MyReads Review: Craving it All by Kati Wilde

This is the 9th book in the Hellfire Raiders series

What can I say…..
(Contains spoilers)

Beefy hunky brooding biker? Check
Damsel in need? Check
Shady and honourable MC ‘it’s club bisniz’ dealings? Check
Riveting steamy scenes, humour and tension sometimes all in the same para? Check
What’s not to like here?


My rating: 💋💋💋

Err-mer-gerd! This is by far the hottest and steamiest installment of the Hellfire Riders MC (HRMC) series! Author Kati Wilde oundid herself with this one!

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than “Breaking It All” don’t worry… it just does.

The Story (includes spoilers):

Sara, is an american born ethnic Lebanese culinary trained chef fleeing a stalker, murderous WASP ex-boyfriend who, to keep her for himself, barricaded her family home, burning it down with her parents and grandmother inside.

She runs away from this train wreck to the little quiet town of Pine Valley helped by an old school mate and works in a patissierie where she caught the eye of beefy, interim-enforcer (long story – read Breaking it all), Bull.

Bull…Oh, Bull. Real name David. Built like Goliath. All over. Yep, even there…. (dreamy sigh)

Sara works up the courage to ask for a kiss and sparks fly, but quickly tensions rise when one of Bulls informants, kidnaps her to run her round to Bull as a present. Bull is not amused. Go figure.

The story follows the usual enforced lockdown for Sara with Bull, the man you love/hate/ good-grief-I-don’t-know-OK-OK-so-I-like-him-a-lot-OK? And Bull has a GSOH, muscles for days, plus an eccentric father, both who love her cooking.

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… (or a bullet…. or come to think of it, an eight inch kitchen knife through the chest, but I digress…)

Sara misunderstands the ‘club bizniz’ she accidentally overhears and this rocks the burgeoning relationship, but after a totally earth shattering romp in Bull’s massive bed, she gets an explanation – and gets to do some kickass cooking, bringing Bull to his knees…. again.

Bull takes care of bizniz…. and takes care of the ‘club bizniz’ falling even harder for Sara in a big, big way.

What Ceeri thinks: So, I loved that he was forceful but not pushy, and although Sara was a bit overwhelmed by his speed – he ramped things up (like from 0 to 60  – in a heartbeat) he actually used his greatest asset, his tongue (NO, not in that way! Y’all so filthy… OK, OK a bit in that way…. actually a LOT in THAT way…😂😂) to make his character the funny, sexy, intense badass biker he was.


“Dark hair wild, eyes savage, he looks down at me lying across his bed, my ass almost hanging off the edge and my legs trapping his waist.
My chest heaves with ragged breaths. “Bull?”
“I’m not stopping.” His big hands grip my thighs just above my knees, his thumbs sweeping across the sensitive inner skin. “But I don’t have any condoms. So I’m just deciding whether to get you pregnant with a big hairy baby.”
My eyes fly wide. “What?”
His grin is quick and feral. “Just fucking with you. Mostly.”


Craving it All (Bull & Sara’s Story) Hellfire Raiders MC – book cover

“It’s not funny,” I say despite the laugh that’s shaking through me. Because it’s really not funny, except that it’s exactly the kind of crazy thing he’d say. It’s exactly the kind of thing that made me so crazy about him in the first place.
Why I’m still crazy about him. Even if I have to pretend it will last.
Huskily I ask, “Why ‘mostly’?”
His hands slide higher, pushing the long hem of my borrowed shirt upward. “I really don’t have condoms. You on birth control?”
I shake my head.

“He groans like my answer just killed him and his fingers slip higher. “It’s all right, baby. I’ll just— I’ll…just…” His big body goes utterly still. “Oh fuck, you’re already wet.”

You see?
You see??
Who wouldn’t want that kind of crazy, funny, sexy, hot???

Ok then.
The blending of Sara’s muslim faith and modern American woman was subtle and well crafted, although there was some need to stretch reality to fit the story into the book length.
(Poor Kati probably had writer’s cramp after the marathon that was Gunner’s & Anna’s beautiful love story…)
They get their HEA, (and thankfully after only six months people! Usually with this bunch its an average of 10 yrs before these guy finally man up/lose their sh*t and make a move…) and baby girl in the epilogue and Sara gets her new family.

If you haven’t already started on this MC series, dive in and Experience It All (see what I did there, Kati Wilde?)

SO, its a solid 3.5 Goodready stars from me (trust me, that is a great result.)

Craving It All and more from the next HRMC installment. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long or else I might just end up Losing It All instead…

A quick, intense and thoroughly enjoyable read.




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