“Warrior’s Pet” by Stephanie West…oh, nearly ‘drugged’ meseff!

The Warrior’s Pet (Cadi Warriors, #1)The Warrior’s Pet by Stephanie West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

University student Giselle is abducted from Earth and then sold at slave auction as a ‘pet’ to the fanged, red-skinned, tailed Warrior, Viglis, leader of one half of a two-party civil war that had been raging on the virtually dystopian planet for centuries.

She is stolen in a night raid by Kagen, leader of the other side and, following the usual “I am an Earthling and I know my own value, even though I enjoy a really good spanking” her alien warrior falls in love.

Melding The Art of War, physics, Judo and mothering skills Giselle becomes an invaluable mate for Kagen and his loyal second in command who learn that big suprises come in this little package.

Giselle is smart and feisty and the usual blond and blue eyed human that always seem to be abducted from the States for some reason…

Great steamy scenes and dialogue that fell seamlessly into the plot and made this a great story.A really good read.

My imagination tends to wander and I did find myself thinking about how many abductees just either

  • returned to Earth with an ‘oops, sorry!’ embarassed apology?
  • die of fright en route?
  • get misplaced during transit and never find their way out of the bowels of the spaceship?
  • go wandering off and get flushed out of an airlock by mistake?
  • Just get sold off to that pleasure house – where they spend an awful existence at the hands of the various aliens that patronise such establishments during their layover from inter-planetary invasion, space bounty, school holidays?

All other abductees somehow land on their feed and fall into the convenient mate space of the nearest Prince/ Emperor/ King/ Planetary leader/ billionaire mogul…

At least Giselle had some education and enough recall and insight to be of real value to Kagen other than just her hair flicks, shimmying hips, lush lips or exquisite thigh grip….!

liked the little teaser at the end. The ubiquitous emerald-eyed ginger unearthed by Kagen’s second in command Dagaa sounds like more of the lighthearted trope of 7 ft alien finds girl, beds girl, girl is as smart as a button (but not smart enough to evade abduction, eh? Sheesh!!!), they fall in love as they save the planet, local galaxy…
What’s not to love, right?

Only ONE niggling point….

The correct word to use is ‘DRAGGED’, not ‘drug’ for goodness sake!!!

Not one person, wookie-type alien, human or lizard-man was operating a pharmacy in this book so why they seemed to constantly ‘drug’ themselves out of bed/room/tent/citadel/ forest etc is beyond me!

You lost a star ‘cos of this, Stephy babe!

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