Pixie Moon’s “Dagrinian Love” series: Alien/Human romance

So I recently started to go back to see some books I’ve had for ages but not gotten round to reading. I’ve found some gems and some stuff that is so awful I don’t know what possessed me to get it, and I’m not even going to add to my reading challenge for 2017, they’re that bad. And don’t deserve that sort of recognition. When you have the crazy masterpieces from 2016 to beat it’s going to be difficult to get a spot on the 2017 podium.

So I thought I’d start this blog on the Pixie Moon series that starts with Megan’s Alien: Dagrinian Love #1


It’s a grudging 2 stars for this one, because I want to give the writer the benefit of the doubt 

But the *meh* feeling I’d had reading this may be premonition that my relationship with this series may not end well…

Let’s see how we get on. 

12 January 2017


 Update – 17 April 2017

So, yeah. Still haven’t got round to reading any more of Pixie Moon’s series.

I did read the collab with Laurann Dohner who was my first indie experience (I love her stories) and I feel Pixie took away from the pace and style Laurann has. I won’t be reading any more collabs of that duo as a rule, which is a pity because I always wait for new Dohner books with fierce anticipation.


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