Falling Under: Underwhelmed by this collab of Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

Falling UnderFalling Under by Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The only genre not in this is a tattooed mafia MC aliens warriors. And it still dragged



Sigh. I can’t even think where to start with this one. 

Bad boy? Check
Kidnapping? Check
Sick terminal younger sister in need of expensive treatment? Check
Innocent h who falls for her captor? Check.
Innocent lil sis dies? Check
H transforms into a raging hulk of revenge? Check

H and h get preggers and have lil baby girl they name after the dead sister? Check
Book stuffed to the gills with plot? Check

So how come this one left me feeling it was bland, rushed and frankly not finish-worthy??


Go read a real dark read like the Captive series. 

This isn’t dark. Not even darkish.

I love Jenika Snow books. I can’t get enough.
I am not into the collabs with this particular author though.

Jenika’s writing style in this book reads like a beautiful rose bush being choked by the climbing, choking ivy that surrounds it….

Imma avoid any more collab books from these two as I can’t work up enough energy to like or finish the books that come out of this indie author joining. The plot is great and this book could have been a scorcher. Instead it feels like a bowl of unappetising soggy cornflakes. Story, yes, but not in a good way.

Why so mean?
Because both writers are good, Jenika regularly hits it out the park especially her A Real Man series.
(Take a look at Virgin Lumberjack or my abfab favourite in this growing series Experienced)

But this book…it just doesn’t work for me with these two authors together.

Jenika, puhleeeeze honey.. Really luv your style but….Don’t do this again.
Evah. Ever.

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