On the Way Home: by Skye Warren – Domme heaven! (So NSFW)

On the Way Home: A Dark Romantic Suspense NovelOn the Way Home: A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel by Skye Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

He’s a Killer on the streets, but her sub between the sheets
Have had this one on hold for a while so am kicking myself over the delay. This was a short but punchy read. Skye really took it there, and then went one step further!

Clint is special forces, a total alpha male on missions, and his all muscle at 260lb frame has led and seen the worse sides of black ops.

Clint returns to the US after his last undercover special forces tour, which was successful but particularly harrowing as it  left one of his buddies in a coma following torture and extracting a top secret list of powerful criminal activity happening back on home shores.

He is rescued from homelessness (after his piece of crap girlfriend dumped him then threw his stuff out of his own apartment, which he had already paid n full for – sheesh!!!) by the h, Della.

Della has issues, and has her own demons to pacify …and a sister to save.

Together Della and Clint discover his sexual submissive side, and it’s done with style:

“…It suddenly seemed necessary that I surrender to her, like a gift. The only gift that would mean anything to a woman like this. I’d felt pissed off that she hadn’t trusted me enough. Enough to let me help her with Dmitri and whatever else. She’d barely tolerated my fixing her porch step, for Christ’s sake. But how could she trust me if I didn’t trust her?

I must have been distracted, must have let my guard down without consciously realizing it, because my ass had relaxed. Her mouth was between my ass cheeks, kissing my asshole. I strung up tight, my whole body bending off the bed. “Jesus, that’s so good. So good. More please. More.”

She gave it to me, rimming me until I was only babbling sounds of pleasure and grief, so close to coming but not allowed, not allowed. My dick felt raw against the bedspread, as if I were rubbing against sandpaper, but I couldn’t stop now. Just humped the bed and groaned and pressed my ass into her face. She wasn’t the one degraded here; I was, and I loved it. Oh God, I loved it.

“Cuff me,” I managed to say. I felt drunk, drugged, unable to form words, but I said those. She drew one wrist behind my back and secured the cuff tight. Then the other was attached to it. Bound. Helpless. So fucking turned on. Then my legs got spread even farther apart, my ankles wrapped by more cuffs and held in position by the metal bar.

I groaned at the loss of control. You don’t let girls in. I was letting a girl in now, and the alarm bell was a distant memory. Then her dick nudged my asshole, and my whole body twitched. I was one big nerve ending, one massive involuntary reaction writhing on the tip of her rubber cock. Her hands settled on my hips as she pushed the cock inside, inexorably, forcefully.

I couldn’t help it. I clenched to keep her out, but I wasn’t sure she even knew it. The rubber cock just pushed in deeper, splitting me open, making me burn. I gritted my teeth. “Fuck, that hurts.” “Want me to stop?” She didn’t even sound breathless, and I was going to explode. “I feel you everywhere.” It was like she’d invaded my body—not just my ass, but my whole body, filling me up to my fingertips. I pressed my cock against the bed, desperately rubbing. “Hurts. Feels good.” “Guess I’ll keep going.” I heard the smile in her voice.

Then she was fucking me, pulling out and then pushing inside. Each thrust into me felt like the first one, a cold and hot, unforgiving and so damn sweet. She found a rhythm, and that was the end for me. The friction of rubber against a spot inside me. The steady pulls of the sticky bedspread against my trapped cock. I yanked my arms against my restraints and tried to drag my legs together, as if that could keep me from coming. But I was held open, helpless to whatever she could do to me, and that was hot enough to make me come all on its own.

I shuddered and shouted my release, fucking the mattress just like she’d told me to do. My mind drifted off into that cloudless night, the space between frantic fucking and cuddling after, the time when you are truly alone and prefer it that way. Then I felt her press a soft kiss to the back of my neck….”

OKaaaaay! And in between the pegging Clint also gets to bring down Dimitri, the crime boss, who has plagued most of Della’s life.

But all is not as it seems…seriously. Yep, there’s one more twist to make you gasp.

This is not dark, it’s more of a gritty read, but well worth it if you want a HEA but the H and h really work for it.

So, another for the Thinking Woman’s Smexy Hotreads list I’d say…

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