Alexa Riley- the Short, Smexy instalove DD/ lg trope

So I just thought I should do a piece on the world of Alexa Riley’s short novellas.  I’ll be going back and putting up a bit more in my reviews on Goodreads – and maybe the ‘Zon as and when, but wanted to do the overall summary here.

For those that aren’t familiar with this successful duo, these books are hot, steamy quick reads from two authors aimed at providing a fantasy escape from life on your lunchtime… If you read quickly

I added the Alexa Riley books to my list of reads this year after stumbling across Trailer Trash Virgin during one of my trawls through Amazon.

The trope has some taboo but follows the same path with a HEA for h and H. And no cheating. Ever. Everrrr.

Their Innocence series was full on Age-Play couples that fowns their OTL (one true love) and DD/lg in one package.

Save a horse…  (or Ride ’em Cowboy!)

Another AR winner in the short smexy read is the Cowboys and Virgin series, although as the first one was also in the Secret Baby genre (OK, via IVF,  so yes, strictly speaking it is still a virgin h…)

To my shame, I didn’t realise that this was part of a new cowboy virgin trope (although it dI’d say that on the cover…!)

These have been a light hearted enjoyable read, border-line Age-Play but definitely a smattering of the DD/lg trope that this authoring duo do so well. It’s almost like the Breeder series in its tone:

Breaking the kiss, I take in a deep breath, having never felt something so strong in my life. The pull to her is unreal, and I can’t stop myself from wanting her in the most basic and primal way.

She moves on my cock again, and this time I let her. Because I can’t deny her something that she enjoys.

I can feel the heat of her panty-covered pussy through my pajamas as she rubs against me. The teasing friction is too much and I can’t hold back anymore. My cock pulses, and I cum, spreading the warm seed against the flannel material, wetting the front of them.

“Oh, that felt good.” She says reaching down and rubs the warm, wet spot, and I nearly cum again from her innocent touch. She’s so innocent, but bold and curious at the same time.

I put my hand over hers and hold it there, letting her feel the throbs of my cock as I finish spurting. She’s breathy, and I know she’s probably aching, too. So I reach up and touch her panties, feeling the wet spot she’s made there.

“Let me make you feel good, too, baby doll,” I tell her, wanting her to feel the same pleasure I did. Needing it.

“Pushing the panties to the side, I slide my pinky finger inside her and feel her clench around it. She’s so tiny, I have a hard time getting it in, but she’s slick with need and I make it work. After a second I slide my pinky out and she whines.

“Shhh. I think you can take something bigger now.” I use my index finger, feeling her tightness again, and it takes a moment for her to relax and let me in.

Her back is to my front and her legs are spread wide as I bring my other hand around to rub her wet clit. Her big green eyes open wide in wonder and want. She’s so sticky with need, and her pussy opens for my touch. I’m finger-fucking her a little harder now, trying to work her opening wider, wide enough so that she can take my cock. Not right this second, but soon. She’s mine, and I want to stake my claim. I don’t want another man sniffing around after her and her not be marked.

 Riley, Alexa. “The Wanted Virgin” (Cowboys & Virgins Book 3).

The following book in the series have the same Instalove that serves readers so well.

If I do reviews of thes or other Alexa Riley books I’ll link them with this post.

Do you read the great AR? What are your favourites?

Please comment and share

Bye, friends 💕




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