Guardian by Remy Blake – hot, hot, hot

GuardianGuardian by Remy Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh.My.Dayz. Remy Blake. Smexy read – another home run

Another pseudo taboo read from this duo that focussed on the barely legal h/ older man H with a twist of DD/lg and humour.

So, as many know RB is a collaboration between two writers, Jacob Chance and an anonymous female author, their strap line being two dirty minds are better than one. And in this case I would heavily agree.
The two writing styles are still rubbing along, yet to mess together seamlessly in the way authors like Alexa Riley or the Lauren Landish/ Willow Winters duo but they’re getting there.

Brock is a longstanding friend of a recently deceased billionaire who has bequeathed him the guardianship of what should have bee a pig tailed, easily controlled earliteen. Instead, Ivy shows up. She’s rather foul mouthed and overly sexual and barely legal. She’s forbidden, young, fully ‘formed’ woman with curves for days and an ass that doesn’t quit. What ensues is a battle of wills as Brock lays down the law, draws the line in the sand and then promptly staggers over it to plunder Ivy’s sweet young, tight body.

Ivy learns to stick with and pursue her life goals, and becomes the mature woman, deciding that Brock and life with her love is the best goal of all.

The story is just about believable but, come on people, this is not why you buy a RB book. 

Is it? IS IT??
Yeah, thought not. 

It is the hot steamy scenes, that speak to the authenticity of a male author fleshing out the mind of a bachelor, unapologetically tasting the neighbourhood slapper on offer in an effort to get lil Miss Temptation out of his head before he snaps and does something he won’t be able to walk away from.

Oftentimes, it felt like the bulk of the writing finesse and pace in the story fell under Brocks’s PoV, and a smattering of typo/ grammar mistakes peppering the h storyline. However, that is being rather pedantic for the most part.

This is indie writing at its most earthy. And what’s not to like?

If you are looking for an unapologetic smexy ‘lil read with mass endorphin-inducing smut scenes full of passion, then this one will definitely work.

But beware.
Unless you are still hitting it nightly, for safety reasons this is not a book to read in bed, propped up next to your partner…as it may also cause you to glance up mid-read to glare askance at the slack jawed, drooling face of your sleeping bed partner, whilst you try to dredge up a memory of when last you two got as hot and heavy.

Remy Blake cannot be held liable if you growl, then finally bash their sleeping body over the head with your Kindle, muttering darkly “…shoulda listened to my ma, dammit…”

You are warned.
Four hot and spicy well deserved stars for this novella!

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Anthology Reviews: “Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.”

So This weekend I started to clear out the kindle as I have more books than space.

I saw  number of anthologies so thought I’d just put a review of a few of them on the blog.

Pseudo taboo/Virgins or not…

“Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.” Imma just put my review ratings for each of these short stories
⭐️⭐️ My First Time (Stepbrother/Virgin)- Jade K. Scott
⭐️⭐️Losing My Virginity (Brother’s Best friend/ Virgin) – Jade K. Scott
⭐️ Taboo Virginity (Cheating Stepfather/Virgin who threatened to sleep with diseased strangers, so I just had to)
Not into cheating.
Yeah. Title says it all…well, not quite all:
So it’s either
I’m going to fuck you,” I growled.
I shoved with all my might, and I heard her squeal as my dick jammed deep into her plump little ass. She struggled to pull away, but I held her firmly. My cock slid in and out of her tight little butt, and she bit her lip and tried to suppress her squeaks of pain.
“It hurts,” she gasped, gripping my wrist. Her hips still tried to pull away.
“No, it feels gooooood,” I groaned, pumping her ass mercilessly. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, Daddy,” she croaked. “If it feels… ow… good to you… OW! Oh, God, it really hurts!”


or being just plain impolite:

“…Her little hole was throbbing rapidly. It was bright red and swollen from the merciless pounding I’d given it, and a thick, white blob of cum oozed out and dripped lazily down her ass cheek. The other cheek was puffed up and red from the spanking she’d received.
“Oh, Daddy,” she purred. “I like it when you spank me!”
“I like it, too,” I admitted.
“Do you ever spank Mom?”
“No, Kitten. Mom doesn’t like that.”
“Well, I like it. When you spank me hard, it makes my pussy hot.”
“Does it?”
She nodded innocently and turned her body to face toward me.
“I want to suck you,” she said.
“Daddy just came,” I explained. “It’s not easy to cum again so fast.”
“Please, Daddy. I want to taste me on you.”
I felt my dick begin to throb slightly. Even though I’d just cum, I wanted more. I wanted to feel her little lips around my cock.
“Suck it,” I told her.
I rolled onto my back, and she got onto her stomach between my legs. She took my filthy cock into her mouth, and it responded by stiffening inside it. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked, and I felt her hand begin to massage my balls.
“Baby?” I asked her.
“Yes, Daddy?”
“Would you…” I gulped, not wanting to ask her to do what I wanted so badly.
“What is it, Daddy?”
“Would you finger my ass?”
She smiled up and me and immediately buried her finger in my butt like an obedient little slut. Her mouth closed over my cock again, and her finger slid slowly in and out of my ass. I wanted to feel her little tongue shoved inside me.
“Fuck my ass with your tongue, you dirty fucking slut,” I growled, surprised I was even able to say such a thing to my daughter. She hesitated, and I snarled, “Now!”
“Yes, sir!” she gasped, and I felt her hand move my balls up out of the way.
I rolled my legs up toward my chest to give her easy access, and I felt her small tongue hesitantly lick at my asshole. It felt like Heaven just feeling her tongue touch it.
“Fuck it!” I demanded.
Her tongue slipped inside my ass, and it wiggled slightly.
“No, fuck it, god damn it!” I shouted at her. “Fuck it like I fuck you!”
She stiffened her tongue and began to bob her head, fucking my ass like her tongue was a little dick.
“Stroke my dick,” I demanded.
As she continued to tongue fuck me, her hand wrapped around my cock and began to stroke it slowly.
“Faster,” I told her. “Squeeze my dick and fuck my ass hard!”
Her hand put more pressure on my shaft, and she stroked more vigorously. Her tongue continued to press into my ass. I gripped the back of my knees and squeezed tightly. My teeth were grinding together as my orgasm built. I held my breath as it built and built, and suddenly my load shot into the air and landed on my stomach with a splat. It spit over and over, load after load, until my entire stomach was covered with cum.
“Eat it,” I ordered her.
“What?” she gasped.
“Eat it. All of it!”
Her mouth hung open as she eyed the massive pile of goo on my stomach. She looked nauseous. 
“God fucking damn it, I said eat my fucking cum… NOW!” I shouted, and I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face against my belly.
Her tongue lapped against my stomach, and I heard her make a gagging noise. She continued to lick it up, even though her body spasmed with dry heaves.
“Don’t you miss a drop,” I warned her.
“Yes, Daddy,” she croaked, obviously trying not to vomit.
Finally, my stomach was licked clean.
“Good girl,” I told her. “Very good.”
“Thank you, Daddy.”
I was feeling a little guilty about getting to rough with her, so  said, “I’m sorry, Kitten. I hope I wasn’t too rough with you.”
“Oh, no! I like it! I want you to always do that. I want you to use my body for your pleasure. Please, do it. I love you, and I want to make you happy!”
“Are you sure, darling? I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Yes, Daddy. Please don’t ever worry about me. I can take it if it makes you happy. Whatever you like, I want. I promise!”
She was my little miracle. I pulled her up into my arms and held her close. I pulled her up into my arms and held her close. I loved her more than life itself.
“Anything, Daddy. Don’t forget. I’m all yours.”
“And you always will be, Pumpkin,” I told her, kissing her gently.”

Excerpt From: Taboo Virginity by Scott, Jade K. in “Taking Innocence – 12 Erotic Tales of Lost Innocence.”


⭐️⭐️⭐️Virgin Girl (Widower Stepfather/Virgin) – Jade K. Scott
Aaaahhhh….she reminds him of his dead wife. She should do. She’s her teen daughter….
⭐️ My Sweet Virgin (Cheating Stepfather/Virgin)- Jade K. Scott
Hate a cheater. Star is for work of getting book out, only.
⭐️⭐️My Little Virgin (Virgin Stepsiblings M/F)- Jade K. Scott
Teens join the growing community of step siblings fucking than getting married…. Yeah. Right.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pirate Invasion – (Stepbrother/Virgin) – Lexi Lane
You get kidnapped and sexually assaulted en route to the pirate captain who is your mystery step-SOMETHING after he kills your guardian (his father) by scuttling his ship cos daddy married his mother, fathered him then ran off with mum’s money.Sheesh!!!
“Bound to Hell (An Erotic Adventure)” (Who knows?) – Carl East
I.cant.even – this is a first. Zero. Zero stars.
NIL PWOI!!! No stars it’s sooooooo bad, I DNF
⭐️⭐️ Prom Night DP (Prom Queen & Boyfriend/ New guy Virgin) – Cheri Verset
Turning the genre on its head, the guy is a virgin who joins slutty prom queen and her boyfriend for a night of threesome pleasure.
⭐️ My Dirty Little Secret (Stepfather & son/ Stepdaughter-sister) – Saffron Sands
Slutty stepdaughter seduces stepfather and stepbrother for weekend of threesome whilst her workaholic mother is away.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ To Sir, With Lust (Two male teachers/ Female parent cougar) – Polly J. Adams –
Big yay,  🇬🇧! Great to see not all smexy stories/authors are in US
⭐️ Selling My Virginity (Dominant Master biker/Auction Virgin turned Slave) – Jenevieve DeBeers
 This was just dark and unrealistic. A barely legal sells her virginity at auction to a much older biker dude who collars her, does public oral, vag and anal cherry-popping before riding off into the moonlight with her as his slave.
Overall, I think I’m not big into the genre, what with the cheating and the pushing and ripping of an internal hymen (anatomically incorrect, btw) and the gushing blood of deflowered virgin pussy ruining the sofa cushions, sheets or wherever she happens to have been taken on (think of all the cleaning needed) …so, yeah. I’ll give it a miss.
It’s not real DD/lg play either athough they spend a lot of time saying Daddy, sister, daughter etc.
Do NOT get me started on Carl East. He must be SERIOUSLY trippin’…