Xmas comes early with Gadziala (oh, you dirty minded people you!)

UnwrappedUnwrapped by Jessica Gadziala

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SO I am in the process of either re-reading or catching up with Ms Gadziala’s books. For some reason this little gem had escaped my hot lil’ hands and I picked it up to enjoy a quick hour of fun. And was it ever. The same punchy writing style that has made Jessica one of my favourite writers, plus the holidays, plus a hunky H PLUS Xmas…! What could possibly go wrong.

Well. Nothing.

Nothing went wrong. I laughed, I cried, I bit my bottom lip and flicked through this little novella at feverish pace.

The H, Mountain man, orphan and premium smoked meat, multi-millionaire Jake, t-bones holiday maker and h, Lyra, orphan and wistful New Yorker seeking a real holidays experience as she drives through a snowstorm to her hired cabin.

Her car totalled and with possible concussion, Jake takes charge,, taking her and her Xmas prep luggage back to his amazing buiscuit tin perfect cabin where they both discover the way to make Xmas much more memorable that it had ever been in the past.

This is a sweet and sexy easy read with just enough book to make you feel you’ve had the equivalent of a handful of fun-sized snickers…just enough sweet and smexy so that you’ve had a hit of GadziFixx but not so much that you feel you’ve totally wrecked your diet…

Would love to see this one developed into a series. Felix the writer sounds like he’d be snarky and intelligent fun
Pretty please??

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