Drummers Beat (Satans Devils MC #2) by Manda Mellett


Drummer’s Beat (Satan’s Devils #2) by Manda Mellett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can’t beat this Racy, raging hot read!
So. Tucson. That place literally gets flooded with the Satans Devils MC.

This is the first book I have read from Manda Mellett, courtesy of an ARC, and I’m glad I let this one jump the queue.
So. OK.
Hunky tattooed biker MC? Check.
Secret baby phenomenon? Check ( yes. Check. Just read the book)
BDSM Master/ slave dynamic explored? Check.
Virgin territory for H and h? Check. (yes. CHECK. Just READ the book)
Darkish read without getting too dark for the weak spirited and highly strung? Check
Machine guns, mayhem, murder, mommies and military? Check.Check.Check. Just keep checking…

What’s not to lurve here???

This is a great mix – like a peanut butter cup…or a salted caramel sundae…a lil bit sweet, a lot sharp, tied together as a gritty book, the second in the Satans Devils MC series (btw..who else’s Devils would they be? Just sayn…)

Can be read as a standalone, with only a few niggling throwbacks to the escapades of Book #1 which can be easily ignored by the thunderous pace of this gem.

Manda has Drum/Drummer’s male PoV of the H down pat, as unapologetic and frustratedly confused as any good MC Prez should be with the feelings he is having to handle. It’s a joy to follow the unfolding of this relationship in spite of the backdrop of guns, murder, torture, BEER, bikes and bikers.

But the kicker for me is Sam/Samantha, the strong, sexy, intelligent h of this tale. Just loved her sass and grit.

Great plot, some brilliant cringeworthy scenes ( I seriously read a few peeking out from between my fingers in horror/ embarrassment…)

This is a solid 4 star read

The only problem for Manda is the risk that with all the tropes and genres woven into this book, there may be nothing left to give in any future books to this series!

Which would be a pity as I’ve added Ms Mellett to my extremely small list of 1-click buy authors!
Woman, pull up a shelf and park your sweet butt (oops )…and the smexy scenes? All I can say is “strike a light! Good on yer, girl” – welcome to her library of congress…!!

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Tied – Delve Novella series Jacob Chance

TIED (A DELVE Novella)TIED by Jacob Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a little firecracker of a book… Several PoVs and story threats to tease and tutti late readers of the Delve series. Jacob DoubleEntendre McTwisty has started to come into his own with a range of scenes that are a good mix of holiday fun, overproof smut, light BDSM, sweltering hot scenes interwoven with the ‘aaaahhhh, they be so much in luuuurve!!!’ plot of Tied.

Only bratty outburst I have is about how short the novella was.
YESSSSSS!!! I KNOW NOVELLA MEANT I SHOULD EXPECT A SHORT NOVEL!!! I just wanted THIS story to be in a looooonger novella…
Like I said. Bratty.


A good read.. 3 grumpy stars
(Stomping upstairs off to bed, pouting, dragging my fluffy stuffie bear by the leg)

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Reveal “Sold to my Father’s Friend” -Cara Chance





Sold To My Father’s Friend

By Cara Chance

Cover by: RBA Design/Letitia Hasser

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: November 2nd



Amazon Link:






Angelique’s father owes a debt. 

Jace Landon has come to collect. 


When Angelique is sold to her father’s friend, she tries anything and everything to defy her new master. 


Will she be able to resist his sexiness? Will he be able to resist temptation?


What will Angelique do if her father can’t pay off the debt? Will she work off the debt for him? And what will Jace want her to do for her freedom? 

HEA, Light BDSM elements. Bad Boy and inexperienced girl. With lust, passion, and very risqué sex scenes.





About the author:


Cara Chance loves reading sexy smut and decided to try her hand at her own stories. Always a guaranteed HEA. She loves writing the sexy taboo stories many are afraid to read in public. 

She enjoys reading, writing, and loving life. 

WARNING: Read her books in the privacy of your own home. Public reading may cause blushing, overheating, and wetness from intensely HOT sex scenes.













Pets: Bebe by Darla Phelps

Bebe (Pets #3)Bebe by Darla Phelps

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Read ALL three books first before passing judgement

So I read the other two books in the series with interest but wasn’t really engaged and the story seemed a bit off, don’t know why.

But this, the final instalment of the Pers series was a good conclusion of what appeared to be a never ending spa fest and miscommunication.

Bebe happens Pani’s Story over 25 years after both Bach’s Story and Pani’s Story and shows interaction between the ‘monsters and a captive born human leads to the ending of the Pet trade on this alien planet.

Tral was a delight and Phelps’ ability to reflect his dorkish mannerisms and speech added entertainment to what could have been just a dark and soulless recounting of alien slavers: 

Grit your teeth, suspend your personal views and just read all three books before you pass judgement. 

Well worth the time even if, like me, you’re not particularly into spanking and age-play.

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“Stepbrother Dearest” – Penelope Ward. Rage, Cry, Laugh. Repeat

Stepbrother DearestStepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Have read a few other books by this author and this book did not disappoint.

***Contains Spoilers***

Elec the hero is not the typical tattooed bad boy. 

He is worse. 

Much worse. 

With a sexy, filthy mouth and an attitude that hides the hurt and pain from his childhood and family circumstances.

Greta, the h, the same age as Elec but is a warm and open teen who, in spite of his cruel teasing, is drawn to the person he hides beneath his tattoos, lip and OTHER piercings.

I loved the way this book spanned the two part is their life, teenage and adult years and intertwined the family back stories without being maudlin or preachy.

A solid 3.5 stars from me. great read!

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Tia Lewis Latest – “The Hitman’s Possession” Dark reads NSFW


Title: The Hitman’s Possession: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Book One)

Author: Tia Lewis

Genre: Dark Hitman Romance

Release Date: October 19th, 2016

Now Live



I’m a hard, ruthless, and brutal killer… but I’m not letting her go. 

I’m the most feared man in South Boston. I’ve earned that title and the nickname “The Animal.” Women may think it’s because I’m wild in bed, and one night with me and they’d f*cking know it. 

But there’s a darker reason for my reputation… I think nothing about ending a life. Feelings are a luxury I can’t afford. 

Until her. 

I hear Tess cry for help and I give into the urge to help her. One look at her and I knew I had to risk it all to rescue her. I’m no knight in shining armor; I’m saving her so I can keep the sexy spitfire for myself.

But the mob wants her back. She wasn’t meant to live through that night. 

No f*cking way I’m going to let that happen. Tess ignites a fire within me like nothing I’ve ever known. Her legs are meant to be wrapped around me, and only me. I’ll take on the whole Russian mob ―hell, the whole world―to keep the one woman who’s meant to belong to me. 

I’ll kill every bastard that tries to take her away. She can try to run, but she’s not getting away from this hitman. She’s my possession now.



The Hitman’s Possession is a full-length dark romance novel that’s intended for mature audiences only. This novel address issues of a serious nature, including violence surrounding the nature of consent. This novel contains very disturbing situations, graphic language and violence and explicit sexual content. Reader discretion is strongly advised.


We ate in silence, and she took the containers to the trash. When she returned, she bit her lip. It was a look I couldn’t read. I had no clue what she was trying to say. I just wanted to grab her luscious ass and see how she felt when I was deep inside of her. I didn’t care about any looks she would give me, unless she was on her back, legs in the air and looking wide-eyed up at me.

“So, Liam… let’s’ cut to the chase. Am I really your prisoner in this… dump?”

I wickedly laughed. “I think you know the answer to that.”

“I guess it’s official then?”

“Yeah. Besides, you don’t want to leave anyway.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because if you go, you think you’ll come face to face with a ruthless Russian covered in prison tattoos, ready to finish what those bastards in the alley started. You have no choice but to stay with me. Like I said before, make yourself at home.”

She looked at the ground. The situation was clear. She was scared shitless of the Russians, and she wanted my protection. What wasn’t clear was why the Russians would have anything to do with some young woman. She didn’t give off the same type of vibe that most whores seem to have. She was also too feisty and didn’t have the dead eyes of being beaten down by life, or at least not yet. She was brave, too, or just plain stupid. You would have to be brave or stupid to run from the Russians like that. Whatever it came down to, it would mean work for me. It was always the same.

People always wanted something from a man like me, because I was willing to do the things that most people weren’t. I’d kill anyone if you paid me enough. However, I had one rule: no children. Maybe I was kidding himself, thinking my rule made me less than a monster.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, my mind kept dwelling on that hot body of hers. I’d love to have seen that ass bouncing on my cock as I pounded her deep from behind, one hand grabbing her hip, my other hand reaching around to her bouncing tits, pinching her nipples.

“It’s my bet you’ve made a big mess with the Russians,” I said. “A real big mess. So, I’m going to need you to tell me why they’re after somebody like you.”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “I can’t. I’m sorry,” she replied. “I don’t trust you yet.”

“Maybe you’re smarter than you look, then. Apart from that yet part. You should never trust me. Let me tell you that up front. Trust me, and you’ll be making a terrible mistake.”

“I don’t think you’re the monster you’re pretending to be. A monster wouldn’t have stopped when they heard my screams.”

“You’re wrong, Wendy,” I said, openly staring at her. “You just have to ask yourself what kind of monster would take a woman like you as my possession? I’m that kind.”

She looked away, crossing her legs and sighed. 







Tia Lewis is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha males. Her favorite bad boys to write about include sports players, mafia, bikers, billionaires and the bad-ass next door. You can find her cooking, reading, or traveling when she’s not busy working on her next release.


Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text LEWIS to 31996!
















Retribution by Lauren Landish..I.Can’t. Even…!

This is Book #3 in the Thinking Woman’s Smexy Read and. I.Can’t.Even…..!


I voluntarily reviewed this ARC

****Contains Spoilers****

So I really took my time with this one, the last book in the De LaCoeur trilogy.  

I love, love, LOVED this series and am heartbroken it has ended!!

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Lauren Landish then you’ll know that I’ve become a bit of a crazed fan girl and crush like a simpering teenager over her books.  

This one was no different and I have been reverently flicking through the pages, mixed emotions as I neared the end.

Melissa/ Lissa Sands is the illegitimate child from a doomed affair between her mother and the married, crooked business magnate Peter De La Coeur.

Lissa is an emotionally broken 30year old sculptor and artist, who witnessed her mother’s suicide when she was seven years old.  This had a major impact on her with Melissa had retreating into an almost childlike world and a virtual recluse with no-one but her younger adopted brother and art gallery business partner, Carson for protection and company.

Jackson found his HEA  (but boy did he have to work for it!) with computer hacker and all round bada$$ Katrina – see Revenge.

 Andrea is loved and safe to be her submissive self in a D/s relationship with quiet but commanding Carson – see Retaliation. So what’s Lissa’s fate…..?

We join the story after Carson and Melissa have established a close relationship with the other offspring of Peter De LaCoeur, Jackson and half-sister Andrea. Katrina is now a mother with lil’ Baby Andrea (BA) and their last foray against Peter to rescue Andrea from Peter’s sociopath contract killer (which left him literally burned and scarred) could never be the last they heard of Peter. 

This motley family will face his wrath again.  Me, I would have packed up my sh*t and called it a day. But Peter? Him? Give up? Oh no. Not by a long shot.

Nathan Black, former fixer and sometime hitman for Peter is a semi-retired mercenary and ex-special forces hardman has now joined forces with the siblings.  His sole aim is protecting the family and the pure, kind-hearted members who are under threat from Peter.  His interest and love for Melissa started in ‘Retaliation’ is kept on the down-low.  Nathan has blood on his hands.  A lot of blood. He feels his soul is scarred and too far gone for redemption, anything he touches will just become as soiled as he feels he is.

But Lissa sees the man beneath, has grown to love him but is too afraid to declare her love.

 Katrina confirms Peter is on the hunt again this time having put our a smorgasbord of contracts on their heads. Nathan spirits them away from the New Orleans suburbs to his virtually zombie/ nuclear apocalypse hideaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains after he hears who is after them….Isis Bardot (hit woman/ sniper/ psycho baddie) a former work – and bed- mate.  

Lissa screws up the courage to tell Nathan how she feels but Nathan shoots her down. 



Katrina and Andrea think he’s a big idjit as well.

Nathan is soon lured back to New Orleans to rescue Margaret De LaCoeur from her husband, who has put out a contract on her. Apparently darling hubby, Peter, has put out contracts on almost everyone… (Think Keyser Soze on crack) but it is a trap. Isis has already killed Margaret and is lying in wait at the rendezvous.  Nathan narrowly escapes but is injured. This kicking upside the head seems to do the trick and he claims Melissa as his soulmate.

On a quick visit in to town Lissa is kidnapped by Isis who demands the family meet her in New Orleans. For all her crazy, Isis blocks Peter’s attempts to act out his incest cravings.

A concerted effort by Nathan, the rest of the family and some of Nathan’s ex Special Forces buddies gets them the location of Peter’s kidnap hideout and after the smoke from the blazing gun and grenade battle clears Peter and Isis are both dead…. And made food for the gators.

Nathan and Lissa have a sweet HEA, part underground part traditional and the whole group get the close family circle they’d never even dreamed possible from their start in life.


There’s quite a bit of violence in this book and a few triggers, but overall it feels in keeping with the tone and pace of the story. Landish has a freakish knowledge of guns, munitions , underground lifestyle and warcraft (or has done some serious research) and the story and world building for this series is only made much richer for it.

This may not be the book for everyone if you are into outlandish smexy alien/female Mars-needs-women trope style books but that’s OK. I love those as well.  

I just think that books for the thinking woman that involve smart, sassy, truly hardworking, intelligent, independent, kick a$$ women in a story that reflects an ethnic diversity and criminal underworld in an unapologetic way are few and far between.


Fill yer boots with this one!


I breathed a contented sigh of relief at the end.  

And then again after the Epilogue.  

And then I cried a lil’ bit and got cross ‘cos the series is now over and I have to go find another series…


A solid 4 stars!! 

I heart Ms Landish. 

Fan for life over here.