Tied – Delve Novella series Jacob Chance

TIED (A DELVE Novella)TIED by Jacob Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a little firecracker of a book… Several PoVs and story threats to tease and tutti late readers of the Delve series. Jacob DoubleEntendre McTwisty has started to come into his own with a range of scenes that are a good mix of holiday fun, overproof smut, light BDSM, sweltering hot scenes interwoven with the ‘aaaahhhh, they be so much in luuuurve!!!’ plot of Tied.

Only bratty outburst I have is about how short the novella was.
YESSSSSS!!! I KNOW NOVELLA MEANT I SHOULD EXPECT A SHORT NOVEL!!! I just wanted THIS story to be in a looooonger novella…
Like I said. Bratty.


A good read.. 3 grumpy stars
(Stomping upstairs off to bed, pouting, dragging my fluffy stuffie bear by the leg)

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