Anonymous: A true story by EK Blair

Author AnonymousAuthor Anonymous by E.K. Blair

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

EK Blair has been a particular fetish of mine since I fell into the Hush Trilogy. 

So getting this this book was a no brainier.

Am still questioning if this work of fiction (“a true story”) is one of the worst or best books I’ve read

Did it make me think ? Yes
Did it make me shout in anger? Yes
Did it make me howl in despair? Yes. Yes…
Did it make me want another Epilogue? Hell yes!

Did I like the story – absolutely not, but then again, in a society that has grown up issuing HEA films and books, it’s about time we got an equivalent Adele-styled ‘Hello’ plot.

I really, really REALLY disliked Tori/Victoria/ Marilin… A worst heroine you could not possibly meet. Selfish, messed up, self centred, attention seeking, oblivious to all but herself.

An indie NED mainstream published author, she stumbles onto a fetish site and takes up with a seasoned open and sophisticated voyeur, exhibitionist (think Jenika Snow’s cover for the short novella ‘Experienced’ in the Real Man series….)

EK, thanks. Once again you’ve pushed passed the boundaries of the expected to give a story for today’s world. 

Warts, fetishes and self-centred b*tches and all. 

I loved it. 

I hated it. 

You nailed it. 

Well done!

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