“Strictly Unprofessional” by Maggie Way – Quick read

Strictly UnprofessionalStrictly Unprofessional by Maggie Way

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Why? Why bother if you’re not going to take care over what you put out?

Even though this was a quick read I felt like my 15mins had been stolen.

If Maggie Way is going to put out a short, then a bit of checking for grammar and general editing for flow would not go amiss.

The story and plot were cute, 30-ish executive secretary is passed over for promotion in favour of the 20-something leggy svelte new intern at the legal/ corporate finance company by her long time boss. Resigns in disgust. Is called back into the office where her alpha male boss declares undying lust and a desire to enter into a joint venture of the sexual nature.

But hands are just full, if they are full. They don’t have to be ‘completely full’

I am picky but as my time is short I want my attention focussed on the quick short, not the short-comings…. Although if there are any (cummings that is – see what I did there?) in the short, they are welcomed if they flow from the story (no pun intended)

Imma just stop here now before I completely lower the tone of this review.

The one star is for the story. The other two stars were lost in poor editing, Maggie. Sorry babes…

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