fuelled by drug and narcotics ending in a massive album flop, and it’s all come to a head. Enter his agent Jenna and his lifelong friend and manager, Blake who both decide that Alex is in need of a sobriety nanny. And he is getting one, at least one that sticks on the job, as the last eight or so were scared or chased off by Alex within days.

Indigo/New Girl/Indie/Stardust is a quirky 21 year old and an orphan, living with her older brother, his wife and their baby and is tailor made for the job. Or maybe the job was tailor made for her…her parents killed by a drunk driver, she’s almost evangelical in her passion to keep Alex on the straight and narrow. But the job has its perks…after all, sexy rock god singer, an international tour with the opportunity to travel the world as part of Alex’s entourage? A dream come true, right?

Alex, the bastardest of bastards gets to learn early on that his little petite blue haired Stardust/Indie isn’t the soft pushover that she looks. More importantly he realises she is everything he needs and McGreedyMitts is determined to have her, in spite of any action that Lucas, his drummer, may want to throw in his way.

This is a rockers story with a few differences. No spoilers here but I had a niggling in the back of my brain about six chapters in for one of the ‘!’ reveals but was caught completely by surprise by the horrific reveal that threatened to split Alex and Indie apart.

This was a great read. This felt even more alive for me reading parts of it at my local in Camden Lock or riding the Tube to London Bridge or Oxford Circus

This book earned a duvet day of reading and then re-reading. I kept my minces open all night and could not put this one down. Cor blimey, the smexy scenes! As truly f-ed up as some of the most cocky Brits ever. Not a dry set of knickers in the place as you follow Alex’s seduction of Indie to their first steamy session together. Right up until it all goes to pants…

But Alex, being Alex, is a real smeg-fer-brains and needs to have his own bonce bashed around for a bit before he sets out to win Indie back and share the HEA he worked for.

LJ has spent time trying to weave the Brit into the story, some of it with exceptional success.

Alfie. Oh. dear.
Absolutely everyone in London knows or has lived with an Alfie…! Just perfect.
Alex may say what the hell he wants about ManU ‘cos he’s probably a Gooner, anyway but all is forgiven for a story like this.
Three lions on my chest …and five Midnight blue stars for this great story.

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All He Wants for Christmas by Kati Wilde

All He Wants For ChristmasAll He Wants For Christmas by Kati Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bold, big, Sexy Read

Cole, a detective and recent hero -having taken two bullets in the line of duty- returns to work to face an irritating request from one of the city’s richest families that neither he nor the Chief of Police can refuse . To keep an eye on Mia Bennet, Mr rich as F*ck’s daughter.

Mia is sick of being under the manipulative thumb of her parents and has struck out to live independent of the, whilst pursuing her career.

But things get complicated as Cole and Mia risk their mutual attraction whilst they battle their own insecurities: Cole and Mia both feeling they’ll never be good enough for the other.

As the festive seasons approach Cole and Mia work through their differences to get to their HEA.

THIS was the last in the four Xmas reads released by each of the four authors and was nearly my fave out of the four (sorry, Ruby Dixon‘s IPB story just edged to win because, well it’s IPB…)

But this story had everything you want from a smexy Xmas read: the angst, the trembling ‘will they? won’t they?’ and then the relief of ‘yes they’re finally together and they’ll not be torn apart, yippee!’

Was especially happy to see how Mia grew a backbone to fight for what and whom she loves.

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My Torin

My TorinMy Torin by K. Webster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my devilled eggs! Absolutely awesome read
(this is re-written. Lost my first version to the Internet black hole…)
Another fabulously emotional read for K Webster

Casey is a product of the foster care system, her first 18 years curtesy her mother who abandoned her as a baby outside a church during Xmas time.

Caseys life is forever changed when she accepts the offer to live in the household of the open and loving Tyler Kline and his tortured genius of a younger brother Torin Kline.

But all is not as it seems. Not with the house or the household.
This is a love story, courageously tearing to get out and be told.

This is not a menage although I slowly grew to wishing it was. But it is about the love that can grow between three should, in spite of almost insurmountable odds.

This is a tear jerker, a gasper, a boundary breaker but also a thoroughly great read.

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Canvas by Jacob Chance Ooooh so envious

CANVASCANVAS by Jacob Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sorry. I can’t help myself… Josh 4 Elle
If I can’t rate 3 or higher I don’t bother to post a review (it’s hard enough for indie writers!) I PM authors with my harshest criticism. Warts and all and not for public consumption but if I can’t help myself then I post review on Amazon.

Sorry. I can’t help myself…

I recently read a rather poorly edited, unbelievable story – and nearly dug my eyes out with a spoon it was that bad…Canvas is definitely NOT one of those .
It says something that I burned through this book, received as an advanced review copy with no expectation of reward, in one night. I somehow thought it was same length as Delve – but Canvas is twice as long – I have been reliably informed…so clearly the pace of this book is stonkingly good!

Chance’s latest book is far and away way better than some of the stuff being put out by other popular indie writers.

Those who follow my reviews know that I rate really hard, and I don’t pull any punches just to help ratings on the ‘Zon. If Most people rate 5 I tend to rate 4.

But not today….

I’ve been waiting a long time to hear Elle and Josh’s story and this did not disappoint.

Elle is a long time friend, almost family, to couple Janney and Josh, and even after the two split up, the three stayed best buddies. After Janney fell in love with private investigator Kyle, Josh and Elle stayed friends. But something happened and they drifted apart. Elle knows she has feelings for ‘goody-two-shoes’ Josh but feels she has too much darkness in her past to ever be good enough for him. Her angst isn’t helped by the spectre of the past still lurking in her life, waiting to reclaim her.

Josh is a different type of H. Strong and tall yes, but not a biker, or a ripped muscled hunk, or a jock although he is a painter and tattoo artist.

Between Elle and Josh there are untold, dark secrets they keep from each other, but one secret, their increasing attraction to each other, continues to heat up in the most electrifying ‘I-hate-you-but-I-can’t-stay-away-from-you kind of way.

When Elle is threatened and their love is put to the test, Josh shows his dark side to protect the woman he loves.

I had some huge sigh “I soooooo wish I was Elle” moments in this one.

And unlike other reviews I post no spoilers.

But I will post advice. Grab the box of tissues. The attention to detail in the smexy scenes is meltingly emotional, as if Chance lived Josh’s role… This was the most heartfelt story so far and although it is a standalone, there is enough in this gem to satisfy the diehard fans who have followed the lives of the other characters in previous books.

This one is not to be missed. TY @JacobChance

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Xmas comes early with Gadziala (oh, you dirty minded people you!)

UnwrappedUnwrapped by Jessica Gadziala

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SO I am in the process of either re-reading or catching up with Ms Gadziala’s books. For some reason this little gem had escaped my hot lil’ hands and I picked it up to enjoy a quick hour of fun. And was it ever. The same punchy writing style that has made Jessica one of my favourite writers, plus the holidays, plus a hunky H PLUS Xmas…! What could possibly go wrong.

Well. Nothing.

Nothing went wrong. I laughed, I cried, I bit my bottom lip and flicked through this little novella at feverish pace.

The H, Mountain man, orphan and premium smoked meat, multi-millionaire Jake, t-bones holiday maker and h, Lyra, orphan and wistful New Yorker seeking a real holidays experience as she drives through a snowstorm to her hired cabin.

Her car totalled and with possible concussion, Jake takes charge,, taking her and her Xmas prep luggage back to his amazing buiscuit tin perfect cabin where they both discover the way to make Xmas much more memorable that it had ever been in the past.

This is a sweet and sexy easy read with just enough book to make you feel you’ve had the equivalent of a handful of fun-sized snickers…just enough sweet and smexy so that you’ve had a hit of GadziFixx but not so much that you feel you’ve totally wrecked your diet…

Would love to see this one developed into a series. Felix the writer sounds like he’d be snarky and intelligent fun
Pretty please??

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