MyReads: #HotGenres & ARCs: what’s in 👍🏾…and what’s out👎🏻… in 👉🏻👌🏾 (indie erotica/romance)

In my efforts to bone up on all things indie writing I just want to quickly mention a few articles I read recently.

The first was on how to get hold of ARCs (advance reader’s copies) from authors or publishing houses.  Although the article was written in 2012 and there are many other platforms now used to promote and tout for ARC signup so (Facebook has some cool groups) an article on how to source ARCs and what to do with them gives a pretty good rundown on that process. The article in Katiesbookblog is more about how to get ARCs from the big publishing houses but the ideas of being professional and keeping it polite and business like still apply.  With the explosion of ebooks and online social media, getting an ARC from indie writers is less of a production and there are platforms like Google Docs and  Instafreebie that allow authors to place their book directly in your hot lil’ hands.

So, I think I’ll try it out and build up my reviewing profile on my own blog, Amazon, Goodreads… Wherever.  I know that’s going to be a big part of my plan to get as much variety and books, Lord know I ain’t got the money for daily ebook purchases…. and I also love being one of the first in the know!


I also saw a really good article from Publishers Weekly about the 2015 trends in genres for indie erotic and erotic romance authors.

Was interesting that the whole alien invasion, alien warrior genre did not feature.  Also there was only a slight mention of the bad boy bada$$ biker/ MC genre that started blowing up in a big way last year.

This was a really useful article as it last gave a sneak peek at how Amazon work with vetting and providing a platform for indie authors and Kindle publishing in general.

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