#AILF8 MassEffect fanfic: Garrus and Kate: Part 3 – Swipe Left

πŸ’•πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆGarrus and Kati Part 3: Swipe Left #AILF8 πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½πŸ’•

She’d shot out of the shuttle as soon as the hatch doors lifted, marched up to Viera, and shoved the intel tablet against his slim muscle free chest.  “Here. Take it.  You let me walk right into that ass shafting, didn’t you?” her words were harsh but the handler just shrugged philosophically.


“How so?”

How So?!” She small eyed him balefully, leaning against the pale metal of the shuttle surface.


She had been battling to get out from under the long shadow of her family name throughout her time at the Citadel and once there, she found she needed to escape the even longer shadow of Commander Shepard.  The stories about that Commander seemed larger that the woman herself – and Kati had seen the Commander in person once on the briefing videos before she had left with her cyborg mates. 


“I know  you’ve heard” Kati’s words were clipped, as she ground her jaw in anger.

“Yep. Pity.  But hey, Citadel run the show in these parts.  We can find other ways for you to get involved – “

Kati rounded on him angrily.


“What? I made this project. Made this whole shit after years of gathering intel.  And now, rather than me heading up the investigation I had pulled together with nothing more than the smoke, mirrors and slimy trails of flesh mercenaries I’m   being asked to be a desk jockey. Fuck that!”


Viera grabbed her shoulder firmly as she spun to march away. His fingers bit into her flesh, holding her in place.

“Remember your place, human. We have need of you only as far as we can use your skills. Alternatives solutions are available for us” he said quietly, as he gave her a quick shake. Kati shrugged his hand off, looking up into his face to see his thin membrane lids shutter across his slightly large reptilian eyes. 


Kati clenched her jaw, defiant but silent.  After a few seconds of his unrelenting stare, she nodded her head. Once, but it was enough.  Viera let her go and shoved his four fingered hand into his cape and drew out a credit chip.

“How so? Kati asks Viera


“Report to the training bay in a quarter turn.” He passed the chip to Kati, who took it reluctantly, glaring but silent.

“ You need to work off this attitude and get your head back in the game.  You have the invitation for the Senate event this evening. I don’t want this attitude spilling over to how you behave tonight”

“It will be useless if I cant even stand up this evening” she bit out as she strode away


“You’ll definitely be able to stand. But may find it difficult to sit if you don’t adjust that attitude” his ominous warning chilled her to the bone.  


Viera watched her stride away, a cold smile on his face. He was ruthless in his punishments and enjoyed the pain he inflicted during the training sessions more than he should, he acknowledged to himself without a shred of guilt.  His preferred weapons for training sessions were blade and lash  – and he preferred using the lash to keep sparring partners at a distance only to reel them in for a few cutting slices of his crystal tipped blade. 


He enjoyed gifting pain as a method of keeping his team of specialists in control. Kati would receive his full attentions for that break in emotions. 



And he would enjoy it immensely.


#AILF10 The Breeder Market Part 9: Obsidian, Breeder King

πŸ’•πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆThe Market: Part 9 Obsidian Breeder #AILF10 πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½πŸ’•

Obsidian crossed his hands low on his waist, smoothing his dark clawed fingers against the sensing stones embedded in the back of his hands.

He moved his hands gently, his gaze fixed on the prone form of the female human. 

His hands. They throbbed uncomfortably, joined in their pulsing sometimes by the orb embedded centrally in his forehead.

The sensing was a cursed problem. Ever since he had connected breath with the human female on her delivery by the Sales Master, they had not ceased their dull ache.

Only when he was within scenting distance of the female did the throbbing ease, to be replaced by another throbbing, low in his spine, pulsing through his mating shaft that oozed slick, dark inky pods of sperm along its central grooved channel.


Lena had been resting, half asleep, half awake when two meaty, tentacles had sneaked out of the water, circling each ankle to drag her towards the edge of the pool. She smiled gently to herself as she awakened. 

Obsidian had no plans to learn the courtesy of her human society any time soon.

“I wish to now show you my world” Obsidian had said simply.

“Well, no need to drag me around. You could just ask” Lena had huffed

“Ask? I do not ask. I take what is mine, for I need no permission” Obsidian had responded, rising to loom over her.  His hands and burly arms had slammed down, caging her on either side, opening his mind further for her. Lena had felt no ego or arrogance, merely a firm confidence in his position as leader of the Url peoples. And desire, banked but rising rapidly like a rolling tide

“Here” Obsidian had nodded at his left hand, the one on which a bronze coloured tube wristlet circled.

“This is our breathing tube connector” He explained. 

“Be still”

Lena had watched in fascination as the wristlet had uncoiled. When she shrieked instinctively, Obsidian’s hands had shot out, holding her still by her shoulders.

“I said hold still, woman” he huffed playfully as one end of the tube darted with speed down her throat and split, one half flattening to block her nasal passages whilst the other burrowed to clench in a familiar grip in her trachea. A slight pinch was all she felt as the other end of the tube lashed then slipped between the slim, delicate tentacles that sat like a fringe around his cheeks and upper neck. 

Obsidian ignored the searing pain as the tube latched onto the central valve of his oxygenator, syphoning off a portion of the oxygen he created for Lena’s use.

“I now show you my world” Obsidian wrapped his meaty tentacles around her and slipped backwards into the pool without further warning. Lena scrunched her eyes and sucked in a deep breath. 

Her initial panic at being plunged under water was quickly overcome as the breathing tube pumped air into her lungs, the excess released as tiny bubbles from her mouth.  Cautiously opening her eyes she looked around in amazement at the hive of activity and beauty of the underground world.

“This is amazing, Obsidian” the thoughts flew unbidden from her. She felt him swell with pride and realised that he had been anxious for her approval.

“This is my domain” he said. “I am pleased that it pleases you”

Lena spent that day travelling through the transit pools, only realising this was a massive spaceship, a battlestation when they ascended a whirlpool to the observation dome to see the Earth, ringed with satellites and spaceships.

Lena swam up to the clear viewing area, pressing her hands against the soft gel surface. Obsidian kept to the rear of the view space, the breathing tube lengthening at the distance between them. He settled on the roiling mass of his tentacles and levelled a brooding gaze at the female who floated facing the dome. 

His eyes feasted on her dark hair that fanned out behind her, the curved sides of her breasts that and shoulders and the rounded globes of her flanks. She had been eating well and had filled out from the thin and gaunt female passed to him by the Sale Masters.

Her scent had changed recently, the pheromones strong and heady as they swirled around her.  He had taken to swimming below her as other rash males had scented her in the water and foolishly sought opportunity to taste what was his. 

Obsidian curled his largest tentacles tighly against his torso, the suckers gripping with barely held fury as his possessiveness flared. He snapped them out, creating a soundwave like a depth charge which pushed a circle water away from him in a surly ripple.

He moved the swim up behind her, pressing the hard slabs of his pectorals and abs against her back.  His fron tentacles curved beneath her, twining around her legs to support and turn her to face him.

“You are mine” his words were growled and sank into her head with dark promise.  Her body shuddered involuntarily, the quick shiver felt by his tentacles that smoothed down her slim back, across her ribs and lower stomach in gentle caress.

He drew her away from the dimly lit dome, deeper towards the area he assigned as his private quarters. Cradling her in front of him, his dark eyes bored into hers. The time for speaking was over. Tentacles first he dived into his lair.

The underwater cove was lit from above by the warm light that filtered through the opening in the roof.

“You have tempted me for long enough” Obsidian’s thoughts rolled through her mind, causing another shiver of desire to work its way through her body, and settle in a flood of heated need in her core.

“It is time for me to truly sample your delights” the wave of desire that flooded her mind made her arch in response, her heavy lidded eyes closing as she allowed him to tip her back across his largest tentacles.

Obsidian stroked her body with his tentacles, the suckers skimming with delicious possession over her face, down her neck, along the smooth swell of her breasts to tweak her rosy nipples with unrestrained pleasure.

A steady stream of bubbles rose and cascaded away from her mouth as she groaned in pleasure.

“Do you submit to me? Shall I grant your wish for pleasure?” Obsidian’s words smoothed through her mind, thick with desire and the promise of fulfilment

“Yes” Lena responded, her thoughts were clear and strong “I am yours” The thought rose unbidden in her mind, more certain that any thought she had in her life

“He grabbed her thighs, pushing her lower body up to his tentacle framed mouth. The tentacles swept over her thighs, wrapping with sinuous grace around them, swirling across her lower torso, caressing every inch of her warm silken skin.

Lena stiffened in fear as the cartilage of his beak pushed through her slick wet folds, widening her opening for his thick centrally ridged tongue that pushed with determined force deep into her channel. 

“Do not fear, little one” Obsidians thoughs pulsed through her mind “let me care for your needs”

Obsidian flicked his grooved tongue insistently along her slick walls, savouring her unique scent and flavour as he massaged the soft bundle of nerves in the roof of her channel.  His mating shaft extruded suddenly, the grooved tentacle stiffening with agonising pleasure as the pods of spermatophores pushed inexorably along its thickening length. 

Obsidian fought for control he ignored the insistent demand he felt to possess her fully, concentrating on tasting her, giving her pleasure as she twisted in ecstasy beneath his mouth.

Her orgasm was sudden, wild as a crashing wave as it coursed through her body, causing her to stiffen then thrash beneath him.

“Oh! It’s too much!” Lena’s thoughts flashed in his mind, her body jerking instinctively away as if in escape.

Growling in need, his tentacles around her thighs tightened in response to her instinctive movement. His hands shot out, wrapping his fingers across her pelvis, the sharp claws of his right hand digging dangerously into her smooth skin. His upper face began to be leached of his dark colouring as he felt her soft body rising with the water underneath him.

His tentacles wrapped around cradling the sides of her head and flicking across her neck.

“No, little one” he rumbled with dark promise “it is not yet nearly enough”

Her hands flew out as another orgasm pulsed, threatening to break over her. Her legs swayed on either side of his head, stilling as his larger neck tentacles reached out to wrap around her lower thigh, moving one leg to hang languidly across his shoulder.

“Yes, hold on to me” Obsidian encouraged, the heat of desire racing across each tentacle, each sucker becoming super sensitive as they skimmed, caressed, and stroked over her skin. He could feel the tensing of her channel, so slick, warm and heated under his tongue. But this time, he promised himself, she would attain her pleasure seated on his head of his thick pulsing shaft.



Obsidian and Jalena

He dragged himself away, his beak retreating from her gaping pussy as one of his tentacles stroked across her warm round flanks.

“You are mine to do with as I desire” he intoned fiercely, his facial tentacles releasing her thighs as he grabbed and spread the smooth globes of her ass.

The tentacle smoothed its way across the valley between her ass cheeks, the sensitive tip circling her dusky, puckered hole with dark intent. Lena’s eyes flew open, a flutter of unsettled desire flickering to life with every gentle bur firm sweep of his tentacle at her forbidden entrance

“How do you hear my command?” Obsidian rose above her, his hands squeezing her rear as he stared down into her eyes. His deep set eyes were hooded with desire, glittering with need as they bored into hers.

“Ohgodohgodohgod, Yes. Yours!” Lena’s impassioned thoughs swelled in his mind, causing his hands  to grow almost punishing in its grip as he lined up the sensitive tip of his tentacle and pushed with dark intent past the tight ring of her asshole. 

Her mouth opened in a soundless cry of pleasure, to be filled with the tentacle that had been lapping around her neck. It pushed into her mouth curling and sucking against her tongue, vibrating in pleasure as she responded, her slick pink tongue battling with the firm but gentle thrusting tp of his tentacle as it invaded the small warm cave of her mouth.

Other tentacles stroked her shoulders, neck, the suckers offering light kisses along her neck and jaw, before sweeping across the soft swells of her breasts to settle with unerring aim on her hardening nipples. The delicate tentacle tips swept over the puckering aureole, suckers kissing and pinching the swollen, turgid peaks in co-ordinated pulses.

Obsidian cupped her ass, squeezing her flesh as he worked his tentacle deeper into her dark passage. He smiled to himself, her shudders increasing as he moved her up and down the shaft.

The breathing connector shortened instinctively as Obsidian leaned further over her, his face tentacles sweeping across her stomach then up past her swollen breasts to stroke her face lovingly.

“My mate” his voice murmured in her mind, his lower tentacles swirling to keep them stationary as he came down on top of her, and settled between her legs. He moved his hands over her pelvis, using them to spread her legs wider until his muscular torso fit between her silken thighs.

“Lena” his voice groaned in her mind as the head of his pulsing grooved shaft nudged and stroked between her slick folds. He knew the routine, having been drilled into him since he was a young spawn.  The mating shaft once inserted deep in the females clutching mantle should be immediately detached, the spermatophore pods left to fertilise her eggs as the female chooses.

Remaining this close to the mating female put him at risk of not just being eaten during mating but from attack by other rutting males.

Obsidian breathing bladder pulsed heavily as he and Lena sucked air into their lungs.

He sank further into his secluded cove, moving away from the entrance and prying tentacles. He needed to breed her. 


His shaft pulsed, swollen, red tipped angrily as he stroked through her slick folds his hips pushing and grinding between her spread thighs. 

“Look” He grabbed the nape of her head, holding her up, forcing her eyes open as she struggled to look down past the tentacle still sensually working its way in her mouth, bumping its tip against the back of her throat.

“Look at what you do to your king and Master” The head of his mating shaft was thick and slick, oozing the inky gel of his pre-cum as it smoothed the spermatophore pods through the shaft. He needed to enter his mate.

As her groan of desire pulsed through his tentacle, he involuntarily pushed beyond slipping down into her throat. She gagged, causing him to withdraw cautiously, his eyes rolling back into his head slightly as she grabbed his tentacle, sucked the tip of his tentacle hard, pulling it back down her throat.

“Ah. Fuck. Fuck. There, take it. Take me as I fill you. I am a quivering wreck, little one” he groaned “I am become like an untried spawn at its first mating.”

He bent low over her face and she grabbed his shoulders, pulling his muscular torso close as her legs lifted and gripped his waist.

‘This is it. The time is nigh’ he thought dazed ‘She will strangle me now to consume me at a later time’

Obsidian expected a wave of fear of disgust to wash over him at the prospect, but was surprised at how much at peace he felt.

So be it. 

He reared up, positioned his shaft at her slick entrance, driving himself in her hot wet depth.

“Though you kill me, I cannot pull from you. From this” He reared again, then buried himself to the hilt, hissing as her tight channel grasp and clutch at him like a fist. 

‘This will be over before it has begun’ the thought burned through his brain like a streak of lightning. Not so. If he was to die at her hand, it would only be after he was well satisfied.

“Do. Not. Fucking. Move” his voice gritted out the order in her mind, as he held his torso rock hard, immobile as stone as he fought for control.

Lena felt the burning stretch as his shaft breached her and craved more. She felt Obsidian in her, around her and shuddered in ecstasy. She wanted, no needed him to lose control. To be the predator, conquering her fears, owning her, mind and body in that moment.

 “I can’t hold back. I need to – “ he gasped, the shower of bubbles emerging around the tentacles to swirl upwards and away.

“I must! Forgive me. Thrust. I must-“ the words were tumbling from his heated mind, jumbled and smothered with desire as he rose high over her as his hips drew back and started a pounding pace, stroking in and out of her slick heat.

Obsidian looked down, the white heat of passion spiking further, coiling low in his spine and racing along his shaft as she squirmed underneath him, her eyes heavy lidded as she felt the head of his shaft pulsing.

He huffed with satisfaction as her eyes widened from the slight pinch as his shaft first coaxed, then pushed firmly up and through the swollen mouth of her cervix before it unfurled, a three petalled flower in her womb. 

 “Yes, fill me. Make me yours!” Lena’s mind cried out as she arched, the burning heat of release rolling out from her core, racing across each nerve as she bucked and thrashed beneath Obsidian.

His tentacles smoothed across her skin, his thrusts becoming more powerful but less controlled.

Obsidian threw back his head and roared. Lodging his shaft high inside her he sparked a third orgasm. As she shook and trembled beneath him, the heavy thick rush of his gel filled pods coursed through his shaft and dripped like molten syrup into her womb.

The feeling was a sensual release, heavy, alien. 


 To be continued? Let me know what you think in the comments below

#AILF10 The Breeder Market Part 3 Delivery not Deliveranc

πŸ’•πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½Part 3: The Breeder Market -Freedom and Rescue? #AILF10πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆπŸ’•

Her job had been simple. File the papers, count and bank the cash. Buy the assets selected to launder the money. Keep her mouth shut and her family would remain unharmed.


And by family the bratva meant her younger sister, Katerina Gavoricz, who was now owned and in ‘safe keeping’ of the local crime family headed by Sasha and his son, the impatient heir, Alexei.

Alexei, a cruel and unfeeling man, chaffing at the tight control his father set over his family and business. Sasha’s wife had ‘moved’ back to Russia suddenly after Alexei had mentioned her plans to leave. Alexei was hearless, but as he only feared his father, Katerina was safe from his unwanted attentions.

So Jalena went to work for Sasha. 


A hard taskmaster but a fair if gruff and uncompromising boss. His numerous enterprises run with military precision, carefully laundering the money his underground businesses of guns, drugs and flesh. For two years she had worked, saving every penny, keeping her mouth shut about the meticulous records that recorded every transaction Sasha authorised and sanctioned. She watched, desperately looking for opportunities to rescue her sister and flee. Once every month she laid her reports on his desk and sat, unmoving as he reviewed her work.


Each month, on the last Sunday, Jalena would wake before dawn and leave her small cramped single room a the rear of the warehouse and make her way to the small office. Being a virtual prisoner on the site came with the benefit of always having her on hand.


On that Sunday however, Jalena would comb through the records meticulously one last ime, then  gather the files and take them to the office, laying them out in the order prescribed.  

At six o’clock precisely Sasha would arrive at the warehouse, use the door that connected his office to the small reserved parking at the back of the building, take his seat and start his review.


Once, she had made a small error, transposing two numbers in a small transaction.  Sasha had noticed the error, questioned her for hours, then forced her to redo the whole page to correct the error.  Then he had instructed Alexei   to “help my little worker to understand the importance of accuracy for the future”.  His son had smiled cruelly, his tattooed arm reaching out to grab her by her hair and dragged off the seat.  Lena had been kicked into a corner of the dingy office  , screaming for mercy when Sasha had looked up, ignoring her as he ordered “Not her face, Alexei.  Nor her hands. I don’t need to look at a wreck and she needs the hands for writing after all”


Alexei had enjoyed taking the time to beat her so badly, she had limped around the warehouse clutching her bruised ribs for weeks afterwards. She had never made a mistake since then.  

The following month, as she took up her designated spot perched nervously on one of the hard chairs in front of Sasha’s desk she had waited for him to complete his review, then dial the number and pass her the telephone to speak with her sister.

She had waited, whimpering quietly as he ignored her for an hour after the review, reading other papers and the weekend paper. Then he spoke, quietly and calmly from behind the broadsheet newsprint.


“Your mistake. Your forfeit. I accept you made an unfortunate mistake Jalena. This is my only warning to you. Do not repeat such errors or next time your sister  will pay for your wrongdoing”

Jalena had bowed her head, filled with rage, pain and hate but had spoken softly in response “I understand, sir. Again I am very sorry. It will never happen again”

Alexei lay sprawled in the only easy chair in the office, one leg slung over the armrest. He smiled at her as she shuffled past him, his eyes flat and dead as a shark.

“It will be my pleasure to remind you or your sister, little one” he chuckled. The sound had haunted her nights for weeks afterwards.


The Sunday of the following month Jalena entered Sasha’s office, laid the records out on his table and took her seat wordlessly. Sasha reviewed the reports in excruciating detail, then handed picked up the phone, dialled and her the telephone. 

He returned to his work whilst Lena spoke quietly with Katerina, knowing she was being closely observed throughout the fifteen minute hushed telephone call , his dark eyes and smoothly slicked back hair gleaming under the harsh light of the office. She did not mention the beating, trying to keep her recounting of her life light and carefree as usual.


The calls had however become more painful, listening to the fear and deathly calm that had begun to seep into Katerina’s voice.


“I’m eighteen next week Lena” her sister’s voice trembled with an unknown fear.

“I know, silly” Jalena had tried to sound light and happy, hoping to draw her sister’s mood away from the black despair the last two years had forced upon her.

“Alexei has told me that I can come and visit with you that day. Won’t that be fantastic?” 


A sob of happiness flew unbidden from Jalena’s mouth at the unexpected news. She slapped her trembling hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. Sasha did not like to be disturbed.

“Yes, sweetheart, that will be lovely” Jalena breathed out, trying to keep the trembling out of her voice.


The weeks had dragged by. Jalena working feverishly, checking and rechecking her work, counting and recounting, sleepless and jittery, expecting the promised reunion to be snatched away at any moment.

She had been gathering her carefully handwritten records, Sasha would never permit electronic versions, and had made her way across the short walkway that divided the offices when she heard the soft crack of a shot. Her arms lost feeling as she ran towards the sound, the records slipping out of her hands to fall in a jumble behind her. 

The door of Sasha’s office was open but Sasha was not there, not in his usual place behind his desk, waiting like an brooding demon to review her work.  His son Alexei, oily hair displaced from its usual copy cat style of slicked back immaculate state, was in his place,


Katerina was crouched on the floor, lower lip split and bleeding staring with terror as Alexei  snarled above her, grabbing her by the hair as he stepped over the large silent and still corpse of his father.

Jalena screamed in horror and fear, flying toward the now flailing, screaming  form of her sister. 


“Shut up, bitch!” Alexei’s  snarled command was suddenly cut off as Katerina grabbed at Sasha’s arm as she was dragged past his still form. Jalena watched as if in slow motion, her feet not fast enough to get to her sister. There was a flash of brushed metal, a loud bang. Jalena felt the sudden hot slap of liquid across her face and neck as Alexei  rocked back, staggering and staring with unbelief at the   growing crimson pool spreading across his chest.


“Bitch, you shot-”  his words clogged in his throat as blood filled his mouth and he slumped to his knees and fell forward.

Jalena flew to her sister, carefully prising the gun out of her hands and hugging her fiercely.

“He told Sasha I was to be his. That he was tired of waiting to take over operations.” Katerina sobbed, the horror and shock battling for dominance on her face


“Sasha told him that his impatience and bull headed ways kept him from ever being a leader. When Alexei turned towards me he lashed out. He just lashed out and hit me! Then Sasha came to stop him but Alexei just, he just..there was, he suddenly had a gun and then Sasha was on the ground and-“

“Shh” Jalena squeezed her sister, mind racing.  This was the only chance for escape.

“Come with me” she said, wiping the sticky blood off her face with her sleeve. Jalena had searched the cooling body of her boss, grabbing his keys, wallet and telephone. Her panic rose as she fumbled to find the key for the exit. She tried the handle and the door swung open. Turning, she hugged her sister again

“We must go now Katerina. Now!” She urged her sister to her feet, noting the dazed look creeping over her. Shock. Jalena pulled Katerina out of the room and into the damp chilly night air of the quiet dockyard.


They had a few moments to escape. The sound of the first shot had not brought guards running, clearly Alexei’s men. But the second shot soon would.

They had cleared the warehouse building and darted between two large shipping containers, headed to the sort dark road that led to the rough tarmac towards the small town when a bellowing shout went up behind them.  The bodies had been found.

Sobbing in fear Jalena clenched her sister’s hand tightly, racing away from the road into the adjoining abandoned site.  The warehouse and nearby houses had been long abandoned their owners encouraged to move on as the bratva acquired the adjoining land.  The roof and most of the warehouse walls were broken and missing, but it obscured direct view between them and the tall scrub that lay between the docs and the poorly kept houses along the small road.


Jalena had pushed her way into the nearest house, dragged her sister after her and crouched against the wall in the hallway.

The shouts and sudden sounds overhead made Katerina scream in fear.  The pulsing lights grew brighter, blinding as they swept over the land outside. The shouts of the guards turned to screams, chocked off suddenly. The quiet and sudden darkness had struck even greater fear as Jalena clapped her hand over her sister’s mouth, cradling her with her other arm

“We need to be quiet” she murmured. “Please Katerina, calm. For me”


It felt like an age before Jalena felt confident enough that the eerie quiet meant it was safe to move.


Quietly they crept back out onto the overgrown lawn. The scratching, rustling of the grass seemed louder and ominous in the chilly, air.  The fog from the water must have rolled over the land faster than usual, its hazy mist swirling around them as they moved slowly towards the front of the lawn.

Then Katerina screamed. A loud, high pitched cry of fear. Her arm straight as a javelin, pointing at a mass of round, vee shaped and clustered lights dotted along spindly silvery silhouette waving tentacles. And moving rapidly towards them.

“Run, Katerina, run!” Jalena had barely got the words past her lips when the neon lights flared suddenly and the blinding curtain of light blasted the area with its white rays. The air crackled with electricity, shocking her into a rigid stillness as her sister darted away into the dark. 


Jalena was held still, terror skittering like the cold legs of a spider down her spine as the spindly silhouette came in to view. Long bony legs carried the alien towards her, its arms long and covered with yellow neon discs. Its face covered with a gaping grin of equally eerie yellow light as it stopped in front of her.  


It canted its head, tapped the large glowing yellow circle on its bony chest then two tentacles whipped forward, pressing against each temple even as Jalena tried to shrink away. 


A soundless scream of fear then, the horrifying blessed dark.

Lena is delivered, but not deliverance


#AILF10 The Breeder Market Part 2: Underwater, but no, this is soooo not Aqua Man

πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½The Breeder Market Part 2: Underwater, but no, this is sooo not Aqua Man… πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆπŸ’•πŸ˜ 


The cargo hold was quiet. 

The slow regular breaking of the thousands of humans abducted from the last run across the surface the only sound, like the whisper of a giant forest in summer.


A quiet beep, then the boom of the automated arm swung down from the bay ceiling, its movement a sinister hiss on silent tracks. It jerked to a stop in front of a pod, its suction head locked onto the ID plate and grasping mechanism.  A slight tussle, then the arm retracted, slowly pulling the hexagonal tube from its housing. 


The young brunette female inside was jostled around, then slid down the tube to curl on the base as it was held aloft and then placed in the transport tunnel at the end of the stacked bay.

The whoosh of air was the only sound heard as the tube was whisked away.  Job complete, the automated arm returned to its casing and powered down, ignoring the rapid dull thuds coming from one of the myriad of shelved cargo.


The Master of Sales stood, swaying in anticipation poised slightly to the side as, with a swirl the closely interwoven floor discs peeled back, the platform opened and an opaque hexagonal tube rose slowly from beneath the platform housing.  The Master staked his large spindly legs astride the pod, tapping one of its glowing tentacles on the sensor pad of the tube.

The lid of he tube slid open, revealing a naked female, curled at the foot of the tube. Her pale creamy skin was coated in a thick gel. Her slow steady breathing matched the monitor pad within the tube; she was apparently asleep.


The Master loomed over the female form, tapping the back of his skull to allow the embedded vid beam to project a large holographic form of the curled woman to the gathered envoys.


“Is this sample acceptable, Envoy?” he intoned drily, noting with impersonal distaste the sudden spiking of mating hormones that sharply peppered the air in the observation room.


The eyes of the tentacled being locked onto the projection “Gratitudes, yes, but-” 

“We bid patience, envoy” the Master flicked a tentacle for silence as the large image detached from his personal beam and replaced all the images on the screens in the hall.


“A gift, from the Marketplace, envoy” the Master waved another tentacle and a smaller version of his species clattered into the hall and marched forward, the small purple orbs that dotted its arms and head flickering with unease.  He stopped at the shimmering wall of the acquatic container and pressed a small gel covered parcel against it. 

The obsidian male stood unmoving as a grey coloured servant swam forward, pulled the parcel into the tank after running a tentacle over it. Satisfied, he rubbed the parcel and, as the gel dissolved, unraveled a flexible, bronze coloured organic tube. As the remainder of the gel dissolved, the tube became animated, swirling and moving in a sinuous motion towards the larger obsidian leader.


The tentacled beings quickly recoiled, and swirled away hastily to the far end of the large tank.

“What treachery is this?!” the obsidian being thrust a large tentacle towards the coil, seeking to slap it away, out of the tank.


“Hold, envoy” the Master spoke sharply the air crackling with electricity as all stilled.


The Master turned and bent over the slumbering form of the woman. Tapping a selection of discs on his chest and arms, the woman stirred and levitated from the tube to lie prone in mid air, her waves of chestnut hair tumbling to sway and swirl around her in the lighter gravity of the room.


The Master then beckoned the glowing Purple orbed assistant who came forward, through the security haze, offering a similar gel enclosed parcel in its outstretched hand. 

The Master took it, then waved him back out of the security field. He broke open the gel pack and dropped the coil onto the prone form of the woman. It uncoiled rapidly, then slithered up her torso to press one end of itself between her plump rosy lips and down into her trachea. The other end flattened out to an arrow head shape settling on her lower stomach where it pulsed gently.


The Master placed a glowing tentacle on each of her temples, the ends glowing bright as he pushed a soothing vision into her slumbering mind. He drew one of the female’s legs away from her body, indicating with his other arm the glistening moisture that appeared, coating her delicate folds.  


“Allow the breather to affix appropriately, envoy” the Master intoned soothingly to the beings in the aqua tank “and then you may commence sampling”


The grey being slid forward again, grasping the undulating coil with a wary tentacle as he held it out to the dark leader. The coil unravele, darted towards his head and slipped between the obsidian feeding tentacles. He immediately doubled over, jerking in obvious agony, then, after a short flurry of air bubbles and a choked splutter, the leader uncurled, his upper torso raising to its standing height as he and his tentacles settled down. He returned to the centre of the tank, nodding once, his eyes glued to the woman, roving over her form to settle at the junction between her gently opened thighs.


The Dihsul leader suddenly stepped forward, arms outstretched, thick drool slavering from its mouth to slick down his leather vest.

“Permit me to …transfer the female, the sweet smelling female, the sample to the aquatank” he said, his four eyes darting across her form. He turned three of his eyes to the Master, making them as wide and as innocent as he could, the fourth glued to the female. “It would be my honour”

“Indeed. Gratitudes.” the purple orbed assistant muttered drily.

 “We do not concur; we decline” the Master stated quietly.


He descended the platform, the hazy swirl of his security field reforming, this time into a tunnel, forming a secure path connecting the route between Master and the aquatank of the tentacled beings. He motioned towards the trusted large grey hued assistant.


“Approach. Collect the female for sampling by your leader” He touched the brightest neon pad on his chest and the prone woman slid silently forwards, past the Master, past the gathered envoys who reached forward- to be either burned or badly shocked as they touched the security field. 


Overcome and angry, the Dihsul leader suddenly leapt forward, reaching for the female as she briskly slid past his position alongside the security field. His hand slammed to a stop against the security field. He bellowed once in pain and rage, jerking his meaty hand off the glowing field as the acrid stench of seared flesh on his palm reached his flared nostrils.


The woman reached the shimmering wall of the aquatic tank as the obsidian envoy growled suddenly “Halt!”

Turning he waved his tentacles at the other tank occupants “Return now to our quarters, all but you” he pointed a waving tentacle at the grey envoy who had assisted so far

Grey Wraith


“You shall bring her to me, then stand guard to the chamber.”


“The end of the female’s breather will seal on contact with water, envoy. We advise you attach and connect your coils within 2 earth minutes, unless your wish is to take sample of a corpse. In either case, your account will be billed for all damage or losses”


The Master laid a glowing tentacle against the aqua tank. The walls immediately became opaque, the shadowy forms of the tank inhabitants dwindling to a single, imposing silhouette. A meaty tentacle reached forward, wrapped round the ankle of the woman and yanked the body forward in one swift and smooth movement. 


Inside the darkened tank, he drew the soft form towards him. The ends of the breather coils snaked together, twisting to seal seamlessly at the arrow head valve.


He drew her towards him, noting the steady stream of bubbles that pushed past her rosy lips.


His tentacles roiled around him, then slowly, he allowed them to unravel. They skittered over her form, individual suckers delicately learning each dip and swell of her soft body. 

His mating tentacle stood stiff and pulsing, gel oozing from its flared tip. He tasted her strange, slight salty skin with his thin shorter tentacles, his shaft growing impossibly harder with the need to claim the female.


His possessive nature reared up. He would not take her here, for all to observe, as if he were no more than a common pleasure palace entertainer. But quite soon he would make her his. That fact was undisputable.


He slapped an authoritative tentacle once against the tank for attention


“We accept the sample. Install breathers adequate for all the shipment” he stated.


“We shall make it so” the Master noted, satisfied, then continued

“Now, as to the matter of supplying the compatible breathers, however” he paused, enjoying the power of a transaction done well, leaving a sting from besting the buyer,

“There is a small, insignificant additional charge” 

“Whatever it is, you shall have it” the obsidian so thoughts were thick, distracted by the female whose soft form bumped against his hard torso. 


His dark tentacles wrapped around her, nestling her close to his side. 


“Primacy over the trade route between your outermost satellite command post and my home planet” the Master struck swiftly.


“Done. It is yours” the obsidian being floated towards the exit of the chamber, the dark inky squirt that clouded the water as the only outward sign of his displeasure at the exorbitant premium.


But he would pay it. Willingly


And she would suffice.

#AILF10 The Breeder Market: Part 1 – Market Day samples

Welcome to this alien-human maybe darkish read. Let’s see how this unfolds.


πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½πŸ˜πŸ’•The Breeder Market: Part 1 -Market Day Samples on offerπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆ



The group of envoys stood impassive, each of their swirling blue or gold transaction-orbs pinned or hung around their neck or available appendage. 


The curved portable water tanks for the acquatic species that lined the rear wall area filled soundlessly. Their back walls slid open, allowing each of those buyers to swim into place, taking position in their enclosures to join the main group.


All eyes were pinned with unerring accuracy on the holovids that adorned the circular booking centre. The scenes showed various aspects of Earth life secretly intercepted from the planet’s communication satellites.

The rooms brightly glowing lights blinked twice then dimmed to the level of luminescence acceptable for what, and who was about to enter to lead the sales.


“Honoured beings, We welcome all” the Master of Sales swept into the room, his blue-neon decal glowed eerily in the twilight. His sinewed muscled upper body was cloaked in the black shimmer of a security field. It disintegrated to become a hazy smoke like dome around him as he moved further into the room.


“Our gratitudes” The buyers murmured the required response. The sound from the gathered group was acknowledged by a gentle dip of his head in acknowledgement. 


“We commence, no?”

The Master ascended to the central platform, the smoky haze settled around him. He gathered all but his longest appendages around him, drawing himself up to his usual nine feet height and, waving his long neon tipped appendages hypnotically, he intoned the sales pitch, unchanged in the hundreds of years since the Galaxire had laid claim to this part of the universe.

“Our galaxies have many needs. Our resources stretched and finite.”

“Our needs are great. Our wisdom vast. ”

“Our worlds have many needs. Our peoples ancient and superior, old. ”

“Our knowledge has increased. Our explorations bold.”


“This Earth can meet our needs, its tribes all good for breeding.”

“Their resources raw and ready. Their knowledge low and their rulers needy.”

“We bring them the security of superior leaders.”

“We bring them the justice of judgement, as owners, as breeders.”


“Today, we look to providing a diverse group to fit your many tastes and palates.”

“For slave markets, for your pleasure houses.”

“For your battles or arenas. For edible delicacies or as feeders.”


“Your lots have been selected. Bids are accepted as final.”

“No further price negotiation is possible.”


“Attend us, noble envoys,” the Master raised his tentacles further, the four glowing reciting discs spinning into life.

“Let those who wish to acquire for coin or credit now approach us and be confirmed”.


A ragtag group of leather clad Dihsul Warriors came forward. Their leader stepped up, pushing through the silver smoky haze of the security field.

His lower hands gripped his sol-blasters instinctively as he came to a stop in front of the Master, though he knew the weapons were useless, dampened by the security system.


“Ah, you return, even as your last transactions remains unpaid” the Master cast his bright blue glare over the creature, and vibrated his neon nasal plates in mock disapproval.

“We have need of more females.” the Dihsul snarled.

“Our last convoy was attacked by dishonourable Sibulians” he glared over his shoulder through the smoky haze in accusation at the stone grey bulk of a Sibulian envoy, who held his gaze, then returned the glare with a dispassionate and discourteous lowering of his sloped brow.


“At your honour, then.” the Master touched a neon blue wrist pad, updating the record. The worried frown of the scowling Dihsul cleared as he nodded their thanks, his major and minor eyes blinking in relief. 

The Master waited until the warrior had bowed and stepped back beyond the security shield, his fellow warriors clapping his shoulder in celebration, before he spoke again.


“Until such time of redemption” his voice lowered menacingly “the points still accrue on the funds advanced. This sale house shall also take in part payment the offspring from the first of such matings.”

“Fucking cock suck” the Dihsul muttered a curse, which though said low, still reached the ears of the Master, who smiled to himself grimly.


“Attend, noble envoys” the Master gestured to the flickering screens that now expanded to show in detail many images of humans.

The most entrancing clips showed humans in their judgement halls, the thousands of spectators baying for blood or bestowing blessings on the victims. A few times the clips showed smaller groups of women, seated and laughing, arguing, sympathising, gesturing heatedly but always together, and apparently observed by an audience of other women seated in brightly lit indoor mini amphitheatres. 


The envoys moved closer to the vids, claws, tentacles, chitin covered appendages reaching out to caress or claw at the screens hungrily.


“The humans are mainly multi-taskable and quite useful once trained” the Siblian envoy muttered to a fellow buyer. “Their strange smooth skin shows a variety shades; from almost alabaster white to the dark rich colour of the mineral gardens of Benhadhi.”

“Is their taste different too?” A burly Cradruu elbowed his way to a screen showing a large number of human women swaying, marching and moving in time with the discordant Earth music. Each was clad in sparkling garments and wore a white sash with strange markings.


“Is this a mating ceremony?”

“Yes” the Sibulian answered with a certainty he did not feel. “I have seen this before” he continued. 

“The human females vie for the hand of the King, who does not attend.  His ambassadors ask the women questions and the victor receives the mating crown.”

The Cradruu stretched his neck further to peer at the faces on screen. 


“Look at their features” he said, the slight hum in his placid voice betrayed his excitement and warming libido.

“Even their eyes show variety. Here, some eyes are sloe fruit shaped, there others wide lidded. Some eyes were unadorned and the palest of colours, others heavily painted to accentuate the greys, blues, greens, gold to swirling black centres of their pale white orbs.”


“Never trust one of ’em with less than four eyes” the Dihsul leader grunted in mock disgust. His animosity from the reported Sibulian ambush forgotten, replaced by lust at the thought of taking possession of a new batch of fresh meat.  Dihsul warrior Transporters were at liberty to sample the goods. Happily, those females found to have been bred fetched an even greater price in the slave markets.


“The lack of more than one set of eyes was once distasteful to some of our species” the telepathic voice of an acquatic obsidian alien bled into the minds of all present “but this is not an issue for our coming breeding purposes”

His fellow envoys swirled around him, their black, silver and gold forms twisted and shimmered as they swam within their viewing tanks.


“This planet has been an accidental but very convenient find.” A grey skinned slim One approached, dark unblinking eyes fixed on nothing, yet seeing everything as his thoughts were broadcast in gentle tones. 


” It’s natural disasters, lack of either a single or unified approach to caring for its population and the ongoing feuds between neighbouring tribes allow both the mining of the planets heat reserves, and the structured farming of its most densely populated areas.”


“And all that, conducted without any significant disruption or discovery.” the Master interrupted brusquely. 

“It is time to-”

“The females do not breath in water” the Obsidian creature snapped suddenly. He swam to the front of his tank, raising himself to vertical stillness., his muscled arms folded across his chest  All but one of his tentacles writhed around him like an inky cloud. The still central, shorter tentacle jutted proudly at his waist. Immobile, thick, bulging and upright, a dark inky, thick gel oozed from the wide slit in its pulsing, reddened tip.


“How are we to ensure they meet our needs?” his angry thoughts were laced with frustration.


“A sample then” the Master waved a soothing guesturing appendage toward the obsidian being’s tank 


“Select a female for demonstration and let us resolve your concern”


Want to follow his story?

Part 2 is posted here and my FB page.

#AILF9 Capricorn Rising Part 2 of 3 – Speaking…with Tongues

Thanks to @brittanymarshall for this inspiring pic…#AILF


Part 2 of 2 Capricorn Rising



Aruiyen snorted and sat up sharply, cracking his horns against the sleep chamber. The sharp decompression of his quarters had activated the re-life cycle of his stasis closet. 


He pushed the seamless latch and the fogged front wall clicked, breaking the seal causing the sleep fluid to seek out with an angry hiss, turning to a harmless but annoyingly foggy soup of breathable gases. 


Auriyen climbed out of the chamber. 

“Report” He barked

“Decompression alert in the cargo hold, sire” came the  cautious response.

His sister’s tup, Senroth. Auriyen snorted in irritation.

It figured that something would kick of during that calf-lick’s shift.


“It wasn’t me uncle Auri” the Navigator said quickly.

“I was just talking with the M’gg-humale-”

“It’s human. Or female. Not humale-”

Wait. Why for all the realm were you at converse with the human? Has it passed your memory  – the damage caused to medi bay? Or the human male’s attempts to sabotage the ship? Or his final demise?”


“The female asked for a short break from quarters, and the security detail was en route, but she was not found when they arrived. Sire”

“Well find her!” Auriyen had bellowed, his heart thumping in fear. There were many small spaces that could trap and freeze a tiny human on his ship.


He grabbed his garments and slung his cape around his neck, preparing to step out when a slight noise above his head gave him pause.


“Oh shit” the words were very low, bit discernible. 

And E were coming from the air tunnels.


Smiling, Auriyen slowly put down his garments and crouched in the darkness, his cape forgotten as he waited for the human to appear.


The Shara-ein had surpassed itself, not only finding but installing ancient vocalisers, enabling the vermin to understand simple commands and be understood in return. 


It’s language had been rudimentary, so it was easily synthesised, then fed into the archives, as an upgrade for the highbred Oxenia Prime clans that could afford it. Or those that made petition a donated version for their young bucks.


The humans, he had to remind other crew members to address them as such, had both been taken to medi bay to be implanted.  The male had shoved the shorter human in front of him and cowered, blubbering as the equipment for the three phase procedure was set up. 

The needle thin probe for the vocaliser

And the two slim finger like probes for providing the sterilisation and perma-coating of their ingest and egress cavities. 


The smaller human had marched forward muttering “Ggggggd Brrud! kuwrrd mush?. Yh bgpyzzi!” 

The Shara-ein had established later in the months that followed that a ‘puzzi’ was a dishonourable male. 

And a ‘byg puzzi’ was a totally irredeemable one.


Since the incident the smaller human, M’gg, had initially refused to be housed with the Brrud, but had been ignored. 


But the Brrud had deteriorated in mind and after a heated shouting where parentage was called into question, a small circlet of what looked like the metal smelted to power the transfer beam had been torn from her small hand and flung at his feet. He had seen that as a slight but had not reared to bash heads in resolution. Rather he had grasped her arm and then laid hands upon her person. The shrill scream of terror convinced Auriyen to order two separate smaller holds to be set up immediately.


The male had not settled, his actions seeking to set alight his quarters, inflict cutting wounds on those who stood security and finally a deadly quiet stillness, sitting for hours starting at the wall. 


Within the sennight a frantic video Comm from Senroth, poor lad, had resolved the worsening state of the human.


“Sire! The male is no more” Senroth had wailed in horror.


“And the male tricked me, sire! He asked if I had authority for security over ride, which of course I do. So I told him yes, and he said I did not, so I defended my honour and swore on the horns of my mother, but he just laughed and pointed at the airlock in his hold and wagered I couldn’t over ride that valve, and I said it was an airlock, not a security panel, but he wagered I was at fault in my understanding, and before I knew it he had jumped on the lock without warning and I could not re-engage it and he was torn out of the, the…the air. L-lock. Sire. But it was too quick to arrest the breach. And he sort of gasped once then bounced off the side of the carrier and floated away from us too fast to traction him back…” Senroth ran out of breath and strength, slumping in his seat.


“Brother Auriyen. Tis a hand of fate that has claimed the Brrud human so” the Baron at Arms on duty as always, had placed a calming hand on Senroth’s shoulder and stared down the vid Comm pointedly.

“Better to return to O-Prime with one sane sentient vermin, human my apologies, than with the beasts of that planet, and one sane and one mad human. The Rangor would call for Baa’an feud and seek to shame you, sire.”


Auriyen had hated to admit his Baron was right. 

But he had chosen to break the news to the M’gg.

She had been shaken but not suprised. Auriyen had been drawn to spend more time with the soft spoken yet feisty alien. They helped each other learn their respective tongue.


“Brrud thought it was his bad karma” she had said to him at a visit that he had invited her to last meal in his quarters. 

“He spent his life wanting to be a bull rider. Only to find himself captured and on his way to a land where the Bulls and Rams rule? It tore him up inside. And no one could help him except himself” M’gg had sighed sadly before Auriyen smoothly diverted her attention with tales of the Oxian Prime court.


They had chatted and laughed and Auriyen had felt the unfamiliar and coveted rush of rutting fire as he inhaled her heady scent. 


The Shara-ein had explained the miraculous arrival. The blue planet human was a female, with monthly courses. Auriyen had stared blankly at the technic

“She is fertile, sire. And compatable. ” he had said. “Do you desire us to test our comparability level through active research?”

“No!” Auriyen had bellowed, cracking his forehead against the Shara-ein’s equally dense head plates smartly.


“She is to remain untouched!”


That had been six months ago. The carrier had refuelled, landing at exotic destinations, and Aruiyen had taken M’gg to see wonders and sights to amaze and delight her.  


He was careful to have the crew sealed and isolated from her during her period of courses, but it was proving difficult.


Then last night after the regular weekly dinner invite to his quarters and a rousing game of Rams Luck, which she won, she had hooted in glee and he had grabbed her, swinging her round, as proud as any ram with a baby tup. She had pressed her pouty rosebud mouth against his and for a brief moment he had tasted heaven.


In fear of the Unknown he had ordered all but the most essential crew to stasis for the remainder of the journey home.


And now she was roaming the ship, sneaking into his quarters.  He inhaled, her enhanced heady mix of honey, cream and female danced over his senses.


The ceiling vent above opened and her tiny feet, with the strange coverings Shara-win had manufactured by replicator waved frantically above his head. She was in the traditional linen shift worn by women but in the increased thickness in the air, it lifted, displaying her pert naked flanks.


For a split second M’gg hung before dropping lightly to the floor..

Meg and Auriyen

“He pounced, chuckling as she let out a high squeak, still trying to be stealthy and quiet.


His thick arms banded around her legs as his tail whipped lightly across the two round globes of her flanks. 

“It is night time, little one” he growled, noting that her shift had caught in the vent and dangled above his head.

“I was bored. And a bit afraid, and also fed up of being alone” Meg said softly

“How can I soothe your fears” Auriyans arms tightened slightly, his hands curved around her smooth thighs.


She smoothed her tiny hands along his shoulders, entranced by the feel of his warm muscled frame.


“How can I soothe your fears” Auriyans arms tightened slightly, his hands curved around her smooth thighs.


Auriyen looked up, watching as the thick air lifted her hair to spread it across her shoulders and float it about her head


“Maybe, tonight, you could help me with your…tongue” 


Meg grinned as the Grand Vizer growled softly “It would be my honour, little one” Auriyen, defender of worlds, claw of Blood and Death smiled to himself as he leaned forward slowly. And complied.

#AILF9 Capricorn Rising Part 1 of 3 – the cattle are a-lowing…

Capricorn Rising Part 1 of 2 #AILF


(A long time ago, in a land far away…)

Blork shunted backwards, his hooves clattering over the stone walkway.

“What’s this?” Auriyen, the Grand Vizer stomped a silver tipped hoof once with impatience. He glared at the clerk, ignoring the grunt’s clammy hand outstretched towards him, and the info orb that rattled with nerves in his clammy outstretched paw.


“We have f-found an inhabited p-planet, sire” Blork stammered, nervous, exited and fearful all at once.


The orb rattled wildly again. Auriyen snatched it out of the clerk’s hand before the imbecile dropped and broke it. He peered into its contents, checking it contained the information he had authorised for distribution to the clan leaders, huffed, then ground the delicate info sphere to dust between his meaty paws.


“It’s many peoples are scattered across its surface” Blork muttered nervously. 

He was a stubborn brat. Auriyen glowered and scrapped his hoof long and gratingly slow on the flagstones. This limelight was for meant for the Vizer, not the grunt. 


“Well?” The Grand Vizer swung his great head around, arms flung out in haughty anger as he turned slowly, his haughty gaze rising to survey the gently sloping hills filled with clans gathered for his Pronouncement on this discovery.


“Why have we not made contact?” He glared at Blork, scrapping his hoof again.


Blork swallowed hard, his own hoof pecking nervously several times on the flagstone. He clutched his thigh unconsciously, as if to still the nervous tic and tried to stutter out his analysis as practised that morn with the Grand Vizer.


‘Technicians of Oxenia Prime’s greatest archives would teach future grunt clerks about this day.’ Blork thought suddenly.

Blork, the Wise, would become part of the syllabus. 


The data was undisputed. And his 13 years of unwavering, considered analysis of this data would not, COULD not be faulty.


He stood up a little straighter, tapping his hoof once in certainty. Grounding himself. 


“Well, sire. Here’s the thing. They aren’t responding” Blork stepped back a few more paces as the wide head of Auriyen lowered into his trademark glower.


“We believe they are captives of the vermin that populate the planet!” That unscripted, braying shout from the elder of Blork’s clan -he was also Bork’s pompous windbag of a father, Auriyen huffed dourly to himself. 


Blork Senior’s accusation was quickly taken up by his fellows.


“Captive, so they are!”

“They must be freed! 


We must act!”


Auriyen lifted his hand for silence and an expectant hush fell over the group. When all that could be heard were was the rustle of the grass that covered the steppes on which the clans gatherings were held and the haunting song of the herd finches he spoke.

“Who shall go to parlay? Which clan has strength of horn and hoof to accomplish this task”


A shout went up, the 15 clans almost a unanimous voice in their clamouring.


“Baa’ an Clan! The clan of Auriyen!” 

Auriyen gave a cold satisfied smile. His sharply angled head lifted up, flexing this thick neck and powerful massive shoulders.


“And what of the bounty to be wrung from the captors? Who among us is fit to seize? Who among us is fit to judge?  And Who. Among. Us. Is fit to punish?”


Again the loud shout rose to shake the open hillside, the noise rolling down the lush green steppes like an avalanche 


“Auriyen! The grace of Auriyen decides all!”


Auriyen, Grand Vizor, former outcast but now champion warlord, braced apart his muscled thighs. Claw tipped fingers clenched in gripping fist he punched the air above his head


“We bring freedom to our people! And punishment to all captors!”

 The assembled clans of elders went wild, stomping and leaping about. Clan Rangor elders rushed to and fro across their steppes, kicking all who foolishly stood behind them as they charged past.


The thirty elders of Clan Baa’an rose in unison. Each slowly stomped their left hoof, their clawed right hand matching the rhythm, thumping their massive chests,  the tempo getting faster and faster, their powerful tails whipping audibly as they bayed low and loud in support.  


A few of the younger Baa’an elders in training forgot themselves, turning to grab each other’s lapels to crack their bone dense thick foreheads together brutally, yelling as comrades with arrogance in an undignified display.


Even the thoughtful docile, long haired Shara-ein clan though they remained seated, took on the frenzy, a song of an ancient war chant bursting forth, their gray faces splitting wide as each of their voices swelled the noise in warbling glorious song.


Sharia-ein In Song



The heavenly orb of light bathed the hillside in its warm heat, seeming to shine even brighter as Auriyen stomped purposefully around the stony worn flagstones of the Elders circle shouting “We leave on the morrow. And the clawed hand of Death and Blood be on all who stand against us.  Ready the battleships!”


Auriyen stomped out of the enclosure well satisfied. ‘So. That’s another twenty year reign secure and under hoof.’ He chuckled contentedly to himself.



(Earth’s orbit Present Day)

Auriyen the Fifty Third, freight carrier captain, Hand of Blood and Death and direct descendent of the first Grand Vizer dragged his hand over his face, then scrubbed the bristles of his jutting jaw. His massive head and shouldes and brooding glare confirmed his shared bloodline with his ancestor.


He pushed the large floating Orb of Record away from his command console and watched the images from the famed Pronouncement flicker as the Orb bobbed gently in the shuttle. The historical edict to bring freedom to the oppressed, re-enacted for the planetary archives and played on repeat at all annual celebrations, had fuelled his people’s drive for the technological advancements they now wielded.


He sighed. Shot a glare of dislike at the holoscreen projection of the inhabitants of the cargo hold, then sighed again.


Someone was going to die. 

Die a death of slow but intense pain.


Fifty two generations of subsequent leaders, eons used to acquire the weaponry and advanced technology needed to journey to the polluted blue planet. 


Only to arrive to find out the horrifying truth.


There were none like his people -or any clan known to populate his homeworld,  Oxenia Prime, in THIS universe.


Yes, the inhabitants of this ghastly blue planet of plague and death had not responded. But not due to captivity.


‘Damn that imbecile Blork the Wise’ he muttered to himself, rising to his feet. Auriyen vowed to have the statue of the fabled archive technician torn down and ground into dust for use in all the wasteland’s privy closets.


He stomped back down to the cargo hold, passing through the red beamed cross hatched laser security. He waited for the low bellow that confirmed his authority to enter, then stepped forward, slapping apart the cargo hold forcefield.


The smell caused bile to rise up through his first stomach until he tamped down his reactions.

They had crapped themselves. 


The tan coloured mutes looked over at him, whites of their eyes rolling wildly as they thrashed and stomped about. The females cried pitifully, stamping with the pressure of feeding time now missed.


He needed to return them.


To the rainy islands, the wide open plains, the cold blustery tundra the crew had ’emancipated’ them from.


A loud bellow from a wet nosed, black and white female, her full, pendulous peach tinted long tipped teats swaying in their strangely placed housing between her hind legs, made him grimace in crushing defeat.


Once aboard, none stood upright. Stubbornly choosing to remain on all hoofed fours. Encouragement to shift from this camouflage was rudely ignored.


All attempts to communicate and inform them of the thousand year crusade for their freedom had been met with either stony silence, a sloppy face lick or, in the case of a rather randy male, an attempt to mount him when Auriyen had once mistakenly turned his back to them.


That one. 

Auriyen glared balefully at the randy male who tossed his wide horns, huffed through his nose and promptly lifted his tufted tail to let fall a steaming slurry and clods of dark brownish green waste.


That male was being returned immediately. 

The area it had been taken from was vast, an area named, as the navigator informed the crew, as the Tixus lung-Hrnn hamlet.


“We are returned to the hamlet, Auriyen sire” the Navigator’s voice boomed in the cargo enclosure causing a repeat of the stomping.  The awful damned wordless noise from the freed aliens started up.


“Make it quick, you can return the others shortly, but I want that male off this carriership now!” Auriyen barked. 

“And get this bay enviro-sanitised immediately!”

The sniggered “Right away, sire” promised a vicious beating in the training pen for that navigator before Auriyen would allow him to crawl into his stasis pod for the long journey home.


The  swelling electrified light of the transfer beam bathed the cargo bay suddenly, capturing Auriyen and the bellowing Tixus alien in its glow before Auriyen could step out of its reach. 

“Argh!” his shout of ire boomed as suddenly, he found himself in the open, on the surface of the smelly polluted planet, his iron clad hooves and calves sunk up to the knees in the soft muddy planet surface.


“By the Golden Hoof of Baa’an Goreem!” Auriyen shouted into his comm piece. “Navigator, What have you done?!” 


He looked about sharply, noting that their arrival planet side  him, the randy ma had caught the attention of others, namely other females from the randy one’s harem, he suspected, who now moved at growing pace , jostling and clattering towards them.


“Apologies, sire!” The Navigator’s voice echoed in his ear, no longer sniggering, the trembling tone a dread realisation that his last breaths were likely to be painful and would coincide with Auriyen’s safe return to the space battleship. 


Auriyen backed away from the fast approaching foolish females, darted out from the centre of the returned group and swung round, his dark high necked cape of office swirling around his legs.


“I am retreating to this structure ahead. Mark my coord intends, you calf-lick and get me off this cesspit.” Auriyen charged towards the large strangely shaped tall and wide building that yawned wide at both ends.  A high, then even higher pitched gabble of noise could be heard coming from inside. 


The vermin.


No matter. This was most likely a small clutch of the fur less vermin that roamed unrestrained across the planet. 


Hoof and horn free, they bred in numbers and gathered together in herd enclosures surrounded with lights and stone. At night time, the time agreed best for when he had done his first reconnoitre, he has seen the vermin’s steeds. All shiny metal that shot lights from the front and back as they hurled along the preset paths all blackened and hardened by use.


He marched into the large structure, determined to shoo the hairless vermin out and get some peace whilst he waited for transfer beam return.


He smiled grimly, planning how hard to smack down the Navigator for this blunder.


The gabble stopped as two of the vermin, shrouded in thick leggings made of material the colour of their darkened sky looked over at him. The slightly taller, less rounded of the vermin let out a high pitched bellow, turned and started to run away.


“Aha, we have your position. Now, sire!” The Navigator’s disembodied voice was triumphant as the crackling transferring beam blasted through the enclosure, returning Auriyen and the the two screeching vermin aliens to the now empty cargo hold.



Brad and Meg Grayson had been arguing.



The ranch had been poorly managed for years as Brad chased one hopeless venture (and women ) after another across the state of Wyoming, his selfish plans of competitive bull riding ignoring both his  vows to marry his fiancé and the life savings Meg and her late father had sunk in the breeding ranch for their famed Texas Longhorn cattle.


Eight years in and Meg had had enough. Enough of the struggle of managing the ranch single handed after Brad took off again, and the increased costs. Even the death of her father last year had not swayed Brad to return and settle down. Instead he was still promising ‘This’ll be my big break. it’s just one more year, babe’ as he set off chasing the silver buckle from the rodeo competitions in his home state of Wyoming.


Then a few fays ago, rustlers had taken Major, the Longhorn prized bull and left no trace. With the ranch sale hanging on the quality of their stock of cattle, that loss had threatened the deal.


And had been the only thing to bring Brad back to salvage the sale.


“How could you have let Major get stolen and not inform the Rocking D?” Brad glared at Meg, his hand waving angrily out at the paddock and fields beyond the open barn.

“As buyers they need to know a day-”


“I did not ALLOW Major to get stolen, Brad! Jeez, anyone would think I rolled out the trailer and hooked it up to the rustler’s truck myself.” 


Meg thumped each clenched fists onto her waist, eyes flashing as she glared back at Brad. He could be a cruel ass sometimes.


“All I know is that a few nights ago a truck or SOMETHING came on to the land. No idea how they got past the font gate security.” Meg’s shoulders slumped in defeat.


“I saw the truck’s really bright head beams from the ranch house but, by the time I got the ATV out there, the herd including Major had disappeared.”


“Disappeared? That’s total bullsh-” Brad snarled, his voice drowned out suddenly as the afternoon quiet was shattered by a sudden loud bellow. Meg straightened. It was unmistakably Major. Followed by another, louder, deeper thundering bellow and the lowing and clamour of the rest of the herd.


Turning towards the sound, Brad and Meg strode to that end off barn. The hot afternoon sun streamed in, blinding them slightly as a huge hulking silhouette of a man appeared at the mouth of the barn. He clearly enjoyed Halloween, Meg thought as she squinted at the realistic curved horns fitted to his head.


“Now look here, mister-” Brad stuttered to a stop as the hulking male strode towards them.


Meg looked down, her heart seizing in her throat as she recognised the shape and backwards bend of his legs.


it was Major, or an idiot in a very good costume come to play out his Halloween demon bull cos-play fantasy 


The man had clearly been studying Major, but no, not quite Major. He was a massive guy, at least seven foot when dressed as he was as a brutish ram, caped in a large dark covering 


The silhouette man/ ram bared his teeth. They were large and -oh my heart- sharp and inhuman. 


This, it was soooo not man.

 ‘Oh god, aliens are real’ Meg thought terrified. 


Then, IT roared once, lowered its broad head. 

And charged. 

Charged into the barn, bellowing. 

It’s four fingered muscled arm pressed to the side of its head, as if in communication.


Four fingers! Meg turned, wincing at the high shriek that erupted from Brad. She gawped in shock watching as if in slow motion, Brad pushed her towards the charging beast. Meg screeched, watching as her fiancé left her and raced away. In the opposite direction. Babe or bail? Meg thought. ‘Welp I’ve got my answer….’ she thought distractedly.


The sun seemed to break through the barn roof, shining with a brightness that blinded Meg. Mid shout, she felt the air change, crackling with electricity then, there was nothing.




Navigator Senroth did a double take at the transfer beam readings, gulped in horror and slammed his clawed hand on the termination pad. 


Dead. Stone dead.

He was going to be flayed alive by Uncle Auriyen, the captain.


In the cargo hold, the sudden loss of power made the transfer beam shimmer and then suddenly wink out, unceremoniously dumping the three beings collected from the planet surface.


“Oof!” Auriyen slammed into the floor of the thankfully decontaminated cargo hold, his cape protecting his back from being shredded as he skidded along the hard floor surface. The Navigator was a dead grunt. Baa’an Clan and his Hoof-Son be damned. By the Ram’s scrotum, he was going to slap the twist out of that Baa’an horns.


The vermin had landed on top of him. Awful pestilence. He reached up to pluck them off him but was too slow.


One vermin made another of those indecipherable throat noises, leapt up and scuttled away furiously on its four uneven limbs.

Auriyen pushed at the smaller one still draped on his muscled chest, intrigued. It smelled of warm honey and the silkiest of cream. Needing to rise, he rolled it unceremoniously off his broad sinew filled barrel chest. It landed on its side, tucked its lower longer hoof less legs under and rolled to a stop.


He staggered to his feet, groaning as he shook his broad head, his curved horns whispering harshly through the thick air.


Beside him the smaller of the blue planet’s vermin still lay, clearly sentient but most likely quite backward, its small eyes tightly closed. The mass of long furs on its head had tangled in a dark tangled mess across its face and shoulders.


The taller of the two vermin was definitely awake. 

But huddled in the furthest corner jabbering and mumbling to itself.  It gasped in terror as the forcefield at the doorway split to reveal the full contingent of the ship’s security detail –   the Baa’an Baron At Arms, plus eight Rangor warriors, armed from hoof to horns with blades, brandishing the plasma implosion canon and an impressive selection of the snub nosed disruption grenades. 


Even the Baron was twitchy.  One false move and the eager pad-loving fingers that hovered over the detonate pads on the grenades would clamp down, blowing a hole in the cargo hold large enough to suck even the flight crew out of their pod on the 64th level. Through their assholes. Before casting them and the crew into space.


For a hot, vicious second Aruiyen bared his teeth, thoughts full of Senroth, his torn and muddied uniform, and the disappointing primitive nature of the now-returned alien creatures. 


With the funds for herd and flock building ringfenced instead to fulfil the pronouncement, fewer and fewer females and calves were born each century, resulting in the rutting season appearing as a fertile period only once a decade. 


These aliens had been Oxenia Prime’s last hope.


Sighing Aruiyen held up one large hand wearily, staying their eager pre-emptive strike. 


The head of a serene Shara-ein, the technics officer, poked out from behind the cluster of armoured Rangor. Its flat oval iris narrowed in its huge yellow eyes as they darted around the hold. It’s jaw dropped, mouth gaped wide in wonder, horror or astonishment -with their classic grim grey faces, you could never tell with that lot. 


Its nose quivered as it surveyed the hold, empty now of all horned and still quadrupedal blue planet residents. In their place the two vermin and a slightly bruised captain.


“Stand down, the fuckn lot of you” Aruiyen growled low. 


Straightening he moved towards the security team. 

“Watch the vermin” he muttered.

“The small one with the nest on its face is awake. Has been since we arrived but is playing dead.” The Rangor chuckled.

“The larger one appears to be in shock. Or trying to communicate with its nest mate.” 


“Take that active  one back with the Shara-ein;  see if there is any tech to help us tame it.  If not, check its core orbs, see if it is fit for food, although with the pollution reported, anything from that planet needs a wide berth…” Auriyen stamped out of the cargo hold eager for the sonic cleanser to strip the filth from the planet. 


He dragged himself through the decontamination tunnel, cleaning himself of the filth on his hooves before stomping towards the bridge.


There was no avoiding it, the campaign had been a total fuckn broken horn, his thoughts were dark. 


Oxenia Prime was facing extinction and for what? He glanced out of the carrier viewing portals as he reached the transport for the bridge. The blue and white swirled sphere seemed to gleam innocently back at him. 


Snarling once he turned his back on the sight. With a determined face he stepped off the transport onto the bridge. He was spoiling for a good fight, a chance to let off steam before the humiliating journey back to O-Prime. 


He spied his target. 

“Navigator Senroth!!” Auriyen bellowed.


This would be a good hour of sparring at least.