Call Me Daddy by Jade West (review)

Call Me DaddyCall Me Daddy by Jade West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Call this book the daddy of smexy kink – amazing!

I received this book as a gift from my BFF who knows me only too well…!
Jade West blends kink seamlessly into a story of two lost souls that find each other on a rainy English night. Nick, the H, rescues Laine and learns how to take care of her as a woman after he satisfies his need to care for her through DD/lg and mild age-play:

He rolls me backwards, and slips a towel under my ass, and it feels so icky… dirty… like I’m a baby on a changing mat, and he’s about to wipe my dirty bottom…
I wonder if he can see my… see it…
I wonder if he wants to…
He runs his fingers down my thighs, all the way to my pussy, and further. And I know then that he can. He can see everything.
He pulls my ass cheeks apart and it makes me screw my eyes closed, knowing he’s looking at me there… knowing he can see the most private parts of me…
“Relax,” he says. “No secrets from Daddy, remember? I want to see everything, know everything. Every beautiful dirty little part of you.”
I feel heady. Nervous. My throat is dry and my feet are twitchy as he runs his thumb across my asshole. My actual asshole. And it tickles, but it’s a nice tickle.
I don’t know if it should feel this good, but it does… it feels really good.
“Dirty little girls like Daddy’s cock in their ass, Laine.”
He says it so bluntly, his voice so deep and strong

Excerpt From: West, Jade. “Call Me Daddy.”

Jade West knocks it out of the park yet again

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