So I already shared how I hope to improve my writing, firstly by doing a shed load of reading. So, how to track my progress?

I joined Goodreads.  It has a fantastic little app to track and show your book progress.  I just have to remember to update my list of books with the novels I buy on Amazon or get as freebies.

So, started out with 200 book target, but forgot how quickly I read….

Update July 2016 – updated reading challenge to 300 books…

Update Sept 2016 – updated reading challenge AGAIN to 400 books…

Think I may need to up it again to 500 books at this rate!

Any suggestions for books to read.  Am sticking with my genres of

erotic romance

contemporary romance

paranormal (but not too paranormal – what is ‘too paranormal’ anyway??)

BDSM – particularly femdom – I’m intruiged by that dynamic…

Let’s see how I get on…

Please share, comment, whatever!


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