Canvas by Jacob Chance Ooooh so envious

CANVASCANVAS by Jacob Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sorry. I can’t help myself… Josh 4 Elle
If I can’t rate 3 or higher I don’t bother to post a review (it’s hard enough for indie writers!) I PM authors with my harshest criticism. Warts and all and not for public consumption but if I can’t help myself then I post review on Amazon.

Sorry. I can’t help myself…

I recently read a rather poorly edited, unbelievable story – and nearly dug my eyes out with a spoon it was that bad…Canvas is definitely NOT one of those .
It says something that I burned through this book, received as an advanced review copy with no expectation of reward, in one night. I somehow thought it was same length as Delve – but Canvas is twice as long – I have been reliably informed…so clearly the pace of this book is stonkingly good!

Chance’s latest book is far and away way better than some of the stuff being put out by other popular indie writers.

Those who follow my reviews know that I rate really hard, and I don’t pull any punches just to help ratings on the ‘Zon. If Most people rate 5 I tend to rate 4.

But not today….

I’ve been waiting a long time to hear Elle and Josh’s story and this did not disappoint.

Elle is a long time friend, almost family, to couple Janney and Josh, and even after the two split up, the three stayed best buddies. After Janney fell in love with private investigator Kyle, Josh and Elle stayed friends. But something happened and they drifted apart. Elle knows she has feelings for ‘goody-two-shoes’ Josh but feels she has too much darkness in her past to ever be good enough for him. Her angst isn’t helped by the spectre of the past still lurking in her life, waiting to reclaim her.

Josh is a different type of H. Strong and tall yes, but not a biker, or a ripped muscled hunk, or a jock although he is a painter and tattoo artist.

Between Elle and Josh there are untold, dark secrets they keep from each other, but one secret, their increasing attraction to each other, continues to heat up in the most electrifying ‘I-hate-you-but-I-can’t-stay-away-from-you kind of way.

When Elle is threatened and their love is put to the test, Josh shows his dark side to protect the woman he loves.

I had some huge sigh “I soooooo wish I was Elle” moments in this one.

And unlike other reviews I post no spoilers.

But I will post advice. Grab the box of tissues. The attention to detail in the smexy scenes is meltingly emotional, as if Chance lived Josh’s role… This was the most heartfelt story so far and although it is a standalone, there is enough in this gem to satisfy the diehard fans who have followed the lives of the other characters in previous books.

This one is not to be missed. TY @JacobChance

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DELUDE… reviewed – a Jacob Chance novel

DELUDEDELUDE by Jacob Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zachary, the secrets are out…
Voluntarily give this review from ARC received yesterday.

But am not biased, I’m gonna buy it As well – it’s that good.


This is the latest in the series from Jacob Chance and whilst the plot is a slightly darker segue from his other stories it felt like it remained true to the core of the series.

Zach has held a corrosive grudge since then, wanting to punish Kyle for robbing him of the right to commit patricide (Kyle is now an ex-cop and co-owner of a detective agency with best bud Derek) .

Zach’s stalking of Kyle and his loved ones (specifically Kyle’s woman, Janey) initially got him stabbed as Kyle defended against Zach-the-Knife (well it’s not polite to stalk Janey and attack them both one night in her apartment…)

But Zach is a true Phoenix. He slips away in the chaos, fakes his ‘death’ and undeterred, vows to continue his hate cmpaign.

So, Zach’s plans for revenge eventually land him in Boston MA, where he is all geared up to unleash holy hell…

…right up until he spots Lana, the quiet, curvy red-headed tech support at the detective agency. He switches his target and graduates from hopeless stalker to intense possessive with a mission to become the best he can be for Lana.

The book cover says it all. Dark, intense, bit Dom. All alpha. But there’s a hint of the gentle soul he has buried to protect from the horror that was his childhood.

And with that new focus

Lana is a tech and maths sauvant and has sped through the educational system as a result. Her past involves a fiancé and being jilted. But even that was done in a gasp-worthy, OMG way…So yeah.

(Even I am not putting THAT spoiler in my spoiler!!!)

For me, this is truly the best type of smexy love story:

Zach’s climb from twisted, tortured, haunted antihero to the HEA? Yep
Lana’s gentle journey with Zach leading her from insecure geek into willing submissive? Yep
Zach’s dark Dom tendencies come out to play… and get to stay? Hell yes!

The plot goes at a cracking speed.

This story is put through its paces and may feel light on content in some areas, but that is probably more due to the deadlines and limitations of indie publishing than a lack of willingness of Jacob ‘McTwisty’ Chance.

This story may genuinely have a number of very painful triggers for some readers. But never fear.
The dark scenes that there are in this book are handled with deft sensitivity that added backstory without being either stodgy or dragging out the jagged, unnecessary pain.

This was a quick read, but maybe that’s because I totally inhaled the ARC version received from the author in one ecstatic sitting.

I’m leaning back well stuffed, satisfied and replete.

Zach started out in an impossible, no-win place. This is his story, with Lana a welcome passenger on this roller-coaster ride.

4 solid stars, McTwisty. Really great story, well told!

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Ransom – the new MC series by Jacob Chance and Logan Chance

Ransom ( Aces & Eights Motorcycle Club Book 1)Ransom by Logan Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Take the Chance with Aces & Eights MC
I took the opportunity voluntarily review an ARC of this book.

The six blood brothers Fox, also patched in by choice as brothers in arms to Aces & Eights MC literally come thundering into your life bathed in blood and itching for revenge.

The MC genre is a slight departure from the books either brother (Logan Chance or Jacob Chance) have written before. And it’s hot, raw, sweaty, gritty and doused in Jack Daniels. Literally.

It appears there is no genre so far that these two authors can’t handle.

There’s no apology of the outlaw biker MC lifestyle as the two oldest brothers, Liam and Rory, take centre stage, extacting revenge for the death of the club Pres with both brothers also getting their respective ‘girl’ in the process. 

Fallon and Audrey are worked into the picture but this is a man’s romance book and these whilst important and intrinsic to the plot the women don’t feel like the centre of the stories.

This story is told totally from the PoV of the two men, which led to a very fast paced, dick swinging, fists flying, brutal story. With lava hot sex scenes RANSOM is all the foundations laid out for at least another two sizzlers from the pens of this duo.

Although the book covers the same period, the stories of Liam and Rory don’t overlap too much, giving each a chance to display their own character and the lure that pulled them each towards the love of their life.

These boys are gritty, and unapologetically so.
Here’s hoping the Brothers Chance can crank out the next in the series at pace ‘cos their fans are going to eat them alive otherwise!

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Sex Me – Novella series Logan Chance

So the Logan in the Brothers Chance duo has started to release his novellas. This blog includes my quick reviews of the books in this group.  First up…


  Date MeDate Me by Logan Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

16 Nov 2016 – Just finished #DateMe novella.

Eric the H is larger than life. 
Brilliant, lighthearted, and super cool. 

Verdict? More, more, more!!!❤️😍😂

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Like a Boss by Logan Chance

Like a Boss (Like a Boss, #1)Like a Boss by Logan Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Theo and Penelope have a chance hookup (no pun intended!!) one night as she works the bar at a trendy nightclub.
Going AWOL costs her the gig and she ends up as a bartender at newly bought Tiki place. Owned by Theo.
Sparks fly as they work through their differences.

A really great read. I am mega picky so 4* is what others call a bloody brilliant book. This is a solid 4 stars!

Logan Chance writes with a raw edge that really captures the POV of the guy…

“I pulled my coated fingers from her and smeared the wetness across her full lips. “Lick your lips for me.”
Her sparkling lashes fanned across her cheeks as she closed her eyes and her pink tongue licked along the curve of her lips, savoring herself.

Goddamn, this girl.

I slid my fingers inside her and soaked them once more. I lifted my hand again. “Open, Penelope, taste yourself.” Her eyes never wavered from mine as her pouty lips pursed around my finger. My mind filled with images of what they would look like around my hardening cock.
“Fuck, that’s right,” I bit out. “See how sweet you taste? I want to taste it too. I want to kiss you with the flavor of your pussy in our mouths.”

I rest my case…. (drops the mike)

Can’t wait for the next installment in the Like a Boss series

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