Good Gone Bad by Giana Darling

Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)Good Gone Bad by Giana Darling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a long awaited book for me. The sassy princess Harleigh Rose / ‘Rosie’ from the Fallen MC having to go undercover to save her family.

And Lionel ‘Lion’ Danner the good cop with a secret Dom side that meets her submissive side.

Great story well told.

Pity that the Wrath and his lady are killed. The utter disrespect given to the black woman, shot and thrown into the sea reflected a lot of the rather xenophobic attitudes and behaviour that are being fuelled and celebrated by some of the more prominent western countries.

Sad that this book had to use its own subtle influence in such a despicable way, Was really disappointed by that.

On one hand I could say, Ms Darling could do better.
Everyone has influence. How you weird it shows a lot about you.

But hey, ho, I suppose writers are free to have heir artistic licence and kill women or minorities however they choose. If you as a reader don’t like it, you don’t have to buy the books.

Whelp, I don’t like it.

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Big Red: Part 2 An Ill Wind (#AILF7)

πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ’•King Red#2 #AILF7πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆ

An Ill Wind 

“It was winds just like these” the wrinkled blue veined hand snagged Kate’s wrist with surprising firmness. Her unyielding grip belied her gas as the oldest resident in the sheltered housing community as she stared intently at the grey sky and rain beating a hard tattoo on the window. She nodded slowly, talking softly as if to herself.

“Yes my dear, winds like this brought a squall to the village of Lower Bunting and my Tristan to me. T’was a storm the like of which was not seen since the great rains of 2087”, Grandma LulaBelle Pritchett nodded ominously, “and that time, we had several unexplained disappearances. A few families shut up shop and retired, rich as Rockerfellers to the coast, never to return…” her voice trailed off.


 “I’m sure they just needed a change of scenery or moved to be closer to their children, Mrs Pritchett” Katherine, or Kate honey as the residents called her, smoothed the soft puff clouds of silver white hair and squeezed the old lady’s shoulder gently.


“Promise me you’ll take extra care on the journey home tonight. Promise me, Kate honey” the insistent tone made her pause as she gathered the bedding prepared to leave.

“Is everything alright?” Kate paused to rest her hand again on the frail shoulder.

“Yes dear, I just feel something tonight…something that I’ve not felt for a long time…” her voice faded again, a far away wistful look stealing over her face before it fell in sorrow. 

“I’m sure it is nothing to worry about” the old lady roused, plastering a bright smile on her face.


“Well you have a pleasant night, now” Kate patted her again on the shoulder, gathered the files and left the room.


The wind howled across the courtyard and the rain beat a fierce tempo on the corrugated iron sheeting that covered the walkway between the rather functional, drab sheltered housing units.


Glancing at her watch pinned to her tunic she caught her breath; she’d need to get a move on if she was going to make it back to the hospital on time.


The Home Visits for Elder’s project had been a soothing outlet and something fulfilling to do. Supported by corporate donations, the funding had been cut recently, Ramona, the site manager and her friend from kindergarten had broken the news three months ago. She would miss this part of her work.


Not that bringing up daughters, Jessica, Rachel and Jo, hadn’t been a wonderfully fulfilling task. But being a stay home mother for over fifteen years whilst John climbed the ladder at Pace & Blinder, an international corporate law firm, had been her task, the promise of their golden years spent together once he retired. 


He had encouraged her to keep up with what he called her ‘little hobbies’ after the last of their children started school and she had mentioned going back to study nursing at the university where they’d met. But he had insisted he needed a wife ‘at home so someone was there when the girls got out of school, or when he came home after a hard day’s work’.


Being the mother, office party guest, hostess and all round home maker had been a fulfilling life, but she sometimes wondered what would have happened had she stuck with her course and graduated and John had sacrificed his job in international policy and trade law.


All that was water under the bridge now anyway. John was gone, along with her dreams of a settled and secure future. In its place was an apology, and an ex who had, In his own words, traded her in ‘for someone more fitting to my station in life’.

John had secured his future at the firm by marrying the daughter of old Aaron Pace, a wily business man and sharp legal mind. 


Kate had been stunned then angry beyond belief as Ariella Pace, spoiled, just turned twenty legal intern had accompanied John to the divorce meetings and smiled with an icy glare muttering how some women never lose the baby weight. Kate had gripped her large accommodating hold-all tightly to avoid braining  the stupid airhead. 


That had been five years ago.  And two years after that benevolent extra terrestrials had decided to make contact.


Whilst nations fought over who had sovereignty, corporates commissioned the largest team of negotiators to broker deals: willing humans to repopulate planets in return for technology and health advances.  The leading law firm handling the most delicate and exclusive of negotiations? Pace & Blinder. 


Kate had found that ET looked very boringly a lot like humans, but needed to do more than just phone home. The boom in industry meant she had no problems retraining and then finding work as a medic administration liaison envoy.


Ramonae her friend since kindergarden, had been a lifesaver, offering her work shifts at Oaklings and helping her get experience as she retrained  after the marriage imploded. 


The same Ramona, who had vid commed her three months ago to inform her of the project closure, commiserate and then sat, flushing, a smirk on her face.

“Thanks for adding me to that page about sexy aliens. I’ve been checking out the pictures you all posted for the ‘He’s All Mine!’ challenge” She turned her phone screen towards Kate “So him, huh? You chose him?”

Kate flushed and smiled, tugging the covers higher as she sat up in bed, a cup of sweet tea and her tablet filled with her list of latest indie book releases urgently awaiting attention by her side. 


“A girl’s got the right to do a little dreaming!” she’d laughed

“Hey, I see you, and I feel you, gurl!” Ramona cackled with glee, nodding “I saw what y’all wrote about that hunk. You ladies are thirsty!”

Ramona pinched out the screen of her phone and swivelled her hand bringing the phone closer to her spectacled face “He’s a bit of a bad boy and very, erm, solid, isn’t he? I can see why you claimed him-“

“Yup. He’s mine. Licked him and everything!” Kate chortled “That makes him my BFF”


 Kate smiled at the memory, remembering how she had dreamt about that rose tinted hunk that night and several nights since then.


On her way to the main door, Kate poked her head into the administrators office, to drop the sheaf of files on the desk for the last time.


“I’m just off now, Ramona” she smiled. “We are going to miss you, Kate” Ramona looked up from her smartphone, smiled and came towards her to take the files and give her a hug.


“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be on duty?” Kate mock scowled looking at the screen displayed on the phone. “Sexy aliens, again?” 

“Yup.” Ramona grinned unrepentant “And as this establishments owner I’ll be writing myself up… right after I finish posting a comment about that sexy four armed guy. He’s hawt!”

“You’re crazy. Goodnight!” Kate laughed and waved, leaving the building.


A particularly nasty crash of thunder followed by a flash of blinding lightning hald her scurrying to her car, the rain making the short 15minute journey to the hospital take twice as long.


Shucking off her coat, Kate went to the nurses changing rooms, grabbed her scrubs, pinned back her chestnut hair,  changed back into her scrubs, pinned her name tag, watch and translator to her breast pocket washed up and joined the night shift team in emergency. The room was busy, a group of firefighters and construction workers milling around in reception. Jessica left the group and came towards her, relief etched on her face.


“Finally! Thought you’d never get here. We have a situation with a patient and everyone else on shift tonight is busy” she breathed a sigh of relief and slung her stethoscope around her neck.

 “What is the issue? you got?” Kate asked quickly

“We’ve had a few car accidents, minor injuries, a few cuts and bruises, what with the rain storm, and the Pace & Blinder’s corporate dinner tonight. ” she grimaced in disapproval, then continued

“But the men brought in by the fire crew,” Jessica nodded towards the team, who gave a quick wave before exiting, “Strange, those ones. They must have also been in an accident but managed to leave their vehicles and wandered onto Main Street.  We have no paperwork for them, no ID so we don’t know how to write these up


“Two of them brought in were not badly hurt, but one is still unconscious, in Bay 7, possible concussion. His colleague  said they’d just arrived at the old Kent factory. Mikes team was prepping for the demolition next week when the storm hit and when the Lightning stuck, although none were hit, a few guys got caught by falling scaffolding.  


“If Mike hadn’t thought to have a crew out there when the rain started, to shore up the gravel, the firefighters wouldn’t have found them until tomorrow morning”


“I’ll need to get to the patient in bay 7 before he is prepped for anything else to see if we can find out a bit more.” Kate said, 


“His head has taken a nasty bash and I’ll need to go talk to his colleague” Jessica looked around, spied who she was looking for and hustled over to a burly man, easily six four whose face broke out into a warm smile at her approach. 


Kate grabbed a hospital touchpad on the way, and pressed the screen for bay 7. The curtain hushed open revealing a bulky tanned form. He lay prone and unmoving under the medi-sheet, flanked by the medic and trainee on call. They looked up briefly from the images reflected on the triage bay holoscreen.


“Ah, Ms Blinder. Good. We need to get this patient an MRI. He has a few piercings that we need to removed so as not to interfere with the scans.” The medic turned back to the screen as the trainee pointed, murmuring “like here. Look. See? The initial scan showed two large circular bone things…to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what to call them. But when we did another pass, doctor, nothing. See? Yes, this is the other scan we did after I went to find Dr Jessica…” they swiped the images off the view screen onto their portable shift pads and left the room.


Kate took their place, the bright sterile room still and quiet except for the heart monitor that flashed and beeped, and the steady breathing of the patient.


She unhooked the analyser and started sweeping the wand over the patient. He should have an ID tag if he was a manual worker.


A large heavy looking embossed gold ring circled his left thumb. An Erl post across the bridge of his nose, a vertical eyebrow post and two snakebite ring piercings. The jewelry and piercings did not make him out as a man who worked construction. Maybe a roadie for a rock band?


Turning she holstered the wand. A slight movement from the bed caught her eye the deep chuckle that followed had her twisting back, her . His light brown twinkling eyes were open, his mouth a sexy smirk

“Don’t stop your inspections now, sweet…” his eyes roved her face and chest hungrily, coming to rest on her cleavage

“…Kate. There’s a Kronus Ascent I’ve brought for your climbing pleasure as you shout my name”

“Kronus Ascent?” Kate’s voice was shaky and breathless

“In this world your people call it a, ah? how do you say, ah! A Jacob Ladder” 


“You claimed me as yours, licking my image on the Book of Faces, sweet Kate” he sat up, grunting and wincing slightly from the effort. His form shimmering briefly so that Kate swore she spotted a quick glimpse of large thick horns, before the impression disappeared.

“And now I am here to claim and lick you.”

“As mine”


Kate rushed forwards hands outstretched to stop the man before he-. Too late. One meaty hand grabbed the medi-sheet and tossed it back. 

He was naked. 

Tanned and glorious, Kate thought bemused.


Kate screeched to a halt and spun round quickly



“Mr King”

“No. Just King”

“Mr Justkin”

“Well, yes” he said thoughtfully ” I’d like to think I am; although my Mage feels I may often be too merciful to those who threaten my realm”


“Mr King” Kate huffed out a breath to calm herself and tried again.

She started, talking to the naked dream, sitting as large as life behind her. And boy, was he large.

“You really need to stay lying down”

“I feel fine” the alien hunk said dismissively. He had moved to stand behind her, his heat and spicy crisp male musk surrounding her like a warm embrace.

“Mr King”

“It is just King, or you may scream big Daddy if you prefer that to my name you are pierced and riding your claimed one. For I claim you as mine”


“Speaking of kin, where is that son of mine?” the naked male turned as if to stride out of the bay, but swayed slightly reaching out to rest his meaty paw on the bed surface.


Kate’s natural caring instinct made her forget, for a moment, slipped her arm under his shoulders, feeling the soft waves of thick black hair whisper over her arm in a cascade. ‘Like a bloody shampoo advert’ she thought crossly, thinking about the tousled, frizzled up dowdy mess that adorned her scalp. He turned his face to nuzzle a deep breath against her neck, chuffing in satisfaction as she shivered in response. He twisting and sat heavily on the bed.


“I’m going to get a nurse, male nurse” Kate backed away slowly

“Why?” he snorted indignantly “I have no mind nor inclination to mount you with an audience present. Or is that the practice here?”


Kate didn’t answer. Slapping her hand desperately on the door panel, the screen swished open and she staggered out.


Her dream man was no dream. 

He was a living, breathing, pierced muscled alien. 

And she was no where ready to speak with him

“I need a drink” she muttered to herself


“Thirsty?” a nurse asked as she walked by


“You have no idea” Kate murmured.

Big Red: Part 1 #AILF7

#AILF7 The Farmer Wants a Wife

King Red #1 


“Stop. “


The glassy surface of the Viewing waters rippled slightly when the stream of pictures halted as he dipped a black claw-tipped fingers into its liquid silver, seemingly stroking the cheek of the woman reflected on its surface.


“My Lord, please!” his senior Mage gently hooked his quill under the Bull King’s finger and lifted the hand out of the cauldron of Seeing, tsking in irritation.

“The Council requested you seek a youthful maiden to cement our treaty with the Earthlings” the Mage’s bony shoulders hunched in irritation. It was going to be one of those days, he could just feel it.

“Don’t care. Get me THAT one. Do it or I shall be inclined to visit this newly acquired realm to collect my trophy in person” 

The Lord of the Seven (why is it always seven, he mused suddenly) realms turned, one of his iron shod hooves scraping on the stone flooring before thudding with a finality he was determined to convey. 


A sudden gleam entered his eyes as he ran his tongue along the inside surface of his lower lip, toying idly with the two circles of gold that pierced it.


Head bowed, his hand clasped behind his back, horns jutting in stubborn determination, he cast an eye over his shoulder, sneaking a final glance at the female before strode away, his tail flicking once in determination. 


Had he not complied with the Council’s demands for eons? Taken mate after mate, making each a wealthy female in her own right and watching grim-faced as each one enacted the exit clause of the Bedding contract at the first opportunity given.


He had done his duty, by the Fates, sired bulls and heifers enough to populate many towns. Was it not time for him to find a female who would love him for just him and not his power wealth and authority?


He paused suddenly, spun around and strode back to the wide mouthed, solid gold Viewing bowl that dominated the woodland forest the High Mage had fashioned out of the South wing of the palace.


Lord of all he surveyed, the Bull King lowered his face to the Viewing waters, his breath chuffing out as he shot a look of desire at the rippling image. 


“This one. I shall be content with no other” he spoke with a finality that others had come to recognise and fear. Rising again, he strode away 


The Mage moved closer to see the details that accompanied the head and shoulder image.

She was pleasant to look at, yes, but not a great beauty. The main draw was her eyes. Kind, open with laughter lines beginning to show that her face bore the memories of a life of work, struggle but overall, love for her family. 


The Mage touched the Quill to the surface of the pool and the image panned out, showing a group photo, posed with several offspring and one older man. The group was surrounding the woman, some holding tiny earthlings, their chubby arms caught in a wave of childlike glee. 


The offspring in the centre seemed to be the youngest of her herd, and looked most like her mother, eyes bright as she clutched a bright white scroll tied with the silken Ribbon of Crimson that denoted high mystical powers. Clad in the black cloak and flat tasselled headwear reserved for the most revered of all trades. 


‘So. An alchemist then’ he thought sourly, although on closer inspection, he did not recognise the colours of her league. 


Still, he thought crossly, she was awfully young to have been awarded title of August Alchemist, but maybe the female kind aged differently from the Enchanted Ones. Most likely the child was pretending, borrowing the trappings of the older man who stood flanking the herd on the opposite side of the group. 

‘Who made females alchemists anyway?’ He flicked his hair tipped tail in irritation and sighed looking away from the preening child to the older woman chosen by his sovereign. 


She would not do.


He waved the Quill once over the waters and the image shimmered out of focus, replaced by three others.

‘Now this is more like it’ he leaned forward eagerly looking at the buxom beauties with unconcealed delight. Each stood next to what must be their slim, silver pillar of office, bright blonde hair full, long and lush and wavy, lips slightly parted, blood red and glossy. Each was clad -albeit skimpily – in very shiny raiment; a jewelled harness for their straining teats and a scrap of matching material to cover as much of their mons as it was able.


The files showed their dignified earthling names: Candi, Gigi, Champagne. Yes. Each one a prize as noted by the earthling emissary. And dancers. Each had a noble profession as a skilled artiste, with Dances of The Lap a specialty.


Admittedly, the eyes of all three women seemed flat, or hard and worldly, but their appearance was more in keeping with the Council’s expectations. One of these would do nicely.


“The King must choose from these more appropriate options” he muttered. 

Swiping his brow with the wide sleeved gold embroidered robe of his office he left his chambers to find his master. 


“The King? Where is the King?” It had been hours and no one had answered his question. A feeling of dread filled the Mage’s heart and he swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. Returning to the Council room he was shocked to find it empty, a single sheet of parchment with the king’s own seal placed after the hastily scrawled sentence. 


The crown crest over cloven hoof pressed into the golden wax proved that this was no jest. “Damn the Fates” the Mage muttered as he scanned the missive before striding out of the room shouting urgently for a visioning-shroud and a riding storm. He needed to cross the realms before the King arrived to carry out the crudely crafted note:


“The tradition of earthlings dictates. My chosen has ‘licked’ my mating portrait, placed by our emissaries in their hallowed Book of Faces. By this she is announcing this fact to her bonded sisterhood, Rwatllta, that I am her chosen. 


I go to claim her”

All He Wants for Christmas by Kati Wilde

All He Wants For ChristmasAll He Wants For Christmas by Kati Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bold, big, Sexy Read

Cole, a detective and recent hero -having taken two bullets in the line of duty- returns to work to face an irritating request from one of the city’s richest families that neither he nor the Chief of Police can refuse . To keep an eye on Mia Bennet, Mr rich as F*ck’s daughter.

Mia is sick of being under the manipulative thumb of her parents and has struck out to live independent of the, whilst pursuing her career.

But things get complicated as Cole and Mia risk their mutual attraction whilst they battle their own insecurities: Cole and Mia both feeling they’ll never be good enough for the other.

As the festive seasons approach Cole and Mia work through their differences to get to their HEA.

THIS was the last in the four Xmas reads released by each of the four authors and was nearly my fave out of the four (sorry, Ruby Dixon‘s IPB story just edged to win because, well it’s IPB…)

But this story had everything you want from a smexy Xmas read: the angst, the trembling ‘will they? won’t they?’ and then the relief of ‘yes they’re finally together and they’ll not be torn apart, yippee!’

Was especially happy to see how Mia grew a backbone to fight for what and whom she loves.

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Dr Dreamy – LJ Shen (Short Story)

Doctor DreamyDoctor Dreamy by L.J. Shen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This.Is.It *Squeeeee!!!!*
So anyone who is anyone must have read the book Drawn to Him: A Romance Collection – a collection of 8 fast paced short stories. 

Dr Dreamy is one of them and my first intro to LJ Shen.

Both the h and H have wit and sass.
Definate addition to my thinking woman’s smexy read bookshelf.

I also love a good indie author who can plot me to gasp and back but Ms Shen takes the biscuit, and then the cake…

…“Fucking the barely-legal receptionist with the door open in our clinic? Is this about trying to make me jealous?”

“No,” he says serenely, grabbing his phone and keys and tucking them in his back pocket. “It was actually about making her come harder. The thrill of getting caught will do that to you.
More adrenaline.
You should know that.
You may have failed the first year of med school twice, but you got your MD. Eventually,” he shrugs…

This is the H- #DrDreamy.
Talking to his nearly ex-wife (also an MD but she’s definately NOT a Dr Dreamy. )
About the h.

LJ, girl, where have you been all my life???

With an alpha you just hate to love PLUS a plot with truly unenviable plot twists, this story felt like an impossible situation to get out of. And yet, with all the flair of a literary Houdini, Ms Shen brings me a HEA that is both fulfilling and memorable.

There will be other reviews that pick the story to pieces and angst over the relationship.

Go read those if you want to waste good reading time.

Otherwise if are a thinking woman who loves stories that make you work a little bit for a sizzling HEA:
search LJ Shen,
click TBR for EVERYTHING and then make this author a one-click on Amazon

Job well done Ms Shen!!

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Guardian by Remy Blake – hot, hot, hot

GuardianGuardian by Remy Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh.My.Dayz. Remy Blake. Smexy read – another home run

Another pseudo taboo read from this duo that focussed on the barely legal h/ older man H with a twist of DD/lg and humour.

So, as many know RB is a collaboration between two writers, Jacob Chance and an anonymous female author, their strap line being two dirty minds are better than one. And in this case I would heavily agree.
The two writing styles are still rubbing along, yet to mess together seamlessly in the way authors like Alexa Riley or the Lauren Landish/ Willow Winters duo but they’re getting there.

Brock is a longstanding friend of a recently deceased billionaire who has bequeathed him the guardianship of what should have bee a pig tailed, easily controlled earliteen. Instead, Ivy shows up. She’s rather foul mouthed and overly sexual and barely legal. She’s forbidden, young, fully ‘formed’ woman with curves for days and an ass that doesn’t quit. What ensues is a battle of wills as Brock lays down the law, draws the line in the sand and then promptly staggers over it to plunder Ivy’s sweet young, tight body.

Ivy learns to stick with and pursue her life goals, and becomes the mature woman, deciding that Brock and life with her love is the best goal of all.

The story is just about believable but, come on people, this is not why you buy a RB book. 

Is it? IS IT??
Yeah, thought not. 

It is the hot steamy scenes, that speak to the authenticity of a male author fleshing out the mind of a bachelor, unapologetically tasting the neighbourhood slapper on offer in an effort to get lil Miss Temptation out of his head before he snaps and does something he won’t be able to walk away from.

Oftentimes, it felt like the bulk of the writing finesse and pace in the story fell under Brocks’s PoV, and a smattering of typo/ grammar mistakes peppering the h storyline. However, that is being rather pedantic for the most part.

This is indie writing at its most earthy. And what’s not to like?

If you are looking for an unapologetic smexy ‘lil read with mass endorphin-inducing smut scenes full of passion, then this one will definitely work.

But beware.
Unless you are still hitting it nightly, for safety reasons this is not a book to read in bed, propped up next to your partner…as it may also cause you to glance up mid-read to glare askance at the slack jawed, drooling face of your sleeping bed partner, whilst you try to dredge up a memory of when last you two got as hot and heavy.

Remy Blake cannot be held liable if you growl, then finally bash their sleeping body over the head with your Kindle, muttering darkly “…shoulda listened to my ma, dammit…”

You are warned.
Four hot and spicy well deserved stars for this novella!

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Cover reveal! Delude by Jacob Chance




Release Date: Late February

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth

Hosted by: Chance Promotions









She wasn’t part of my original plan for revenge, but one glance at her and I was entranced. I followed her for weeks, observing her habits. I’ve been in her apartment numerous times, learning anything and everything I can about her. She’s become an obsession and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.


It’s only a matter of time before I have her where I want her…

on her knees and at my mercy.


Soon, there will be no secrets between us.








Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover. 

A writer of erotic romance, DELUDE will be his next release and is a standalone erotic thriller.

Jacob plans on writing many more sexy, suspenseful stories and to branch out to other genres.




Books by Jacob Chance:












Spoiled by Chance