The “Fetish & Fantasy” Short stories of Lori King

Watching Sin (Fetish & Fantasy #1)Watching Sin by Lori King

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

***Contains Spoilers***
Average read. Scenes a bit disturbing, especially the devirgination of Doug…

Alana and Doug, married for 15 years only now get an invitation to BDSM and full on kink party of Doug’s long time business partner, Killian. A Dom. Who has had the hots for both Alana and Doug for ages apparently.

After attending for a few weeks (months?) without doing anything but observing, Alana suddenly decides to do exhibitionist sex first with Doug and then with both Doug and Killian. Suddenly overcome with emotion she is spirited away by the men into a private bedroom where she suddenly rallies and Killian demands one night of total Domination to these two submissives. They agree.

Killian, Doug and Alana have a series of Wild menage encounters, leading to Doug taking it up the ass by the Dom – who took orders from Doug’s wife? WTF?? Who is the Dom here?

“The three bodies made up one massive jigsaw puzzle that moved in glorious tandem, (that usually means two by the way…)” and brought them all to screaming orgasms, one after the other.
First Doug, whose entire body tightened around Killian, then Alana screamed and began shuddering violently. Her arms flailed until Killian grabbed them and pinned them to her sides. That only seemed to increase her pleasure, and she cried out again, this time begging.
“Fuck him. Fill him with your cum. Just like he did me.”
That was the last thing Killian heard before the blood rushing through his ears shut off any other sound. His balls exploded, emptying every bit of passion he could muster deep inside Doug.”

The story started out quite well and then seemed to veer off into the implausible with the sudden exhibitionism. However, the writing is really good, plot was just ropy. Maybe because this was a deliberate short story the cast and plot had to be hurried along to get the possible (?) HEA for the threesome at the end.

Meh. Two stars

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