Pets: Bach’s Story by Darla Phelps – Alien/ Human Age Play

Bach's Story (Pets #1)Bach’s Story by Darla Phelps

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an intruiging story written from the alien’s POV.

Bach is a highly intelligent and now retired special agent. 

He’s a real beast of an male, well over 280 pounds of full-stacked muscle, standard eight feet tall, four fingered and a bit Neanderthal looking who buys a wild human to train for recreational purposes two years after he loses his wife and child in an accident.

The relationship and development of the connection between Back and his new pet, Pani, shows how he becomes attached to her, at the same time realising that humans are sentient and not merely animals.

There is the philosophical question to this in that if Bach’s race sees humans as animals, then their ‘recreational’ use of them for sex is clearly bestiality??

This book is intruiging as I said. It becomes an even more compelling read (spanking and dressing up aside) if you then go on to read the companion book Pani’s Story – written nearly 10 years later?? In any case, it is great to read them both if you haven’t.

This isn’t my usual genre of books (spanking, infantile role play) but the rest of the story is engaging.

Well written even if a bit documentary-like in style.

Some editing faults but still 3 stars

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