“Rustled” box set by Natasha Stories

Rustled: The Complete TrilogyRustled: The Complete Trilogy by Natasha Stories

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok. I tried.
I really tried to like this set of stories.

But it never seemed to ring true to me; what with the hunky billionaire and foul mouthed ‘innocent’ then the two stories of single mothers who both hit pay dirt with fantastic no-baggage guys even though they sleep around on them during the story. Yeah. Not gonna happen as a general rule methinks.

I enjoyed the way the stories handled the LDS issues without turning into a general rant against anything religion. Am not looking for a sermon or a to religion diatribe here, and the books don’t try to deliver that.

Admittedly Natasha Stories can write a solid smexy scene with the best of them, even those tinged with sadism and predation, which was very laudable.

However, I never really got on side with the h in the books
It’s a pity but it’s 2 stars for the writing and for trying to pull this series together. 

Just didn’t do it for me. 


Sorry, babe!

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