Forbidden Prescription 2 – latest release from Stephanie Brother – a mfm romance

Forbidden Prescription 2: MFM Menage Stepbrother Romance


Stephanie Brother

Release Date:January 4th

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance


Amazon link: link:


Forbidden Prescription 2 Banner.png





She never thought that her new patients would end up being her step siblings. And not just one of them…but two. And on top of that, TWINS! What would you do if you were put into a situation with two hot twin alphas that just happened to fall in your lap?

 Emma met Carl and Abe at the local bar while trying to wind down from a long day at the hospital. One thing led to another, and they all ended up at the hotel room together. She never thought she would ever be with more than one man at once.

 She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her patients. It was against hospital protocol, and her career was on the line if she was caught. But that didn’t stop her from having each twin for herself. That was until she found out that her mother was going to be marrying their father and caused a huge dilemma between the three of them.They need to decide what they are going to do. Whether to continue the romance and connection with each other, both mentally and physically in the bedroom, or call it quits and move on. It’s easier said than done…This is a novel length, standalone romance with NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!




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