This is Book #3 in the Thinking Woman’s Smexy Read and. I.Can’t.Even…..!


I voluntarily reviewed this ARC

****Contains Spoilers****

So I really took my time with this one, the last book in the De LaCoeur trilogy.  

I love, love, LOVED this series and am heartbroken it has ended!!

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Lauren Landish then you’ll know that I’ve become a bit of a crazed fan girl and crush like a simpering teenager over her books.  

This one was no different and I have been reverently flicking through the pages, mixed emotions as I neared the end.

Melissa/ Lissa Sands is the illegitimate child from a doomed affair between her mother and the married, crooked business magnate Peter De La Coeur.

Lissa is an emotionally broken 30year old sculptor and artist, who witnessed her mother’s suicide when she was seven years old.  This had a major impact on her with Melissa had retreating into an almost childlike world and a virtual recluse with no-one but her younger adopted brother and art gallery business partner, Carson for protection and company.

Jackson found his HEA  (but boy did he have to work for it!) with computer hacker and all round bada$$ Katrina – see Revenge.

 Andrea is loved and safe to be her submissive self in a D/s relationship with quiet but commanding Carson – see Retaliation. So what’s Lissa’s fate…..?

We join the story after Carson and Melissa have established a close relationship with the other offspring of Peter De LaCoeur, Jackson and half-sister Andrea. Katrina is now a mother with lil’ Baby Andrea (BA) and their last foray against Peter to rescue Andrea from Peter’s sociopath contract killer (which left him literally burned and scarred) could never be the last they heard of Peter. 

This motley family will face his wrath again.  Me, I would have packed up my sh*t and called it a day. But Peter? Him? Give up? Oh no. Not by a long shot.

Nathan Black, former fixer and sometime hitman for Peter is a semi-retired mercenary and ex-special forces hardman has now joined forces with the siblings.  His sole aim is protecting the family and the pure, kind-hearted members who are under threat from Peter.  His interest and love for Melissa started in ‘Retaliation’ is kept on the down-low.  Nathan has blood on his hands.  A lot of blood. He feels his soul is scarred and too far gone for redemption, anything he touches will just become as soiled as he feels he is.

But Lissa sees the man beneath, has grown to love him but is too afraid to declare her love.

 Katrina confirms Peter is on the hunt again this time having put our a smorgasbord of contracts on their heads. Nathan spirits them away from the New Orleans suburbs to his virtually zombie/ nuclear apocalypse hideaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains after he hears who is after them….Isis Bardot (hit woman/ sniper/ psycho baddie) a former work – and bed- mate.  

Lissa screws up the courage to tell Nathan how she feels but Nathan shoots her down. 



Katrina and Andrea think he’s a big idjit as well.

Nathan is soon lured back to New Orleans to rescue Margaret De LaCoeur from her husband, who has put out a contract on her. Apparently darling hubby, Peter, has put out contracts on almost everyone… (Think Keyser Soze on crack) but it is a trap. Isis has already killed Margaret and is lying in wait at the rendezvous.  Nathan narrowly escapes but is injured. This kicking upside the head seems to do the trick and he claims Melissa as his soulmate.

On a quick visit in to town Lissa is kidnapped by Isis who demands the family meet her in New Orleans. For all her crazy, Isis blocks Peter’s attempts to act out his incest cravings.

A concerted effort by Nathan, the rest of the family and some of Nathan’s ex Special Forces buddies gets them the location of Peter’s kidnap hideout and after the smoke from the blazing gun and grenade battle clears Peter and Isis are both dead…. And made food for the gators.

Nathan and Lissa have a sweet HEA, part underground part traditional and the whole group get the close family circle they’d never even dreamed possible from their start in life.


There’s quite a bit of violence in this book and a few triggers, but overall it feels in keeping with the tone and pace of the story. Landish has a freakish knowledge of guns, munitions , underground lifestyle and warcraft (or has done some serious research) and the story and world building for this series is only made much richer for it.

This may not be the book for everyone if you are into outlandish smexy alien/female Mars-needs-women trope style books but that’s OK. I love those as well.  

I just think that books for the thinking woman that involve smart, sassy, truly hardworking, intelligent, independent, kick a$$ women in a story that reflects an ethnic diversity and criminal underworld in an unapologetic way are few and far between.


Fill yer boots with this one!


I breathed a contented sigh of relief at the end.  

And then again after the Epilogue.  

And then I cried a lil’ bit and got cross ‘cos the series is now over and I have to go find another series…


A solid 4 stars!! 

I heart Ms Landish. 

Fan for life over here.


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