Jasmine has a dead end job at an accessories store in a mall somewhere in the USA. A history graduate, she has not found her career feet and is also recovering from being dumped by an asshat of a boyfriend. Trevor. 

Good Aliens led by Daiviak, run out of petrol chasing a baddie alien who has kidnapped one of their princesses and then dodged them, hiding out on Earth.

Daiviak is entering the frenzied mating season, as are most of his crew. They need to capture the baddie, rescue the princess, fuel quickly and return before the equivalent of Vulcan Pong-Phar takes hold and they run amok.

Daiviak comes to Earth, is drawn to Jasmine, mates, finds the fuel his ship needs (Diacock – aka Diet Coke!) and through the power of his vibrating cock and sheath convinces Jasmine to join him forever on his ship, Nyx.

What’s not to love?

The storyline is basic and predictable at best but is also sweetly charming and funny with everyone getting their come uppance and a HEA for the H and h.



A quick and funny little read.  

Solid 2.5 stars (that’s good from me!)


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