Warrior’s Providence: Cadi Warriors series #2- by Stephanie West

Warriors’ Providence (Cadi Warriors, #2)Warriors’ Providence by Stephanie West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Much better than Cadi Warriors #1 for some reason

Providence/Angel is a military parades her which means she jumps out of planes at great heights to rescue people in dangerous situations.

A freak encounter with aliens leaves her with visual proof they exist and this unfortunately means she’ll need to be shipped off to a colony in a far away galaxy that the aliens have been populating over the years with humans in advance of the inevitable zombie apocalypse / nuclear meltdown / ice age the Earth is inexorably trundling towards.

Only thing is, en route, they are attacked by the same scaly reptilian slavers of The Warrior’s Pet who want to relieve the Noah’s-Ark aliens of their precious human cargo.

Providence grabs an alien gun, protects the ship and gets captured for her troubles – but the ship evades capture (we find out later). After a stint of tazer torture she is sling into the slave sells with the furry Wookie looking Chewbacca-tall Toufli and the ship touches down on Cadi where the slavers face Kagen, the recent victor of a centuries old civil war and now sole just ruler, who is about to take them to task for a chemical bomb sold and used to wipe out an entire city, by his defeated enemy. Kagen is mated to Giselle, another human recently liberated from his enemy.

Dagaa finds Prov in the cargo hold of the impounded slavers ship and she is put under the protection of both him and Madhava, Kagan’s other warrior deputy.

Dagaa and Madhave are Warriors that have become close brothers-in-arms, each with a hidden painful past that has left them love shy and single.

Prov proves she is more than a match for Dagaa and Madhava, and becomes a key info point in the rescue of the remaining Toufli from their dying planet. The three have a MFM HEA and Madhava’s long standing family rifts are healed.


Oh, Steph babe, you couldn’t have choosen a longer name?? (I Bet Stephanie was over it halfway through writing…was like:I swear all my future heroines will be called Jo, or Sue or at most Meg…. Or maybe just ‘h’..)

OK. So, the whole ‘I’m an American and my way is da best way’ of Providence sometimes grated on me as a reader not from the land-of-the-free-and-the-home-of-da-brave who is currently following the political and race-related tensions in the USA at the moment…

All that aside, this book had a great story line and was pace-y enough to be an enjoyable read. The heroes and rescues popped up at the right time, and the camaraderie between Dagaa and Madhava was amusing.

On reflection, Imma add this book to my thinking woman’s smexy reads as it is a much more believable h than Cadi #1. Would read another in this series, but Steph needs to do something about these busy book covers!

Solid 3 stars from me.

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