Fire in his Blood by Ruby Dixon

Fire in His Blood (Fireblood Dragon, #1)Fire in His Blood by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fiery new series…OK, I’ll give it time to settle

So this is the first in what is to be a new series from the inimitable Ruby Dixon of the Ice Planet Barbarians fame.

As you know I’m not that into shifters…or vampires either, so a series that has dragon shifters is going to have to be pretty awesome to hold my attention in the long run.

So this book is set in the dystopian future. The h, Claudia, Earthlng meets Kael, the H – a dragon shifter.

After being arrested for stealing she is sentenced to be sacrificed or better still tame one of the marauding double decker sized dragons that ravage the city on cycles.

Kael is a golden dragon, ripped from his homeworld along with countless others through a portl to stinky, human-infested Earth, and is slightly bonkers because of it. As are all the other dragons, especially the females- who are red coloured and pissed off as f*ck by the Earth. Hence the burning and the tearing and the killing of billions of Earthlings. Cos they’re all a bit loopy-loo.

Anyway, Kael smells and takes Claudia away and they discover each other, though English definitely is NOT his first (or preferred!) language.

Imma give this series a bit of time to see if it grows on me. Currently I’m a bit *meh* but let’s see, shall we?

A solid 3 stars for the writing (although if Ruby just put out a cover reveal and 220 blank pages with her name on it, she’d get 3 stars from me, she’s that good. Seriously.)

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