My Sister’s Husband by Cara Chance



My Sister’s Husband

By Cara Chance

Release Date: December 29th

Cover Design by: RBA Letitia Hassar







Insta-love, hot sex, Bad Boy, HEA


Dante Garcia is sexy, hot, and totally lickable. 

His dark hair, sexy body and gorgeous eyes make it impossible to stay away from him. 

But, I have to. 

I can’t even think about him. 

Not even late at night when I’m alone. 

Because he’s married to my sister, and this family get-together just became a nightmare for me. 

How am I supposed to even be in the same room with him? 

For me, this summer trip is going to suck, much like I wish Dante would suck on me. 

Shit, I mean fuck my life.



About The Author

Cara Chance loves writing quick, hot reads to entice the reader to enjoy a dirty man. 

Insta-love, dirty men, hot sex, always a HEA are some of the things you can come to appreciate from Cara’s books. 







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