Perfect Strangers by Abby Gale

Perfect StrangersPerfect Strangers by Abby Gale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and loved it!
Kellan is a tortured soul H with tatts and piercings who uses one night stands as his form of connecting. Melody/Mel is the young graduate and h who enters his world and teaches him how open up and let love have a chance.

He doesn’t start out well:

Women generally call me God,” he stasted before adding a fake woman moan, “Oh God, please let me come. Oh God, yes… right there.” I tried to stop my laugh, rolling my eyes instead, “What about men? What do they call you?” “Bastard, asshole… you name it,” he shrugged. “You’re confusing me,” I started, smiling at him to let him know I was teasing. “What should I call you if I agree to go with you?” I added. “When you agree to leave this club with me you can call me ‘stranger’ till I become your God,” he whispered into my ear before peppering kisses on the sensitive skin under my ear.”

And along the way he f*ucks up. Repeatedly. Big time.

But they get to their HEA in the end.
Solid 3 stars for this one

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