Dr Dreamy – LJ Shen (Short Story)

Doctor DreamyDoctor Dreamy by L.J. Shen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This.Is.It *Squeeeee!!!!*
So anyone who is anyone must have read the book Drawn to Him: A Romance Collection – a collection of 8 fast paced short stories. 

Dr Dreamy is one of them and my first intro to LJ Shen.

Both the h and H have wit and sass.
Definate addition to my thinking woman’s smexy read bookshelf.

I also love a good indie author who can plot me to gasp and back but Ms Shen takes the biscuit, and then the cake…

…“Fucking the barely-legal receptionist with the door open in our clinic? Is this about trying to make me jealous?”

“No,” he says serenely, grabbing his phone and keys and tucking them in his back pocket. “It was actually about making her come harder. The thrill of getting caught will do that to you.
More adrenaline.
You should know that.
You may have failed the first year of med school twice, but you got your MD. Eventually,” he shrugs…

This is the H- #DrDreamy.
Talking to his nearly ex-wife (also an MD but she’s definately NOT a Dr Dreamy. )
About the h.

LJ, girl, where have you been all my life???

With an alpha you just hate to love PLUS a plot with truly unenviable plot twists, this story felt like an impossible situation to get out of. And yet, with all the flair of a literary Houdini, Ms Shen brings me a HEA that is both fulfilling and memorable.

There will be other reviews that pick the story to pieces and angst over the relationship.

Go read those if you want to waste good reading time.

Otherwise if are a thinking woman who loves stories that make you work a little bit for a sizzling HEA:
search LJ Shen,
click TBR for EVERYTHING and then make this author a one-click on Amazon

Job well done Ms Shen!!

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