Pets: Bebe by Darla Phelps

Bebe (Pets #3)Bebe by Darla Phelps

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Read ALL three books first before passing judgement

So I read the other two books in the series with interest but wasn’t really engaged and the story seemed a bit off, don’t know why.

But this, the final instalment of the Pers series was a good conclusion of what appeared to be a never ending spa fest and miscommunication.

Bebe happens Pani’s Story over 25 years after both Bach’s Story and Pani’s Story and shows interaction between the ‘monsters and a captive born human leads to the ending of the Pet trade on this alien planet.

Tral was a delight and Phelps’ ability to reflect his dorkish mannerisms and speech added entertainment to what could have been just a dark and soulless recounting of alien slavers: 

Grit your teeth, suspend your personal views and just read all three books before you pass judgement. 

Well worth the time even if, like me, you’re not particularly into spanking and age-play.

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