****Contains Spoilers****

I wanted to like this book.

I really did.

But Starling seems to have thrown EVERYTHING into this book. A little 50 Shades, a little inked bad boy, a little alpha billionaire, a little dark, a little mean girls, a little….. oh dear.

So, virginal Lola Grace (LG) just turned 18 and picks up Max, a 35 yr old inked bad boy, at a bar and goes home with him for a night of unbridled passion. Max is smitten, but still gets up the next morning to marry a cold hearted bit&@ under a contract that will give his alcoholic gambler lawyer father and psycho mother income to reverse the wreck they have made of their finances. The new wife happens to be Lola Grace’s mother…who hasn’t yet divorced her ‘dead’ peadophile creeping husband who isn’t really dead….

Oh yes, and there’s a girlfriend who really died during childbirth but Max was told by his parents that because of him she committed suicide…

Keeping up? Yep, neither did I…

Max and Lola Grace ultimately get together as LG (who was roofie-d by her best friend to set her up to ‘record’ a sex tape with two frat boys in their university classes… only apparently not really) and soon as LG discoverS the wedding is void.

EVERY ONE BAD GETS WHATS COMING TO THEM – from broken noses, being grounded by their senator father (REALLY??? A Senator for frig sake!!) getting generally duffed up and/or  jail time) and the H and h walk off into the sunset to live the beach life. Literally.

The implausible secondary stories and sudden inimrod unction of a BDAM playroom in the CLOSING death throes of this story just continue to wreck what would otherwise have been a brilliant and hot little smexy read. eg:

“Ahh,” I cry out when he’s fully inside. “You feel so good, Sir, so fucking good.”

Sometimes I think I’ll never get used to him, his size and his girth. Sometimes I’m convinced my pussy gets tighter every time we fuck, and that’s why it still hurts from time to time… But I love it.

He fucks me slowly, impaling me on his cock with every thrust of his powerful hips. I’m moaning in seconds, and as his hands grab my ass and pull me forward, I let him, my nails digging further into the sheets.

He’s palming my ass, toying with me. We both know what’s going to happen yet he’s going to take his sweet time, and he’s going to enjoy this. I wish he’d touch me there, the place that’s been forbidden all this time while I gathered up the courage. But now, I’m finally going to belong to him completely.

His finger suddenly roams south and I gasp when he touches my tight puckered hole. My whole body starts to shake, but he grabs my hips with his free hand, wrapping it around my tummy.

“Shhh, kitten, it’s all right,” he promises me….

As you see, the writing itself is shit hot and on point so why this author felt she needed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into this book plot is beyond me….

So it’s 2 stars from me and these are for the writing. They don’t have minus stars for crazy overstuffed plots.

Imma read some other books of this author as I really enjoyed the style.
(Now I just feel mean…)


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